A Heartwarming E-mail to Gas Monkey Garage

As you can imagine, we get almost 1,000 emails every day here at Gas Monkey Garage. Most of them are from people selling their cars and people wanting to buy one of our cars. And every now and then, we get an email like the one below from Rebecca in South Carolina. This email is the perfect example of why we do what we do. Yes, we build cars because it’s what we love doing, but we’re hoping our TV show helps inspire the younger generations to pick up a wrench and start taking something apart. Besides, they are the future Gas Monkeys.

Words can not express the gratitude I have for your men/company. I know you don’t know me personally and haven’t met me, but you have touched someone close to me and changed their outlook in life. As a mother of a 15 year old you worry about keeping them out of trouble, keeping them safe, and pray they have a bright future. That used to be my battle. My son Gregory is a good kid at heart but trouble would always find him. It didn’t help matters the he felt he came in second in comparison to his older sister. Teachers would say why can’t you be like Hannah? (sister). Gregory’s anger issues would be so bad that I feared when he walked out the door that might have been his last. I would beg and plead with him to try to control himself and his replies “I try mom but I can’t control it.”  Gregory would never lash out at me, his dad or his sister, but only at school when he used to get bullied for pimples, being a little over weight, and tall for his age. 

Gregory and I would spend quality time together after I got off work watching car shows. We started watching your show about a year ago. I noticed his eyes every time we watched you guys buy and restore cars. I turned to him and asked you like watching them rebuild cars? “YES, it’s awesome to know you can find a lost forgotten piece of history and restore it’s beauty”. Then it struck me.….. I found an outlet to help. A neighbor I spoke with helped me out, he approached Gregory with the task of rebuilding two 4 wheelers that had been sitting for years. Gregory accepted and from there his outlook changed. He had a mission he was responsible for. Everyday he would rush home to work on those ATVs (after homework). I noticed his grades are improving, attitude much better, and making friends. Gregory even went as far as playing nurse for his Granny when she fell ill. (doing better by the way) and bless his heart he took really good care me during my 2 back surgeries.

The point is your show sparked a hidden passion I didn’t realize my son had. Its because of you all he is more focused on staying in school, making good grades, and wanting to make a career in custom car/truck building. Gregory’s father and I decided to reward him for this 360 turn in his life and bought him his first project truck. Gregory is looking forward to getting a job and start saving money to get his truck up to car/truck show standards so he can enter his truck for the first time.

Thank you is just not enough for this happy mother in the way you have brought out this new light in my son. Thanks for making me feel better about the future of my son.




Gregory, thank you for letting us share your story. YOU ROCK!


  1. Rebecca, your story is awe inspiring. I wish you and your family the best of luck! I’m so happy to hear that Gregory has found his passion. I pray that he holds on to it and that it grows in the years to come. GMG as always you guys are an inspiration. We thank you for what you do. It is a true testament that you help those who watch your show. May God continue to bless you all. My thoughts and prayers to Gregory and his family!! Monkeys as always much love!!

  2. Yet another reason to focus on the building of the caqrs rather than the drama. Thank god you guys got rid of that gigantic douchebag tom… He was ruining the show.

  3. A true story for a lot of kids around the world I would think awesome to know your show is helping the car builders of tomorrow plus making us old folk (40 in jan ) laugh keep it up lads H from Swansea south wales uk 🙂

  4. I was very similar when I was young. But back then auto related shows on tv were very rare. I had to find and teach myself the mechanical skills I have today. I had always been obsessed with cars but never took it to the next level until 18 or 19. I’ve always been good with my hands and when I started turning wrenches under the hood it came naturally. I still haven’t made it my employment but it’s in the works. I’m now the guy everyone comes to when they have auto issues. Stories like these make me very happy. I love seeing the younger generations turning their own wrenches. It keeps the hot rod movement alive. No matter what kind of car or truck it is. Keep up the oily work.

  5. This email is AMAZING!!!! I wish you and your family a Happy Holidays and nothing but the very best for Gregory …..ALWAYS!!!! May you and your family be blessed throughout this holiday season and the rest of the year. This email and or story has touched me today …..as I know that it will many others. I too hope to be able and see my nine year old son take off with building,rebuilding, restoring, etc. as early as now just to whenever may suit him. His Daddy is a mechanic / bodyman, so I especially see this to be no problem at all, as he too is already wanting to get into it and too does see the beauty of it as well. I plan to save this story to show him and maybe read along with him. I am sure just a bit later in life his brother and him will be finding projects together. Anyways! Enough about us….let’s get back to your family. You and your family will be thought of and in our family’s thoughts and prayers. May Gregory always have this love for doing this!!! God bless!!!

  6. Of all the shows I watch yours is the most honest and down to earth. Please stay as you are. A Master mechanic like yours can teach the so called back yard machanics valuable lessons. Keep up the good work guys and may God bless you all.

