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If you haven’t been keeping up with my eBay collections, let me give you the Cliff Notes version of my latest collections. Here are my three favorite items from my most recent collections. If you grew up in the 70s, you’ll appreciate these!


1970s Chopper Style

Richard Rawlings eBay Collection

Richard Rawlings eBay Collection Item

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 3.10.02 PM

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1972 Mustang

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 3.19.55 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 3.21.13 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 3.21.58 PM

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I add a new collection every week, so make sure to check my eBay page to see what other crazy stuff I’ve come across.


  1. Love the show I am always buying old cars have 12 now . I work at the N.C.ZOO I just brought a 1948 willys jeep they had on display here no rust would be kool to do something with. A 4cyl 3sp will send some pics. Thanks Danny

  2. we mafg the kwik load trailers we would let you have one of our trailer if you would use it on you show and let it being used if you are interestend let me know look at web site thank you dean sloan

  3. I must say, episode s04e20 is the worst shit I ever seen. If i want to se youtube clips I´ll go to youtube. Get ur shit together / very unhappy

  4. Richard,
    I think the bedazzled “Untouchables, Holly Springs” jacket with the “Kawasaki” patch would look great on you. It would defiantly bring out the “inner toughness” in any man.

  5. Hello guys. Your show is great and I’m a big fan from Austria. On which car are you working now? I think the best car is a Nash! Thank you guys for the cool show and if you come to Austria visit me. I am a really big fan. Would be great if you come to my 14st birthday. And do not drind to much alcohol by your nose 😉

  6. First of all, forget guys like “Jim” who email non-sense junk like he did. He just doesn’t get it, and probably doesn’t have it either.

    I’m a drive and die-hard Fast ‘n Louder guy. I don’t think I’ve EVER missed a program since the beginning. Much to my wife’s discust, I think I’ve also watched re-runs too…a couple of times. Yours is indeed the best of all the rest!

    I lift a glass to all within your shop! Keep them coming!

  7. Hi Guys,
    Great show keep em coming, what is your attitude towards cutting coils of springs to slam a light pick up, 1x coil all round
    Simon (United Kingdom)

  8. Hi guy’s it’s great to watch your show, you guys crack me up for sure. I saw the one where you bought your Chevy Fleetline back. I had one also it was a 50 that I made into a street rod, I had fun with it too. One thing….why do you guys leave some cars all rusty and unpainted??? Is that the current trend now. I know you call it patenia or Rat Rods but to me a car left that way is not complete. I like what you do to them to customize the suspensions and all. Please don’t be offended I still like what you’ve done to others……like that Mustang that got wrecked that was a nice car. I’ve got a nice 68 Roadrunner you might like, let me know and I’ll send some pics of it. Ok well see ya on the Boob Tube, take care.

    • Yeah, sometimes when the car just has a badass patina on it you just have to leave it. And it looks more badass than shooting a fresh coat of color on it.

  9. Hey guys my future husband and I are big fans of you from Austria, we never miss a single consignment of fast’n loud. You are soooo cooool. Maybe you come times after Austria? Would be cool! Beautiful and friendly greetings from Austria. Richard you are the best 😉

  10. My friend in the USA just sent through a massive
    Gas Monkey wardrobe shipment to me here in London and I’m freagin psyched! I’ll wear nothing but The Monkey!

  11. Hello my name is Jander Pereira Gomes, I am Brazilian and I am a big fan of Gas Monkey Garage, which has seen a miniature of hotwheels camaro done by you guys, I was wondering if you ever thought of making miniatures in 1:24 scale and scale 1:18 of cars made ​​by Gas Monkey would be really cool!

  12. Hi guys,

    I love the show seriously the stuff you guys do is unreal! I wish I had the ability to even do half the job you, Aaron and your team do! If you ever come to the UK you should do a one off episode and you could use the wheeler dealer workshop (just dont let mike brewer anywhere near the project)

    Again love what you guys do you’ve got a great team behind you keep it up.

    Peace and love from the UK.


