Behind the Scenes: LS Swapped Porsche Reveal

This past Monday was the 2-hour finale of the current season of Fast N’ Loud.  The episode featured a 2000 Porsche 996 that Richard Rawlings bought at a reasonable price and Aaron Kaufman and the boys swapped its stock engine for a GM Performance LS3 engine.

2000 Porsche 996 with swapped LS3 Chevrolet engine
2000 Porsche 996 with swapped LS3 Chevrolet engine

The reveal took place at Caddo Mills Municipal Airport (Caddo Mills, TX), which is about an hour and 15 minutes outside Dallas. According to Fast N’ Loud Production Manager, Brian Rooker, the Caddo Mills Airport was the ideal location because the reveal featured a drag race down the main runway between Richard in his Porsche 911 Turbo S and Aaron in the Gas Monkey LS Swapped Porsche.

Overhead of Caddo Mills Municipal Airport
Overhead of Caddo Mills Municipal Airport

According to Gas Monkey Garage Foreman, Jason Aker, the build had its fair share of difficulties being that the original car came with a blown engine, but it was nothing the Monkeys couldn’t handle. Some of the things they worked through were water damage due to blown head gaskets, clogged coolant tubes and converting the Porsche wiring to accept the LS harness. It was a total team effort for this build that took five weeks from start to finish.

Aaron Kaufman and Jonathan Mansour collaborated on the parts – here are some of the bigger ticket items associated with this build.

Motor: GM Performance 495 HP LS3 crate motor from Scoggin Dickey Chevrolet

Suspension Components: Elephant Racing suspension for a 996

Suspension Springs/Shocks: H&R Springs Coil Over Kit

Wheels: Rotiform Forged TMB wheels – 19×11 and 19×9

Tires: Nitto Invo

Fender Flares: JT Mode

LS Swap Kit: Renegade Hybrids 996 swap kit

Exhaust: Custom Magnaflow Exhaust built by Aaron Kaufman

Here’s an awesome article from in case you missed it…

 Article: “Gas Monkey Garage’s LS-Swapped Porsche 996: Not Just a Redneck’s Ride”


Special thanks to Brooks Martin for these amazing photos.



  1. that green porsche is a nice car…if your a chick.. get a real car like a gen 2 viper. no replacement for displacement. my 99rt 10 runs consistent 9.4 1/4 miles at around 144mph. full dress, kept the IRS, stock trans, and stock bottom end. 50K miles on her daily driver, now that’s a car…lol green Porsche, almost as bad as drinking little league pretzel water ie Lite beer WTF drink real beer…lame

  2. I would have rather seen the mustangs restored than the porsche. Gas Monkey does not seem to take on the rare old vehicle restorations. Too bad I bet they would have looked amazing.

  3. I think Richard Rawlings is a very good looking man, why oh why cant he at least consider a push-up or a dumbbell curl now and then? its sad, he has the muscle tone/development of rotted fruit…sigh. skinny and potbelly…no way to go thru life hon…sigh.

  4. I just stopped by the garage about an hour ago and met Richard for the first time, thanks for the photo opp. It’s always good to see a gear head getting it done. Keep up the great builds and G.Y.S.O.T!!! DWashington #11

  5. Richard, what does Kaufman have on you that you just let him throw money away just because he didn’t like the headlights..
    Waste of money and time, I can easily name 10 or more POS that he has never made a deadline or a profit, He is a parts assembler not a mechanic, and half the time all the other guys have to finish it.
    Face it, it’s a joke

  6. What Dad buys his kid a $65k custom Porschette? A dad I’d like to have that’s who. Curious as to what that guy does for a living

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