1972 Honda Z600 – Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2016 Acquisition

Richard pulling the Honda Z600 into the garage

The cars Richard acquired at Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2016 have finally made it to Dallas.  Our 1st featured car from the lot is the 1972 Honda Z600 obtained from the Tammy Allen Collection.

Richard really went for more unique cars this time around, but he doesn’t buy anything unless he knows there’s a market for it now or in the near future.  Since the Honda 600 is the 1st mass market car Honda produced for the United States – there should be demand for years to come.

This 36hp 2-cylinder engine car has 35,000 original miles.  It’s interesting to note that someone can go out and buy a Honda generator today that has a bigger engine than this car.  The 1977 Trans Am Bandit Edition we have at Gas Monkey, with a 6.6 liter V6, has an engine that’s exactly 11 times larger.

Back in 1972, the Coupes carried a base price of around $1,500; Richard picked this one up for $22,000.  We’ll keep you updated on what Richard plans on doing with it, but for now we’ll just enjoy having it around.

Check out Charles Cimino doing his best ‘Six Million Dollar Man’ impression.

Charles putting those guns to use.
Charles putting those guns to use.


  1. Gas monkey does some amazing restoration and modifications to vehicles. I do have one very big problem with the show as well as most people I talk to. Richard’s strange love for the most hideous color of green is very peculiar. I don’t understand why he has to paint every car a different variation of green. Episode after episode me and whoever I am with see gas monkey do amazing things with cars just to watch Richard slap on a hideous color on the car. We really believe that that has a big part in why some of his cars don’t sell for much money at auctions. For the love of god stop painting everything puke green!

  2. There’s an old Australian film called ‘Malcolm’ that uses of these Honda’s as a get-away car (with a difference). You should check it out, great film.

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