  7. Rebecca – I’m very happy for you & your family that Gregory has found his true passion. Your story is heart-warming & inspirational for other young people. The guys at GMG are so passionate about their work; it is infectious to both viewers & “gearheads” alike. They are truly blessed with all their talent. May your son continue in his passion & succeed in his future aspirations. Post a picture of his finished project. To Richard & the entire GMG crew – I wish you continued success for many years ahead. May all your future projects & aspirations come to fruition. As always much love & hugs to all of you. Thank you for sharing your lives with us. PEACE & LOVE

  8. This story hits home but most of all my son likes to work on cars with me but lives kinda far away and to our times right is almost impossible i got him a 69 impala fir graduation but its sitting rotting away i feel it will be to far gone to anything with with his adhd to get him to constraint on it is possible

  9. this has been a very emotional piece to read, thanks gas monkey for the great inspiration you have bestowed upon us, great job

  10. I read this story and I can relate. I am 33yrs old and I lost the use of my right arm in a car crash in on December 25, 2008 at 1 a.m. I was a passenger in a roller over that should have left me for dead. But instead nine broken ribs a pucksurd lunge and an arm I can’t use was what I sustained. The changes in my life have been one that’s hard and even scarey at times . But my passion for fast cars and old trucks still burns. Since the first time your show has started I have followed it the best way I can and have added you on Facebook. I have no tv but me and my son Cody check out everything on my phone. We love the show and my son wants to be a gmg employee one day. We thank you for all that you do and hope you all can keep changing our live.

  11. I can completely understand I have a 16yr old son that his asburgers and he is crazy about your show. His dream is to somessy have a 69Dodge charger and have gas monkey do it like the one on the Dukes of Hazzard show.

  12. Such a great story considering how times are today. I hope this young man continues on this path. Richard it appears you are a great role model.

  13. Reading this email and all the replies I have to say I think Richard and the rest of the monkeys are awesome. This goes to show there’s more than what you see on the screen…way to go Gregory and way to go GMG…..keep up the great job…ya’ll are definitely a great inspiration. …

  14. Friend me on Facebook exactly how my name is above, I am a high quality painter in a top collision shop. I post a portion of my work, 100s of pix from the last year. Would be my pleasure to help in any way. I prepared and paint about ten cars a week, very high guality, auto body refinishing at it’s finest.
    Joseph Thomas Gatt on Facebook

  15. You guys are an inspiration to many in various ways and this is proof. Keep rocking it out, you have a loyal audience who appreciates the show-truly amazing!

  16. hey Richard, you are all about putting your money where your mouth is or was that your foot “lol” anyhow here is a Challenge for you, as I stated on the Facebook post,

    Why not have him on the show? as a guess or an intern… Come on Richard you can do it…. ANYONE WITH ME?
    Like · 136…

    Anyhow You have done many things, doing this would win alot of us back…

  17. Rebecca, I was just like your son, I’m 23 now, I use to get into fights regularly in school, poor grades, the works basically, when I turned 16 and got my license I found my passion I bought a 92 jeep Cherokee the biggest pos on earth, heat didn’t, the transmission sliped, the Windows some times wouldn’t go down, and the engine had a rear main leak along with a whole host of other problems, that jeep taught me more about life than anything, patience, integrity, and adversity. I this same point in my life which I was struggling emotionally, but anyways because of that jeep and my lil knowledge about cars and trucks, I decided to pursue a career as a mechanic in auto and diesel.

  18. Thanks for all the positive feed back. Gregory and I appreciate all the kind and encouraging support. I know Gregory would love to do the show but still like to maintain the value of hard work. Yes it would be awesome to see Richard guiding my son’s new adventure but I know Richard is very busy. I already have my son prioritizing the “needs” of the truck verses the “wants”. I currently have him researching several auto parts for prices as well as visiting junk/pull-apart yards to help save money. As a parent I feel this route will instill the value and appreciate the hard work he will put in restoring this truck. I know this will be a long term project for him but his father and I will be his side the entire time. (Richard there is room for you… lol) We will support him even if poor judgments are made….. it’s a learning part of life. Again thanks for the wonderful feedback and will keep GMG and you all dated on his progress.
    There is one update…. Gregory did manage to replace the passenger door power window motor with help from dad. Plus he purchased it with his own money doing odd and end jobs.

    BTW for the haters that focused on the 360 turn around in my email, it is in reference to a tree’s growth cycle. When a tree’s growth cycle is over (good or bad) it is marked with a ring/circle then a new cycle begins. That’s why when you cut a tree down you see ring/circles and the age of the tree is determined by number of growth cycles.
    Being negative about that one phrase….. well you just encouraged my son that much more! Sorry your not going to knock that kid down; he stated, “Mom those negative people don’t rock my world, God, dad, and you ROCK my world!.”

  19. Thats a project truck? Hell looks like some of the show winners we get in this country. I was going to say he is one lucky kid but he has earned that with hard work! Tell him not to worry about a face like a pizza now as that is the male hormones all his tormentors have not got coursing through his veins and transforming him from boy to man!

  20. people don’t realize on how this show can affect you,,, I have been watching the show since season 1.with my 10 year old godson ethan (monkey) which has been his knickname since birth..he has had some of the worst things happen this past year.. first his mom has been diagnost with lupas and last month his dad has suffered a heart attack and may need a transpant..I have a shop where we do aftermarket work on cars..i am going to put him to work on his vacations during school year…this show brightens even our worst days..possible.. keep doing the great work on the show….fixing up cars brings people together…

  21. Have a 62 Chevy impala two door in good condition 1 out of 10 its a 6 straight body engine runs 350 not original tran is original inside clean only need s headliner would like to make a deal cash or bike if bike iron horse only … PS sorry didn’t use app on Facebook not a fan contact Tim 432-803-1965

  22. Greetings from Argentina, Aaron please rebuild another ford falcon, but not as a race car just as a hot rod, I also want to say hi to Christie and tell her she looked smoking hot in the last episode with David Hasselhoff and Richard please care more about people and cars instead of money. bye.

