10 Ways to Cope with Fast N’ Loud Withdrawals

This '74 Shovelhead is ready to ride! We assembled it and lowered it. Details: Black and chrome, slammed, 74-inch, kick only, low-profile seat. Interested? Make us an offer.

We know, we know. Your Wednesday nights haven’t been the same without us. You’ve been forced to peel yourself off the couch in search of other forms of entertainment. Or maybe you’re cheating on us with another Wednesday night show. It’s OK. We can get through this.

The good news is, Fast N’ Loud is coming back with all new episodes in the fall, so for those of you experiencing Fast N’ Loud Withdrawals, there’s hope in sight. We’ll let you know as soon as the official date is set, but until then we’d like to offer these clinically proven coping mechanisms.

10 Ways to Cope with Fast N’ Loud Withdrawals

1.  Grow a beard.

2.  If you can’t grow a beard, find someone with a beard and ask if you can adopt him and change his name to Aaron.

3.  Go to the zoo. Watch the monkeys throw poo at each other.

4.  Make loud, exaggerated car sounds with your mouth when turning corners in your car. Or when rounding corners out of your car.

5.  Point to people with both hands and say, “WHAOW!” in true Richard fashion. (We have no idea how to spell the sound that comes out of Richard’s mouth.)

6.  Wear your sunglasses at night.

7.  Take your car apart and put it back together.

8.  Take someone else’s car apart and put it back together.

9.  Get your motorcycle license.

10. Wheel and deal with everyone. If the cashier says your groceries cost $50, tell her $30 works better for you.


  1. man i watched your show yall do great work i wish i could motivate my people like yall do. my wife and i own a restoration buisness in grenada mississippi we love hotrods check us out on facebook L&D collision repair and specialties. we always have something old and unique going.

  2. I thought you guys were canceled, I was so bummed out when the show ‘wasn’t there’ on Wednesday nights!
    So very happy to know that you’ll be coming back, I’ll be keeping my eye out!

    I just love that Ford pickup you raked $50k on, congrats and maybe find a 1951 Ford pickup? (my fave)

    See you boys on the airwaves soon……

  3. So I watch almost any show that promotes anything on four wheels. Fast N Loud is really different and really cool. So needless to say not only have I seen all the episodes but damn near every rerun. Now my 10 year old daughter has Fast N Loud fever. What is the prescription for her cure?
    Keep them coming,

  4. Hey Richard and Crew! I must say, I LOVE YOUR SHOW! As a true “gearhead chick”, thanks in part to my ex-hubby, I love the fact that you all show such PASSION in what you do! I did not grow up with a motorhead father, but instead, was taught passion for metal and motors by a man who showed me the love of oil and gas, and ESPECIALLY, American ingenuity. The fact that I get to live viacariously through ya’ll every week as you restore, love and care for America’s forgotten legacies is such a treat and one that I get to share with my son’s as we watch your crazy butts together! Thanks you for showing the world what it is like to be a true car afficianado’, and that at one time, the road was NOT RULED by small foreign cars with computer chips, fiberglass bodies and used unleaded and ethanol! OH NO! Once, not so long ago, America’s roads were PROUDLY RULED by AMERICAN cars that could back up the SS/RT logos and paint jobs with engines that had HORESPOWER off the line, used regular gas and were built with American steel and driven by guys like you and chicks like me! Just like the cars you and your crew restore and bring back to life every day!
    Thanks again for a no bull s*#t show; just one that shows guys who love cars doin’ what you do! Keep on kickin’ ass!

    P.S. Being’s as my first car was a 76′ Duster with a slant 6 and painted factory orange, it would tickle me PINK to see you invest in a MOPAR product (AHEMMM) and restore it! Hell, I might even come buy it MYSELF!

  5. Hey just saw the show for the first time ,great show ; I’m currently working on a 52 GMC five window sitting on an S-10 frame thinking of something pretty rad I’ll send some Picts and maybe bring it by since I’m down the road in the Waco area. I could use a lil help since I don’t have as much time to get it done.

  6. If you want to find the kick ass cars befriend your UPS man. The UPS guy is our gold mine for finding cars. They cover every square inch of the planet. Our UPS guy has found tons of cars for us and we pay him well….

  7. All I have to say is….you guy’s do some asskick’n builds that are second to none!!! Hat’s off to you Richard, Aaron & the rest of the guy’s ( oh…can’t forget Sue tooo!!) for a great show & the best of luck with all…If I’m ever in Texas…hell, the first place I’m head’n for is the packey for the Beer & Tequila & then to …. THE MONKEY … to join you boy’s for some beer drink’n & tequila snort’n!!!! ENJOY DA RIDE BOY’S!!!!
    Frank from Ct.

  8. Love your show guys ! Hey, I`ll give ya a grand in $100 dollar bills for that scooter ! Are you interested in a 1986 Cadillac El Dorado ? Everything is there, it runs body straight interior perfect, only the radio doesn’t work ! I`d like to trade for a `62 Rambler American, or something else you have built, I suppose a little money could change hands for the right classic ! And I`d even bring the caddy down to Texas for ya ! What do ya think ? email me.

  9. You guys rock! The TV is off limits to everyone but me on Mondays at 10. The hubs is jealous-I told him not to worry, he’s still my ‘muscle truck’ man, but you guys rule the muscle car world!

  10. I was watching the show for the first time. I enjoyed it . I watched it for 5 hours straight. It comes on cable over and over. What I was wondering if I could come down to Dallas and you could help me buy a car. Show me what to do with it to restore it in my own town or your town. I want to learn how to do the business in my city. We have a back to the bricks car show with live entertainment every year. I would love to say I restored a car and get in the business. It is a big deal all over Michigan where I’m from. Or do you know of someone that lives here I could consult with? Let me know call or leave an e-mail. 810-309-7951, or [email protected]. Love ya’ll. Valerie

  11. the show is great its one of my favorite hell i can sit here and watch the reruns that are on and still i cant turn away thanx for having a show thats not so dang boring

  12. Richard i get early model lincolns all the time i know you like to flip them i reslly think we can do some bussiness please contact me if your intrested by the way your show rocks,

  13. Im a huge fan of the show I just bought a house with a 4 car garage and Im going to start flipping cars soon so Im getting an education from you guys. The first thing I learned is cash in $100.00 dollar bills talks. I have to know how you guys came up with the name Gas Monkey Garage? Richard that is awesome about your ralley record.

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  15. can any one tell me the model of the rambler, as i would like to see how it would of looked new, hope someone can help

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