Familiar Gas Monkey Garage Rides at Barrett-Jackson


December 8, 2014

By: Richard Rawlings


A Heartwarming E-mail to Gas Monkey Garage

As you can imagine, we get almost 1,000 emails every day here at Gas Monkey Garage. Most of them are from people selling their cars and people wanting to buy one of our cars. And every now and then, we get an email like the one below from Rebecca in South Carolina. This email is the perfect example of why we do what we do. Yes, we build cars because it’s what we love doing, but we’re hoping our TV show helps inspire the younger generations to pick up a wrench and start taking something apart. Besides, they are the future Gas Monkeys.

Words can not express the gratitude I have for your men/company. I know you don’t know me personally and haven’t met me, but you have touched someone close to me and changed their outlook in life. As a mother of a 15 year old you worry about keeping them out of trouble, keeping them safe, and pray they have a bright future. That used to be my battle. My son Gregory is a good kid at heart but trouble would always find him. It didn’t help matters the he felt he came in second in comparison to his older sister. Teachers would say why can’t you be like Hannah? (sister). Gregory’s anger issues would be so bad that I feared when he walked out the door that might have been his last. I would beg and plead with him to try to control himself and his replies “I try mom but I can’t control it.

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