  23. Hi there to all you guys at GMG

    Just want to say we enjoy your show here in South Africa.I’m not a mechanical guy but just love fast cars and bikes and have loved them since I can remember.I had the opportunity to also work in the USA in 2004 for about 7 months as a driver for a company in North Dakota.What a beautiful country and great people.Keep up the good work and best wishes.Myself and my wife are lifelong fans!

  24. We all have a passion. Some people never find theirs and end up on the edge of society, or perhaps worse, in a job/relationship they hate. We get our inspiration from others who share their passion. Well done GMG for doing such a good job of knowing, and living, your passion and being inspirational to others. And well done Rebecca for seeing the potential in your son.




  26. Hey there Richard! I love your show , i’ve watched every episode there is and i’m your customer too on the merch side and always will be , you guys rock , i’ve also learned alot about cars and their customization so i have been using your techniques to my own car, thanks alot for existing you have changed my life , always in gratitude to you

  27. Hey Richard , i’ve been your fan for years now hoping that i someday get a chance of meeting you, i’m planning a trip to Texas next year so i’m definitely passing by

  28. Hi there you all at Gas Monkey.

    We love your show here in South Africa will come and visit one day ,have family in Atlanta Georgia.

    Take care and keep the good work up.



  29. Great story, very inspirational!!! Kind of have a similar story going on up here outside of Tulsa.

    I told a friend (A former firefighter, put out to pasture) that I would do my best to make contact with you. So here’s what he ask me to ask…. Penny

    This may be the wrong blog to ask, but Will to pay for parts list on the Sonic Camaro & dimension of wheels, axle lengths, break system, headers, steering, & anything else. Also, would you be willing to sell the Cowl hood that came off the Sonic Car. TY

  30. I moved to Texas a year and a half ago from Chicago and have stopped by the garage a few times but never met any of the monkeys until this morning. I pulled in to buy some Christmas gifts and Richard was outside with the film crew so I wasn’t about to disturb him. As I was shopping Richard came into the lobby area so I approached him and asked for a picture. It was early and he was obviously busy filming but, he said no problem and took the time to not only take a picture with me but he asked how I was doing and joked around. Very cool experience, except now my daughters are angry with me becasue they weren’t with me to meet Richard! Thanks again Richard!

  31. Yep, that is what happens, people get inspired and I think it is so cool we can see the change in our future Gas Monkeys as they have positive role models. I think all high schools should have a race team or sponsor one where the kids get on hands experience with something that is fun. We need to get the kids off the street so they stop street racing and get them doing something they love and can make a career of.

  32. @TIMO…the arrow is not sticking out from his head, (funny you pointed that out, didn’t notice) It’s the trucks antenna.

    Update on restoration:
    Gregory is learning how to shop around for parts and comparing prices. He is a little down cause he was looking forward to starting a job at our local grocery store but they changed the age to 16 instead of 15. That is not stopping him, he has already put notice out to do odd jobs until his 16th birthday. (End of 2015)

    Gregory and his dad completed installation of passenger power window motor, and replaced/repaired stereo speakers. The BIG improvement was the addition of his Gas Monkey Garage window decal. That alone spiked the value of his truck up a few K’s!

  33. I watch Fast and Loud daily. Have learned a lot and laughed a lot. Just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. Stay safe and play as needed.

  34. First, my son and I really dig the show and are planning on starting a project of our own very soon so thanks for the inspiration!!!!! Second, I am a very loyal and dedicated man when it comes to my family and especially my children. My wife and I are struggling hard as hell to keep our family together and moving forward which is extremely challenging seeing how she is the only one working. With that being said, if there was any way you could give me a chance to work for you guys, off camera..that’s not what I’m after, my family would be honored to up root and move out there to Texas from West Palm Beach, Florida.

  35. Hello RRI truly feel like your an old friend I haven’t talked to in a long time.
    I’m not sure of your age & it doesn’t matter.
    I was fortunate to be a teen in the 70’s / tons of cool new cars & lots of 50’s & 60’s around really cheap. If only I would’ve known then !
    I’m not to good at the Inter-Web stuff so I just posted here.
    I’ve got a 72 Vette 454 that I’ve owned since 79 started restoring 5 years ago & took a fall now I can’t complete.
    Just seeing if your interested ?
    D in Ga

    • Thanks for the support D and for reaching out. If you can shoot me an email with photos and details I’ll gladly take a look at your Vette and see if we’re interested.

  36. Right on, this show shows us the value of real skills and passion over chasing paper qualifications that have no practical use in society. Make beautiful things, make people smile, enjoy yourself doing it – you have the best job in the world guys, it was inevitable you would inspire others. There are enough lawyers in the world….

  37. Gas monkeys! I am a volunteer fire fighter in a small town in Pa. Would you guys ever consider helping to fix up an old fire fighting jeep? As we are a small town with limited funds we love our jeep and would like to put it back in service. I know Richard was a firefighter and might appreciate our little jeep. We all here at station 31 Sadsburyville Pa. Chester County. Watch and love your show and the work that Richard and Aaron due as well as the rest of the crew, as we know nothing gets done without teamwork. I hope that you might consider helping us out and our community. Cheers and Blood Sweat and Beers!

