12 Gas Monkey Garage Cars at Barrett-Jackson Northeast Auction

This weekend is going to be HUGE for Gas Monkey Garage. We are taking 12 cars and the Fast N’ Loud camera crew to the Barrett-Jackson Northeast Auction at Mohegan Sun. And these aren’t just any Gas Monkey rides we’re taking with us. This is the first Barrett-Jackson auction in the Northeast, so we’re taking some big hitters! See below for cars, lot numbers and days.


Lot #344 – Friday

1934 Ford Custom Roadster Pickup

More details here.


Lot #350 – Friday

1950 Oldsmobile 88 Futuramic Custom Coupe

More details here.


Lot #355 – Friday

1955 Ford Thunderbird Convertible

More details here.


Lot #362 – Friday

1962 Lincoln Continental 4-Door Convertible

More details here.


Lot #366 – Friday

1936 Ford 5-Window Coupe

More details here.


Lot #415 – Friday

1955 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible

More details here.


Lot #438.1 – Friday

1989 Ford Mustang Saleen SSC

More details here.


Lot #7001 – Friday 7pm

1955 Chevrolet 210 Custom Hardtop

More details here.


Lot #579 – Saturday

1999 Harley Davidson Fatboy Motorcycle

More details here.


Lot #638 – Saturday


More details here.


Lot #643 – Saturday

2005 Ford GT Custom Coupe

More details here.


Lot #741 – Saturday


More details here.


If you can’t make it out to the auction, you can watch it live on Discovery and Velocity. See the schedule below.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 11.38.28 AM


  1. The Lincoln Zephyr needs the whistling Wolf in a Zoot Suit to clinch the deal!! Best of luck this weekend. I’ll be watching. And remember DON’T DRINK AND BID!! Your own words!! ;))

  2. A few words of advice for your visit to Connecticut. This weekend we will be experiencing what we New Englander’s cal the 3 HHH’s. Hazzy, Hot, and Humid. Pack light. Also, if you will recall your firebird visit, we have bugs, a lot of them. I suggest you pack your bug spray, I recommend off deep woods with deet. Trust me, you want the deet. Lastly, if you plan on leaving the casino, there’s nothing near, be prepared to travel. Best of luck and looking forward to seeing your cars in person on Friday. ?

  3. Hey Richard. I am from Sout Africa. I LOVE watching your shows? Will check out the live auction at Barret Jackson tomorrow. Keep up the good show.

  4. Im a carpenter at the new hotel at mohegan sun been watching all week them set up for the show and i feel like a lil school girl getting ready to come see all the cars and possibly get my book signed?

  5. Im a huge fan of the show! Hope all goes well Gas monkey. From geo watching you race the dart as we speak vs those fools on the interwebs that didn’t have a chance! Keep up the great work and if you don’t want the Gt I love that car. Who ever has the privilege of getting it is a lucky customer.

  6. You guys are my personal hero`s giving all those car a chdance to live again. You are the reason why even things get tough I still go on

  7. Saludos a los monos, Richard, Aron, Cristy y todos en general desde Caracas, Venezuela, aqui los veo por cable con la esperanza de viajar a Dallas y conocer el taller personalmente, porque no se internacionalizan y viajan para estos lados ? Saludos nuevamente.

  8. Los amoooo!! Soy de Argentina y los veo siempre..me encanta lo que hacen!! Richard sos el mejor.. me recordas a mi hermano.. el compra autos y los vende, pero no los restaura.. sólo los arregla un poco.. abrazo para todos ahí.. me encantan!!

  9. I was there Thursday and Friday and saw many of Gas Monkeys cars hit the blocks!
    You should know Richard—–To every person I spoke to hold you, your crew, and
    Gas Monkey Garage in high regards !! It’s no mistake, you earned that rep!

