Watch as Aaron Kaufman gets the SHOCK of his Life

Every once in a while you’re faced with two choices and you’re forced to choose the lesser of two very bad options (or maybe that happens to you all the time, I don’t know your life.) But that’s exactly what happened to the Bearded Wonder late one night while he was adjusting the timing on the ’49 Chevy 3100.

He was in the shop, all alone, timing light in hand while he advanced and retarded the spark to get it to run just right when he lost his footing. Normally that wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but when your hands are full and you’re vaulted head-first into the engine compartment the stakes get a little higher. And then they get a lot higher when the two places your free hand can fall are the serpentine belt or the distributor cap. Aaron chose the option that wouldn’t shear the skin off his hand and chose the distributor. What happened next was a short in the cap that sent more voltage than you might want coursing through your body arcing from the cap to his hand, up his arm and eventually out of his back to the underside of the hood.

Well, here… Just watch, it’s more entertaining to see than to read about.

Huge shoutout to Costar Video Systems for capturing this shocking footage.


After the short, and subsequent scorpioning off the fender, Aaron goes right back to work after checking to make sure he didn’t mar the paint.

Always the consummate professional!


  1. Just did that on our 79′ ford f100 @ Griffen Fab Works in Byron Center MI, setting timing reached around the fan to turn the distributor and BANG! got nailed by the cap and screamed like a little girl lol!

  2. 79′ ford f100 baby pre-runner that is not to be confused with the 79′ trophyF250 that was at sema in the king shock booth lol

  3. Piss on covering the fender what the hell Richard goin to do now batman is w/o Robin ain’t no beer assistant gonna help this one

  4. I Feel for you, had a 40 second shock on a pole while doing work for a NY cable company 30 years ago.

    Glad it released me…
    I hope Arron is ok!!
    And hope Richard can salvage the show…


  5. Love the show hate to see the bearded wonder gone but all good things must come to an end. Especially when it comes to TV shows. One question I have is watching all the shows and the cars that were sold are still in the back ground how does that work I would love to be able to sell something but still keep it. I know its all in the TV guys editing and using clips from different shows I have noticed that many times. but how can I get a car from the Monkey Man but I could not afford even the gas cap of one of these awesome rides. God bless you all at the Gas Monkey Garage a loyal fan watch reruns all the time I live in eastern Montana this is Gods Country

  6. Well, who knows wtf happened. Maybe just wanted to get back to his own thing with out cameras and politics! He might just have enough bread to open his own smaller shop, I’m guessing he got tired of all the flashy stuff and wanted more creative freedom, I would!
    RR seems like a good $$ man & finder of tarnished gold. All the guys are great except that lazy painter!! LOL! Just kiddin’!
    As Seeger says, turn the page! Best of life AA and enjoy life, goes by like an 1/8th mile. God Bless ya all & keep on creating dreams! See around someday!
    My turn; ’47 Willis, ’58 Ford Truck, ’59 Corvette, 5- ’65 ‘Stangs, 1 Freak-factory balance?), for 351w Mach 1 that turned 12.85 1/4 miles and topped out about 152 mph, to name some! Yea I Luv Hot Rods too! Good luck, peace and keep those talents coming!
    Lucky J of Clovis, Ca…… Thanks to you all & esp. Aron!