    • Badass, Brad. I used to be a firefighter myself. We’re just so slammed with our own projects that I already bought for the guys to do down here we can’t take on any customer builds right now, man. Thanks for thinking of us though.

  38. The one thing that keeps me coming back each week to watch your show isn’t the great old cars, or the beautiful Rods you guys turn them into, it’s the enthusiasm, excitement, and plain ‘ol fun you all seem to have while creating rolling works of art. For the young guys out there keep fighting the odds. Sometime it seems like you will never have the dream car you want, but if you just keep working towards your goal without quitting you will get there. I started bugging my dad for a car when I was about 14. He wouldn’t help me get a 29 Phone Booth “T”, he wouldn’t help me get one of a pair of 49 Lincoln v12s a car lot ended up with, the 62 Nash Wagon we got for $200 was total junk (it went back to the lot), finally a friend of his totaled a ’58 Buick Special 4 dr and he sold it to me for $25. I scrimped and saved from 2 paper routes, repaired the damage eventually painted it with a couple of cans of Pure Oil Blue a neighbor gave me. I sold that car for a handsome profit and the rest is as they say history. I’m just like 1000s of guys that started that way so don’t give up guys! Persist and above all if you love it do it! I’m 65 and building a 35 Ratty Ford P/U. I may die before I finish it, but I’m still doin’ what I love!

  39. Richard and Arron and the Guys at gas monkey gerage have a great new year!!!!!
    It’s Miller time!!!!! Party Party Party!!!!!

  40. Hey guys, My wife and both my parents passed away last year, I’m now disabled and lost all desire and capability to work on cars anymore. I want to sell my ’63 Ford F100 shortbed stepside, all original, needs gas tank and radiator to run, is 95% complete and is all together (radiator and gas tank sitting in the bed). Also have a ’70 Dodge Sportsman B100 van with a 360, thermoquad, automatic which runs and drives. Both are California vehicles and I’m asking 5k for both. Regardless whether your interested in these or not, I love your show and hope you have a fun-filled profitable New Year.

  41. Just watched you screw over a widow paying her 60000 for 1 1964 1/2 mustang.pathetically pathetic. Should be ashamed, u suck

    • Yeah, it was really shitty of me to pay her the price she was asking for the car. If she didn’t think it was a fair price she wouldn’t have sold it, plain and simple. It was a gamble to pay that much for a convertible Mustang; I wound up making money on it, Dennis wound up losing money when he sold it.

  42. Is January 6, from the early morning hours on Discovery Channel, is the program for you.For me it’s a great fun because it is through this program of Gas Monkey learns the stories of American industry.I greet and wish you a successful transaction in 2015.

  43. You Guys are great , my favourite thing to watch, when is the next new episode gonna be on in 2015? I miss the dam the show.

  44. in an environment where kids get distracted easy and overwhelmed by all that is out there, its sure nice to hear how the show got your son involved with restoring cars. What a great inspiring story!

  45. Why do gas MONEY
    Not go to the phillippines and buy old amerikan Classic
    There is so manye there left of the amerikan soilder
    I Think i would be good buisness

  46. Richard, you and Aaron and KC have skills, I really enjoy watching your show, I love to see Aaron get down on those motors and specs, chopping it up or down lol and when KC slams that PAINT WHOA look out that guy can get down on some paint, I tell you what, I’m very excited to visit your GM Bar N Grill when I visit Dallas soon, I wish you all the luck with your new business and keep giving us those laughs, and that episode when that dude wrecked your Black Mustang was probably the most upsetting one for me a I know it was for you, UGH>>>>>but anyways you guys crack me up make my day better thanks……gotta go beer assistant just walked in lol CHEERS!!!!!!

  47. with 3 kids of my own and a collection of rusty ve-hickles this story certainly resonates and I think that the tv program and the personalities involved should be well proud in having this effect. I say this because it is a positive uplifting viewing experience as opposed to those other depressing conflict shows (you know the ones). Even the wife laughs at it and you have no idea what an accolade that is… Best car show since Overhaulin’ began. Love from the UK, hope to visit one day…

  48. Hey RR,
    Hows it goin man? I really enjoy watching you guys.Ive always wanted to have my own business doin what you guys do. I have restored several cars and trucks in my time. I grew up in the 70s when ole 60 &70 model muscle cars were plentiful. I am currently finishing up my 2010 Camaro Ss2. Pushing 515 hp on pump gas, no supercharger. Im also working on my 88 c10 chevy truck, short wheel base, fleetside, 350 ,5 speed tranny.I work as a Maintenance Tech. at Hitachi and build cars as a hobby. If im ever lucky enough to get a bunch of money saved,I want to do it full time. Theres not alot of people here in Kentucky building cars. If you guys ever need a hand, give me a holler. God bless you all & keep up the good work

  49. Hi RR and the Gas Monkey team 🙂

    I just wanted to say your show ROCKS! and you are all very inspiring to the younger generation, the passion and determination you all have to keep history alive is awesome.

    I’m hoping to come by and say ‘hi’ to you all sometime this year.

    Any chance of you coming over to the UK and doing a few episodes?

    Anyway time for me to go now as it’s beer o’clock!!!