  13. Monkeys
    Very rarely is there a TV show that I make a point of watching. You guys made the grade. I am soooo tired of the shows that only show you when things go right. Many a night I’ve wrenched till the wee hours to make a deadline. BTW the Fairlane racecar ROCKS. In my younger days I raced in the SCCA, a race car is a great way to have a lot of fun and get rid of all those extra dollars sitting around. Loved the F40, Loved the Bandit T/A. Loved the Bronco, especially the new owners little helpers, Keep up the good work.

  14. My husband and I LOVE you guys! I personally love the bandit episode. I was the proud owner of an original 79 bandit. My husband owns an 81 TA that I am sure Aaron would LOVE! You guys should have a place for fans to post their rides that they build themselves! I would love for you to see my husbands car. 468 BBC with an 871 blower and currently we are installing 2 dominator quick fuel carbs. 🙂 (and when I say we, I do mean we, I help with everything including purchasing stuff for his car!) Love you guys, and keep up the GREAT projects!!!

  15. Saw a Ford Van in the background of the Firebird restore. Is it for sell and if so how much .Interested

    Thanks, George

  16. My personal favorite The 56 Chevy, It reminds me of my younger days driving a FC Holden in Australia ( look them up and you will see the influence )
    GMG is not shown in Australia ( to my knowledge ) but I have every episode on my hard drive and when broadcast TV sucks ( nearly every day, reason I do not watch it ) GNG makes the evening worth the effort.
    Hope GMB&G works out for you, I have passed through Dallas Fort Worth a number of times ( mainly the Airport ) on my way to Plainview Texas via Lubbock, speny 18 months in the states and driving on the right was easy but interesting, still got a mate lives in Amarillo nut sadly the money just is not there to travel anymore.
    The episode where you and Dennis went to plainview for the Mercedes bought back a lot of memories ( think I knew the dealer there ) and next time you go there visit Mr’s K bakery the owners are fabulous people ( Paul and Trish )
    I hope the rumor mill is wrong about the divorce with Discovery Channel and that you continue to make great programs and cars in the future.

    Cheers TBBW

  17. Hey RR I’m coming out to Dallas from the UK to work for you and be a proper Cockney Monkey ! Keep doing what your doing dude love the show,the cars and the beer !

  18. I pay my sky subscription just to watch FnL once a week, then spend the time you are off air watching the re-runs.
    The wife wants a holiday in the Caribbean, are there any beaches near Dallas?

    Greetings from the UK

  19. Hi Richard & Aaron

    Both my son & I watch & record all your episodes of Fast n Loud. Your show rocks. We got the inspiration from you guys to work on a 1962 beetle. The roof is chopped and we want this to be a show & shine baja buggies.
    Anyway I’m flying from South Africa to Little Rock and see the flight stops over in Dallas. It would be great to stop by your garage if you are close to the airport.
    Keep up the excellent show.

  20. Hey RR your shop and show is badass, I honestly respect all you have done and built especially that F40, would love to see you do a live show or something in Montreal where in 2007 you broke the Cannonball record. It be cool to see you guys build a 1970-72 Chevelle. Just popping an idea. Best of luck on future builds I will be watching from Canada.

  21. Hi RR.

    Me and my boys, Alexander(6) & Sebastian (4) are probably the biggest South African GMG fans. Never misses a show or rerun. Keep the cars coming!! Just ordered some merch for the boys and missus. I am i process of buying a 63 Dodge 330 to restore, pity it has two too many doors, but American muscle and classic cars is rare in South Africa so we work with what is available. Got family in Dallas and hope to visit GMG sometime soon.

  22. Richard, You once got a 1940 Pontiac 4 door along with another Pontiac and on the show you didn’t think they were cool looking. In the stock form they are not, but I can send you a picture of what they look like when made into a street rod. Love the show and look forward to watching it. Dan

  23. Great show Richard and the Gas Monkey Crew!

    Would be rad to see a VW ’56 Split window van customised to Gas Monkey Spec

    South Africa

  24. Love the show I am to see you cleaned house and thru out the trash (TS) . He was an idiot. Have you ever thought about doingna late 60’s corvair maybe a yenko tribute. I would love to see it. Thanks. Dave from ohio

  25. I have just come across your show and I am hooked. I love it and being an Aussie, the “Keagle” was some funny stuff. Keep it going guys.

