Announcing the Winner of our 1971 Dodge Challenger!

Last season on Fast N’ Loud, we took the engine out of a 2015 Scat Pack Dodge Challenger and put it in a 1971 Dodge Challenger. You know, because we’re crazy. Havoline bought the car from us and offered it up as the grand prize in their Bad to the Chrome II Sweepstakes.


  1. When will you be building a bike or a car for Bonneville? You guys should be in land speed racing, it’s the essence of your brand … self- made, fast, loud and full out till the horizon hits your windshield!!!

  2. Big fan ole southern poor guy w family two lovely daughter s great wife we love and watch your show everyday holler back love u guys show an performance u guys are great and
    Big hearted rich gasmonkey rock on

  3. What would be the chances in applying and gong to work for you gentlemen? I’ll respond with credentials,work history/resume,and most of the ‘toys’ I’ve constructed in my play time.
    Thank you for hopefully taking the time to read & respond (if it so happens) to my question. It’d be totally righteous ifn it were to actually come to happen……..?

    Thank you very much for your attention,
    Mr. Richard Queen

  4. Hey Richard l enjoy your show for entertainment but you pay way too much for those cars you buy l am in Kentucky if you need a buyer in this area let me know

  5. Love your show that bearded wonder is just amazing with his mechanical skills and knowledge of building a car from looking at it,Richard if ever driving down to south Georgia look me up I’ll show you how to really drink them Miller lites, rock on!!

  6. im looking for a reliable car for around $5000 I know it’s a crap budget but it is what it is…I am not rich, kids will do that to you…my 7 year old loves your show and hopefully he will be a car freak or a Monkey Junkie…Aaron you are truly amazing as a mechanic and Ricardo you are a true salesman…

  7. So I would put $$$ down that I seen the Famous Green and Black ScatCat Challenger made famous by the dudes at Gas Monkey Sunday evening in a small lil town in Indiana! So sweet…..should’ve could’ve would’ve stopped and talk to the driver!!! One lucky person…..damn, wish my butt was seated on the driver’s side of that!

  8. Just saw Richard at the Ritz in charlotte nd I spoke to him and he was very cool also he had dinner at roosters night before and they said he was very nice alwaz,like to here that bout people I watch thx so much chad pridmore belmont nc

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