Bullrun and the $50,000 Bet

Richard here.

The Bullrun Rally has been described as the most glamorous and high profile “luxury lifestyle” automotive rally where up to a 100 cars embark on an epic seven-day rolling road-trip, partying in a different city every night.

I’ve won it twice. For me, it’s not about the glitz or glamor – it’s about driving how I live: fast and loud.

At Bullrun 2007 Dennis Collins and I broke the New York to LA Coast-to-Coast record held by David Heinz and David Yarborough set during the 1979 Cannonball Run. Here we are making a $50,000 bet that we’ll break the record.

Winning kicks ass!


  1. From one Texas boy to another..so badass to you guys tearing shit up Texas style! YOU GUYS ROCK! And love your show..cant wait for my GMG shirt to come in..make some stickers boys!! God Bless Texas..Cain G

  2. I hope you guys have many many seasons of “Fast and Loud” ahead of you! By far my favorite show on TV right now! I don’t want the party to end! Hell yea!!!

  3. Yo Rich love the show keep it up bro, you won me over with the heavy green flake on 52 gasser love it, was a steal at 16k! I’m a big fan of heavy flake paint do it on all the bikes I build & the 1 I own ”green”! I would love 2 talk shop and possibly do buissness, in the market to do a car, please reach out & good luck! With love and respect from NY!

  4. Hey Richard, is there anything you can say about the run other than that you just did it? I read through Alex’s book, and it certainly seemed like overkill, but navigating via. paper maps with what sounds like only a few common tools seems like it was a little “too” simple, you know?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m right there with you – I’m fairly sure I could hit the mid-low 30’s on a similar run with minimal prep work. I have much respect for the run, and I want to hear more about it!

    • I really think it’s a damn shame that a media outlet as reputable as the Jalopnik would recognize Alex Roy’s “transcontinental” record in the same sentence as a Cannonball Run record breaker. Alex didn’t make it to the Cannonball Run finish line. His attempt ended at Santa Monica Pier. So why compare Ed’s Cannonball Run record-breaking time to Roy’s unofficial “transcontinental” race time? I’m not trying to bash Roy, here, but why not compare apples to apples? Dennis and I finished the Cannonball Run in a record-breaking 31 hours and 59 minutes, and now, according to that article, it looks like Ed Bolian did the unthinkable (but not impossible) by breaking our record with a finishing time of 28 hours and 50 minutes. He can now join the elite few (6 teams to be exact) who have set a Cannonball Run record, and THAT’s bad ass. That’s what that article should have been about.

  5. Start and end at the same spot, if not take the time penalties which should be the actual time based on posted speed limits.

  6. Amazing race I’ll tell you that. I’d love to race that sometime or really any road rally.

    Richard, I got a 1972 skylark I’m trying to restore, any advice for an 18 trying to get a little dirty? haha

  7. A friend told me about your record run, so I have been collecting the info and video watching to catch up with your feat. Also becoming a fan of your GAS MONKEY GARAGE. Most important is I personally know how hard that was because I did it 30 years ago in 35:05, driving with 18 cars in the US EXPRESS Oct 15, 1983, with first place was Doug DIEM, & Doug TURNER at 32:07……..See the movie now available 32HOURS 7 MINUTES…. Some pieces on web at same name. I will stop by the Grill in January 2014 for some beer and baloney. You two are amazing dudes! PS : I have the 83 Firebird I drove in my garage.

  8. Just wanted to drop a note to the folks at GMG… While my opinion is just that, I’ve been hearing the same thing from a multitude of car guys around the WWW. We’re getting mighty damn sick and tired of the sheer stupidity and shenanigans on the show as of late. When the show first started, it was about the cars. THE CARS! Why does that NOT seem to be the case anymore? How about the more technical side of the cars? Don’t just tell us some of the things that were done in a 10-15 second blurb. SHOW US WHAT WAS DONE OVER THE COURSE OF 30-45 MINUTES!! Return back to the cars… and the REAL car guys will come back. Keep up with the stupidity and you’ll lose the rest of the car guys in short order. By the way… it’s pretty obvious the show is now totally scripted and is nothing more than a pack of lies. How is it that you all can show a car being sold off to a “new” owner one year… and we see it the next year sitting in the garage again off in the background? You guys need to knock off the $#!^ and get it together!

  9. My guess would be that it takes a matter of months to build a car. I would say that they don’t film all the episodes or scenes in the same exact order as they are shown on your tv….. Maybe you’re one of those non car people that your talkin about that think they build a car from the ground up in an hour tv episode…. I’m a real car guy and I love what these guys do… A little extra humor is Nothing but them trying to pick up a lil more of an audience than just the real car guys…. Which btw, I’m all for anything to get the next generations attention to get them actually learning about life skills and things that will actually help them in life. (Besides sitting around playing the damn xbox) Guys who know about everything they are doing, like the show… People who know nothing about cars, now also enjoy the show because of the added humor and skits…. If it were me I’d be going after those extra audiences to… RATINGS = SHOWS STAYS ON. C’mon man, it’s an awesome show, no need to talk trash. These guys are bad ass and I love the show. I like your style GMG!

  10. Living the life all car guys only dream of. Congratulations and thank you to all you guys and girl who make this happen and make the show for guys like me to enjoy.
    Keep up the good work.

  11. My crew and I are build my lightweight 1970 muscle car. I can’t tell you what kind do I have car. My best professional driver and I plan to participle to Bullrun Rally as soon as possible. My mission to beat your the New York City to LA Coast to Coast record break held Dennis and you. When my car is done. A professional driver and I will take test on my car. It is good run. I believe we can beat you. We will destroy you bitch! Motherfucker!!!!!

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