    Cheers, keep rocking 😉 xx

  50. un progamon el de gasmonkey aron y richard una masa les venderia mi vw1500.1985 en vent..motor chevrolet rally s esport 1969 fiat 6001972 …citroen 3cv

  51. I luv ur show were die heart fans we like kristy XD me and my frined clay made a book about chu but our hatred teacher BRUNTON!! #Bummer ripped it we even paid her to read it Hail Gas mo nkey

  52. There are so many stories out there like this…. kids are just waiting to have someone show them the ropes! Kudos to that Mom for helping him find his calling, and Kudos to GMG for being that inspiration!

  53. every since I firsted watched your show three years ago I became more in love with cars and old motor cycles. I watched your show a couple times and then I found my first project my parents got me a 1978 Yamaha 125 eduro it needed a full make over and I spent like 3500 dollars on this bike to make it come back to life I worked endless days at burger king to get the money to rebuild it then I found college I went to NAC in Arkansas and got my ATS license and I rebuilt a 1967 chevy chevlle with my teacher. I enjoy cars so much that I would want to buried in one and when I got into motorcross I decided to rebuild a wrecked 2008 Yamaha r6 and I finished it 11 months ago and the day I finished it I was so proud of my self knowing that I can fix broken stuff and then 8 months ago I wrecked it I was te boned I broke my right leg and shaddered my right elbow I was in bed for 3 weeks not feeling up to any thing and I worked on my car as soon as I felt better and mind you this I enjoy your show so much I did it in a wheel chair with one arm. I cant ride no more because the doctor told me I was lucky to live. But now I got a new bike doing better and I don’t wanna ride no more im done with bikes I paid 1800 for a 1978 Honda crb250 and tinkered on it a little and then I moved on bikes aren’t my passion and its to much money to build to objects at once. So im trying to sell the bike for 1100 and wanting to get a paint job done on my 1981 ford galaxy. But thank you for your inspiration to me and helping me find my hobbie

  54. U guys are the best. I watch your show with or without my husband! My husband is mechanic for 25 years ase certified . U guys make it look so easy i know it is not easy but u have some of the best cars8

  55. Gotta a 85 mustang 5.0 coupe runs 12.3’s daily driver!!!! Trying 2 sell, jus needs interior & new paint!!! Was a 4 cylinder but fully converted 2 a 1993 model 2106209411 askn $5k

  56. I’m very anxious to read your book as I am crazzzzy about Gas Monkey Show.Your a reeel bad azzz and looking forward to reading your story. Keep up with your shows,I’ll be watching here in Massachusetts

  57. Nice story I hope he doe’s well and we over in sunny old England love the Monkey’s as well you guy’s are the shizzle and I say Texas,Beer,Fast Cars And Babes 4 Ever…..

  58. dear richard my name is AMY HUGHES i real need some help to my fix motor blow a rod in motor i live on SSI and i am disabled and cant a ford ALL I the money upfront don,t have any one to ask my mom and dad can,t help hope if u can i really thank u hope to here from u soon i need 2000 for the hole job that my only transpartaion i have to get to doctors THANK U IF U CAN HELP AMY HUGHES

  59. I feel this is one of the such a lot significant information for me. And i am glad reading your article. But wanna remark on some general issues, The website taste is wonderful, the articles is truly great : D. Just right process, cheers

  60. Love the show. My wife hates Mondays even more now due to “Motor Mondays”. We live in the area and plan to come check out the bar. Keep it up man.

  61. I saved for my first car that I bought when I was 16. 1988 Volkswagen jetta, I’m now 19 and still trying to get it on the road. Everybody tells me its a POS because its always at home needing work. I take pride in it and the work. Hopefully all the kinks are worked out by this summer.

  62. richard I watch your program on discovery channel in the uk I watched the episode where the carseat restoration man looked very much like you. Ithink you would be interested there is a man called Paul Hollywood who has his own program on bbc1tv on baking bread and cakes who looks very much like you

  63. Ok Aaron or Richard….. Gregory is slowly fixing up his truck. So proud of his efforts going out trying to find odd jobs at age 15 to pay for. Well he have come to a dead end cause the guy who had the truck before him had totally patched up any or all the electrical wiring. We have replaced all window componets on both driver and passenger side. The only thing is we have narrowed it down to the wiring. We can’t find what’s the deal with it all because of the way the previous owner done the wringin this truck! Can you help with advise on this issue! Passenger side window will go up and down but now the power locks and mirrors don’t work. Drivers side window doesn’t do anything and we have replaced everything even down to the switch. Still nothing works, I feel deep in my heart it has to be the wiring. Can you all help?

    • I wish we could, Rebecca! We only work on cars we buy, but hopefully you can find a trustworthy shop near y’all to help out. Good luck!

  64. I that kid was.
    Folks didn’t know what to do with me. Cutting school, playing with drugs, getting in trouble…..
    But my neighbor took me in hand. Big old Texan named Bill Goreen. Mining engineer.

    Asked me If I wanted to help him out restoring his 1966 Lincoln.
    Why not? I was always “bored”.

    Simple stuff at first. Gopher. Go get me an 11/16. Go get me some oil.
    Kid, get up there on that fender and tighten those belts. My old a** can’t take the reach.

    But he saw I was interested, and had a mechanical knack, and nurtured that.

    I would mess up, do a temper tantrum…he wasn’t havin’ any of that.
    So it was more than just learning to wrench. it was learning to grow the F up, too.
    Learning to take the time to analyze, figure things out.
    Learning not to be afraid to TRY. And fail here and there. Learning to keep at it.

