Be a Gas Monkey for Halloween!

Last year, we held a costume contest, where people dressed like me or Aaron or Sue. It was a blast! But this year we have something better in store. We wanted to make sure you look even more like a Gas Monkey. So we made an official Gas Monkey Garage Monkey Mask just in time for Halloween! If you go as a Gas Monkey, make sure to take a picture and post it to our Facebook page. Check out the monkey masks in action here:


  1. Hi I am a big fan of the program of you could come to Brazil to learn here and see if there is any car that you would like if you do not find it here, at least nothing IRAM meet women here, if they need a guide can call me, love to, but because I am very big fan of you do not miss a program you if one day I get money I want to accomplish my dream is to meet you and spend time on mechanics.

  2. Hy Monkeys, I love your work and I’m a fan of you. I drive an 73 Firebird Formula 350 an work on It. It looks like a brand new Car. Is shipped this year to Germany after 40 Years in California.

    Aron makes a very good Job and I show me a lot of think from him how to make somethink.

    Here some Pictures of it[email protected]/sets/72157633158688562/

    It a matching numbers car with Original blue plates!!!!!

    This is in Germany very Importand for us.

    Nice greetings to all Monkey in your shop and special thanks to Aron.


  3. U monkeys are really fun to watch . Love the show. If i ever wil visite the states you can be sure to get a visite off me at the garage . Hell maybe even wanna buy a car ! you should go overseas and start a garage here in holland and make me the manager hahaha . But i better keep richard away from my wife . She watches the show with me and dont even like cars hahaha
    Keep on going monkeys faster and louder .

  4. You guys are f**king awesome!!!
    I would love to buy some gas monkey masks but I’m afraid my boys would never take them off.
    I’m….. We are your biggest Canadian fans!!!. I’ve even got my wife watching the show now but I fear it’s only be cause she thinks Arron is hot!!! Just kidding….. She actually finds the dude with the heavy southern draw ( the guy who’s into aliens) is sexy!!!
    Weird right? But it does explain a lot of things. Love the show and next time I visit my cousin in Texas I expect to enjoy a sweet ass 16 oz Texas long horn steak and a shot of tequila with you guys at the new restaurant!!!! Best of luck with the new endevers, hope all works out!

  5. Hey guys, just got done watching Richard build his COPO on the show. Anyways just wanted to say I’m a big fan! I’m driving a yellow ’72 Vette at the moment! Anyways seeya guys!

  6. My 8 year old sonis your biggest fan.He wants to be a Gas Monkey for Halloween. How can I get him a mask? None available on the web site. He really wants to show off his model cars as a Gas Monkey at Maple Lawn Elementary on Halloween. Richard////HELP!!!! I really want to make this come true for him.

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