  10. Richard e arow kaufman vcs sao top…adoro seus carros e seu progama parabéns. ..
    Gostaria de ver sua moto buell vlw…sucesso gas monkey…tbm adoro a su tapeçaria bj su…

  11. Richard,
    Hello my friend it was great having a beer with you Saturday night at Bobby Flays at Mohegan Sun. I was glad I had the opportunity buy you a beer and chat with you. I know that it was a Coors Light and not a Miller Light in a can but hey what can you do. In case you don’t remember me my name is Bill Durr the handicapped guy on the crutches, I was telling you about one of the cars in my stable of cars a rest-mod 1966 corvette coupe that was featured in last years March issue of Vette Magazine as i was telling you on Saturday night when we spoke if you Google Bill Durr 1966 Corvette you will be able to see the article about me and my car. Maybe I will take a trip out to Texas this summer and we can have a beer or two again and talk cars as I would love this. as this would be just one more thing for me as a lifelong dream to check off of my bucket list. Reach out to me if you can.
    Bill Durr

  12. Hey, Richard, saw you at Mohegan Sun, hope you guys enjoyed yourselves out here. We plan on bidding next year. Did Aaron go to Colorado Springs for the PPIHC this year? I know it was last weekend as I am from Colorado Springs…

  13. I want to thank Richard for autographing my 8 year old son’s gas monkey monster truck t-shirt. Richard took the time in between filming to make the kid’s day. Greatly appreciate it. Huge fans, your cars look great and look forward to seeing the new Fast’N’Loud.

    Thanks Again

  14. Richard,
    It was an immense pleasure to meet you and Dennis at Bobby Flays Saturday nite at Mohegan Sun. You’re a very easy person to talk to and very gracious to your fans. I saw at least 6 people walk in and ask you for a pic with them. You were nothing short of a complete gentleman.
    BTW …My name is John Vilardi. I am the guy that bought you a drink at the bar and sent a bottle of Ace of Spades to your table.The people at your table were a great bunch of guys.
    The fact that you acknowledged me and gave me your card , along with Dennis doing the same, was more than anyone could ask for. Thanks!!
    I hope I can still take you up on your offer should I find myself in Dallas.
    Thanks again,
    John Vilardi

  15. I want to thank Richard for autographing my 8 year old son’s gas monkey monster truck t-shirt at the auction. Huge fans, your cars look great and look forward to seeing the new Fast’N’Loud season.

    Thanks Again

  16. Thanks for the reply
    love the show
    Here in the UK
    Please please remember the banter from the first few series
    Don’t get me wrong I love the cars but the banter brilliant

  17. Overall how did you do at BJ? I tweeted you on Friday & you said “UP”? How did the weekend finish? Did you buy any new toys? BTW – great song by Tom Kiefer. Enjoyed the FB post. “One Love is all you need” . So true.

  18. Hay guys,would love to see another early modal Impala build again,any idea when it might happen.P.S. I’m in the market for this kind of car.keep up the work.If you are looking for new builds I have a honey hole you might want to see.

  19. Richard, “You can read, little bird told ya talk” 10/21/16

    1959 Villager Wagon 4 door Orange/Creme
    Complete car good glass straight 6, runs.
    He’s in pretty good shape.
    Just needs to come and work out with you
    Guys at the Gas Monkey Garage. Would’t take
    much to get old Ed(sel) in tip top condition.
    Lemme no, when your coming to kick the tires.

    A little bird came and told ya!

  20. un bonjours de france (bordeaux) ou on bois aussi de la bierre ! merci pour cet emission :american cars et a toute ton equipe les cars d harold sont trop cool !! peut etre que je passerai vous voir un jour au texas ( le reve 🙂 ) ne changer rien restés aussi cool !!! ps desolé moi pas parlé americain lol

  21. Hi Richard I have a 1963 Ford thunderbird with original running 390 needs your gas monkey touch to make it a sweet ride it’s for sale if you are interested .

  22. Richard I’m probably the best engineer know to man UK born and bread true geordie quite like the sound of working at gas monkey the green dream if you need a hand making loads more money give me a buzz brother

  23. Hi Richard,

    I was watching the mecan auction and think I seen your 1934 ford for sell for $26,000. Tell me I am wrong.
    Hate to see you loose that much money. Really love your show.

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