    Dude saved me, I still believe.
    All it took was finding an interest, and some sense of purpose.

    Sounds simple. I guess it was.

    Though my folks had to live with the mess I subsequently made of their garage for a few years, And a parade of stray cars I adopted.

    So I got quite a smile out of that mom’s email, too.

  65. Hey Rebecca,
    Have Gregory go to the dealership of the trucks manufacturer and ask the parts department for a wiring schematic for his truck. They will print him a copy of the wiring diagram and he can trace the wires to figure out where the faulty wiring is at. It could be something as simple as a ground wire issue. If the wiring is completely all cut up, I suggest a replacement wiring harness made by painless performance.
    Best of luck to Gregory!!

  66. Hey Richard love the show.Im a master Acura tech have been since the 90s.Im waiting on the new NSX to hit the store.Anyway I would love to see you guys do a 71 K5 Blazer 4×4 I have one but it decades away from cool.again love the show and keep up the good work

  67. I have 2 Lexus sc400 I have and its been really ruff not having any help with bills school kids just life in general I really need help fixing or if you would be interested in these cars. I’ve tried to email the website to send the info about the cars but somehow it won’t let me. Please help me out I’m in need of some Real help.

  68. Richard just want to know what happened to your show? All I’ve seen the last couple of weeks is those Misfits.(Name fit perfect) That show is 90% bull and 10% car building.

    • Our most recent episode was the “mid season finale” so we will be back with plenty more episodes, but we just don’t know when they’ll start airing them.

  69. This comment is to Ms.Chrissy
    I have been a fan from the begining , my son and I never miss a show. I have recently written to you. I only hope is that the letter reached you . I am writting to see if you could help me. My son turns 15 on june the 16th. His dream car is a 1970 chevelle. I was hoping that Richard could locate one for me and Do what he does best. haggle a deal after locating this car so that my son and I can rebuild it in time, so that he can have the bond with his car and the memories of us building it together. There is no greater bond of a man and the car he builds . So please find the letter and contact me thanks for everything johnathan vargas

  70. I have a 1997 S 10 extended cab thats white I would lik for RICHARDS gas monkeys to do their magic they min thing I want a 5.3 Chevy engine and a rearend to carry it the rest up to you I wold like to put the gas monkey garage logo on my tail gate i have a white bed cover its fiber glassim getting a big settlement in a few month i grew up in oak cliff

  71. my sson and grabdson love your show wish you coild send me 2 jackets in large and one in medium for me my son sane grandson eo we could have a kokento of your shoe and in appreciayion fror al you do to inspire the next generztion to learn all 5hey can by watching yor show and 4rge 5eachong for them to get invilveg in the fizing of and c789lding ti3r dream because your wsyw readhes rgis am 58 y3arws pled ane st5ilo learn mre and more jusr rfom warch8ng your show tank you dsnny fot your sow we n3bver miws qn epsde and we all learh frm your workw anf me b3ing disabld will not keep m3 from doing my dframs as y974 shuw encourahes all of tonkeep mpushing for what qw qsbt and all3 of us would ocw a jqcet ei5y yor oog t 2e3ar and spo your shw ro al who we mww 4yqnk 4o danny qqnd toe bless you aned yourr4sqeer3ww iw 118 wisdom lane sout fofk pa 15956

  72. Hi from the UK. i have watching you for some time and also Wheeler Dealers i think you all are very good the way both shows take old cars and bring them back to life.tell the we man to have a shave Ha Ha i

  73. When I was a teen I found trouble where ever it was and it drove my Step Dad up a wall, he owned a used car lot and had a buddy who was in the Auto body biz, when I would get into trouble (Nothing big, just teen stuff) My Step Dad would sentence me to go work in his buddies Body shop.

    I learned a lot and there came a time when my “time” being there became more of a reward than a punishment, I got so interested that I began to behave myself so that I COULD go to the shop.

    For about 4 years I thought that both my Step Dad and the owner of the body shop were just using me as free labor until the day came that I had to get my first car, unknown to me at the time my Step Dad was charging the body shop owner for my time and putting my phantom pay away in a secret account for me.

    I had saved about a grand in (1976) by the time it came to find me my first car, My step Dad called me into his office and showed me a sales sheet for a 1967 Buick Grand Sport 400/4bbl two door coupe, I was wondering why he was showing me this car.

    He asked if I could see myself driving it and I said “Oh yes” , “Every day of the week”.
    He informed me that the car was for sale and it needed nothing, but the price was $4,500.00 and I had to hand him back the flier and tell him that although I loved the car I had only managed to save $1,000 bucks, it was at this point that he informed me that I actually had about 5K to spend, counting what I had saved, how was this possible I asked, he informed me that I had been working for a pay check for the last 4 years, I was stunned to say the least.

    When he brought that car home my whole life changed, I drove that car for years before selling it when it got too much for me to keep putting money into at that age.

    My Step Dad is a great guy who taught me a lot about cars and still to this day we share a love of all Classic cars.

    I love the show and I can see it helping many new gear heads down the road towards auto Bliss.

  74. este es un comentario para un problema que tiene mi padre y qui ero darle una sorpresa de cumple año es que la ford ranger se queda trabado los cambios y la trasmicion a4ld automatica es nueva por favor llamar 8097419834

  75. I am writing this for my soul mate…..Danny he and I have had so many obstacles in our life. He has had his own auto/ body and paint shop in Michigan. He moved here to S.C. to get away from the everybody knows you hometown he grew up in, which is where I meet him. He has the most sincere heart and has changed my world foerever! We decided to build a garage in our back yard by a business that was well known, to only go through a years worth of building and then more time after that because they didn’t get a permit. We had to got to the planning commission to only be blindsided that now we have to downsize it. He has over 25years of experience and a eye for perfection! We are willing to move anywhere! I thought I would write this, even if it goes unnoticed, to let you know if you need a good, hardworking, compassionate, dedicated worker…..he is a pick for you!!!! We watch all your shows, even re-runs. He and I have been through so much and are willing for a fresh start!!! He will work sun up to sun down! Awesome body man, the best most meticulous painter, and punctual worker you would ever want to meet!!!

    Hopeful for a response

  76. Update of the rebuild…..
    Gregory was able to get the wiring done himself. He has done his first replacement of the differential of his truck, spark plugs and wiring. The best of all was his first rebuild of the transmission. (this kid amazes me everyday!) The only thing left is the interior of the truck and a new paint job.
    One more good thing is he entered his first car show in the amateur division. Gregory didn’t place but he received a lot of great advice and feedback.

    Also he has stayed out of trouble in school and grades have improved. This 2015 year has been rough on me health wise. (unexpected). I have had to under go another major back surgery in February (3rd one in a year and half) I’m now facing complications since the February surgery, partial use of left leg, constant pain, and no longer able to work. Gregory has really been my rock through all this, more than a 15 soon to be 16 year old should deal with. He has gone to therapy with me over the summer, encouraging all the way with laughter. Now I’m facing more procedures to help relieve the pain I have and figure out the cause of why my back fusions are not taking. ANYWAY…. enough of the self pitty party.

    I do have a request or advice from the GREAT MASTERMINDS of Gas Monkey……
    Gregory is wanting to do custom work on his truck, the problem is there is no one local that does them especially in our area. First custom job that he is wanting is a custom built rear bumper with a built in cooler. The second job is the back seat of his extended cab, he is wanting to remove the back seat and add a compartment for his sound system, tool box, and include miscellaneous storage compartment. If you can help I would love to at least give him the gift of his idea of the custom bumper, for the love of CHRIST the boy deserves it.

    Many Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement thus far.

    God Bless,

  77. How much would I have to get 1985 Cutlass Supreme the gasmonkey look?.. I would have to save up for though. Just wondering. And love watching the show its freakin awesome…

  78. I’m ready to sell my el Camino is a 1981 only need headlights I been trying to go to email the info but it will not let me do it

  79. What kind of classics are you guys going after? I sent in pics of mine today 1952 jaguar mk7 with a Chevy 400 conversion just wasn’t sure if the email went through

  80. Hi Gas Monkey I’m writing to you guys about a car I’m currently wanting someone interested in a classic car is a 1970 Lin Mk 111two door hardtoped runs and drives great straight body no dents thrifty five hundred will deliver to Dallas.William Gary (915)222_90

  81. Hey Richard wouldnt your shop be more complete with an in house upholsterer. You wouldn’t have to pay out the prices demanded by your second rate upholstery lady. Ive got 30 years experience and want to move closer to home(I was born in Louisiana), I’m currently in Oregon. Do us both a favor and hire me. If her work sets the bar for you I’ll raise that bar so high that not even Aaron could find a way over it. What do you think. Oh yeah, the email address isn’t pornographic, it refers yo my motorcycle riding skills. Just in case your wondering.

  82. please, please can Aaron stop bastardizing muscle cars whit the big wheels and chopping frames and bodies to make them fit. It makes me sick when you chop up a muscle car. How much money do you need? It depressing to watch it happen. The only reason I watch is to see the cool old cars only to watch Aarron rim it up. Please stop Aarron!!!

  83. Hello, my name is Troy. I have a 68 GTO convertable. 400 ram air, 400 turbo tram. Completely restored by mild to wild customs in albq. I got 118,000$ in it. 2400 miles since restoration. I would like to sell it for 68,000$. I’m having trouble navigating you website. I got lots of pics. If you interested call or email. The car is in albq mm. 505-570-0391 my cell. I live in Alaska. 3 hour time zone diff then tx.
    Regards, troy

  84. you have a lot of kids watching your show i think it is great but why the beer all the time kids look up to you so they think they need a beer all the time to be like you.every few min in show you need a beer do you have a drinking problem just asking lol

  85. hi Arron i going to in joint the gas monkey garage when i am 16-18 and i got my own job make bike and fix bike and i could it gas monkey garage. and i got same talent so bye Arron

  86. Look im not selling im not lookin to buy I wish I could but its not happening. Im doing this for xander my 5 year old son ive raised him watching you all since it started I want to say thanks you from my family we all love u guys. Ive built slot if cars in my life and my son has helped me with them front start to finish . he says he will be a monkey one day and build the best. Im not here to ask for anything but advise on the best way and best time to bring him down to meet yall it would make his time man he loves yall. Im sure this is pretty regular for yall and I understand that I just need some info on when and where would be best.love yall so much keeping building beast

  87. I would like to leave my email to Aaron Kaufman to decide if he would mind some auto related questions. I would like to know if the Chevy 572 Crate engine is a four bolt main engine block. He is so good at his craft every step of his builds. He does not miss a thing. He is top shelf like Crown Royal is in Canada!
    Thank You for your time.
    Stephen J Badnarik
    680 Saint Christopher Court
    Aurora, Illinois 60506-5626
    Cell 630-877-0594
    This is based on free time in his schedule for sure!

  88. I just emailed you regarding my husband. We love you and Tivoli you every week. You gave my husband the inspiration to quit his job of 10 years to start his own business and we’ve been amazingly successful! Thank you for being such an inspiration to us!

  89. Great story! I’m trying to get ahold of the shop to talk to someone. You probably see emails like this every day. So I have this uncle that means the world to me. He’s like a dad to me. Two years ago he was diagnosed with cancer. But that didn’t stop him from restoring cars. But anyways, he has been going to MD Anderson down in Texas for the past two years. Couple weeks ago he went back to MD Anderson for a fallow up. It wasn’t good news, they said since the have done every treatment you could think of and none of its working due to the cancer he has is one of the fastest growing cancers that there’s not much more they can do. They have placed him on hospice. We know his time is coming soon, but it would mean the world to my family if everyone from the shop could sign something saying “Go team Greg”. This man doesn’t let cancer bring him down. When he’s having a good day he’s still finishing up his 1967 Camaro. If you ever got met him her would show you what the car looked like when he bought it. He will also tell you motor is orginal. He painted the car back to the original color and everything. If you don’t accept this no problem. My husband and I would come drive down and ask you in person but with him in the military it makes it a little difficult. We are up in Kansas. But if you do accept or don’t accept please let me know. Email is [email protected]. just let me know please! Thank you!!!

  90. Hi my name is Cody I have a 1964 Chevy C10 that I’m trying to restore or would love to sell to Gas Monkey so I can watch it on TV be completely something different some I know it could be turned into it’s got the original inline-six the hardwood bed but I can’t get a hold of Gas Monkey does anybody know how to get ahold of somebody or know who to call to talk to somebody about the car

  91. Hi monkey’s my name is Wellington and am from Zimbabwe. Thank you very much for a wonderful show. My kids are 15 10 and 5 and we all enjoy your show. Thank you for the hours of joy your show brings to my kids and myself

  92. I am looking to purchase and restore a 1963 split window corvette. Do you know where I can get one? Thank You Mike

  93. Hey gmg love the show and the atmosphere of your business. Wondering if you like to add another person to the team.

  94. Dear gas monkey! Please continue reading to the end.
    I’m from Ukraine. I am a very big your aficionados. I ask you to help a disabled male contact address for which you have built his car and he many years later was able to go and run the car itself (this is very nice). I also became disabled (bullet wound in the neck) but I really want to drive and lead a full life behind the wheel.
    If you can follow any responses, tell how you adapt the car for him or give him an address pin, to communicate with him. I hope you have mercy and help me in this. I’m a big fan of Mercedes and now restores the famous E500 “Wolf” It is always very interesting to watch your programs. I wish you success and a fulfilling life.
    Your fan. Victor

  95. Hey Gas monkey I am a huge fan of your show, I don’t think that you will ever see this but if you do Just want to say hi to you and Aaron. Ps you should do like a 1971 Chevelle because that is the car that I have mine is really rough, Hey if you ever do see this that would be really cool and I think that it would be sweet if you guys did a chevelle.
    From Jacob

  96. [email protected] I have been receiving many text messages from people saying they are Richard wanting to buy two cars I have forsale 1966 thunderbird and a 1954 Frazer I’m sure this is a scam how ever if not call me at 605 2379264 thanks

  97. Hey Richard, love the show…..have you guys ever thought of doing any of the British 80s/90s hot hatches such as a Ford Sierra Cosworth or Lotus Carlton…I know you love your American Muscle but you can have some ridiculous fun in one of these.

    See you next year when were back in Dallas….Need to try the Bar and Grill to see if it beats Bone Daddys house of Smoke

  98. My best friend had his funeral wearing his Gas Monkey shirt. He was your biggest fan until the end. Now my wife and i are struggling to pay for his funeral. Im doing a fund raiser on line. And was hoping you could mention this to maybe help with the fund raiser. I have a pic with him wearing the Gas Monkey shirt. In the casket at the funeral home.

  99. What more could be said. Everyone that commented has said it all beautiful story i mean truthful story may God bless you all and gad monkey to. Oh i mean ass monkey. Lol

  100. Richard, am a fan of ur show. Not sure where i should leave this email, but I have a 1979 280ZX 2+2 blue/grey Datsun i need to release. Been sitting out for some X. If interested n restoring a Datsun its urs. Everyone wants me to scrap it now, but just don’t seem to b able to.

  101. Hey Richard I am a huge fan of yours since the first episode aired on television of Gas Monkey Garage. Cars is my passion since i was 8 years old and I been doing model car kits for the last 12 years. My painting method for details is unique i use a toothpick to give details instead of using a paint brush. One model kit i usually spend 60 hours building it. I have built you a custom 1/25 scale 1955 Chevy Bel Air Hardtop in a emerald green metallic paint job since i know green is your favorite color with top and back halve painted Metallic black. The license plate says Gas monkey. I have enclosed it in a display case with your Gas Monkey Logo on it. I would like to meet you in person so that I can give it to you personally.

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