  26. Love your work. RJ, my body shop manager, and I do some custom stuff occasionally ourselves. We just started a 53 F100. I personally enjoy your Ford truck treatments. He’s a Chevy guy, so we pick back and forth. Next up is a 62 BelAir just to keep a little balance. . You guys brought cool back to being a gear head, and we appreciate it! Keep up the good work, and the inspiration!

  27. Hi I am from Australia
    Love your show guys keep up the good work looking forward to coming over and checking out your pub.

  28. Hey Richard & GMG crew, Just wanted to say that i love the show it puts that other show CCO or COC to shame, all the best from Dublin, Ireland.

  29. Hey Richard,

    Love the show watch them all. Wondering if you have ever done any kind of custom vehicle for someone in a wheelchair? I hate my damn van miss driving the old cars I used to fix up. Would be cool to see you do a kick ass van with a wheelchair lift in it. Wondering what kind of ideas you would come up with.

    Cheers from BC, Canada

  30. I’d like to send you some pics of a cool car for sale, not very good at the computer stuff, I won’t use facebook. Help me out here, give me a chance with a phone number i can send 3 pics to. Later Dennis

  31. Richard. I’m hoping u can help me out. I have a 1985 ford ranger xl pick up truck. N I have been looking for the (FUEL ENDING UNIT) and no one seems to have it. Not even the ford dealer ship. Let me know something.
    1985 ford ranger xl.
    Motor size-2.8 v6.
    Automatic transmission Manuel Morales
    Del Rio,tx

  32. I’ve got a 1977 swb Chevy Scotts dale. It has the straight 6 all original 15,648 miles my grandfather left it to me need to sell. I’m asking 8,000 for the truck my number is 417-872 -1376

  33. My x wife passed away and as I was watching your show last night you said you are looking for good rust free cars. My x had a 1992 Camero Rally Sport anniversary addition with 41800 miles on it. it is automatic with the 305 some where in the past some shop redid the passenger door the paint does not match. Also since I am selling it for my son It is on my yard and some surface rust is now starting on the left rear wheel well. of the car can be seen on my web site.

  34. Hello! I v been a fund of gasmonkey garage forsome time
    now and I have been wondering if we could do business
    together. I own a mechanic shop in west africa (Ghana) wich I
    inherited from my dad and I bet we could make a lot of money if
    You introduce gasmonkey in my country. ..

  35. Hi GasMonkey Team
    You guys are awesome.
    Would really like to knock back a few cases of beer with you guys.
    Great show.
    Cheers and greetings from a south African in Austria.
    P.s If you are ever in Austria, I got a shit load of beers for you; -)

  36. LOVE your show! My husband turned me into a gas monkey fan real quick!!!! I have a beautiful 79 F250 Custom if you would be interested!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!

  37. Hi,Im learning from u ,Richard,by watching your programme daily in South Africa,All these years 20 odd years,ive been with overauls,working with my 7 guys who work for me,Now I changed that,cos I was an aaars……..cos I forgot i
    was the boss,Im now in jeans and t shirt…better late than never

  38. Great show My son and I are building a 58 Chev Apachee . We are in South Africa Durban
    and I was wondering if you could help me locate a fleetside load box for my build. The step side is very common and one does not see the fleetside very often here in South Africa. The one I am looking for is the one with the bullet mould on either side.
    Keep up the good work and show.

  39. I dont belive how stupid are you .you can all sale in other countries like algeria (north africa) for 3time more.I admire you

  40. Richard

    Just watched the episode were you walked down the street to buy the 76 chevy P/U and the building.
    Loved seeing you put F/U garage guy in his place.

    I remember the good old days. When you would drive to pick up your cars. I guess that was before you had a doge truck. I remember when your FORD used to take you were ever you needed to be.

    To bad you sold out for a few corp. Bucks and a free truck.

    Real car guys know better, Really !!!! A Dodge ?? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ! To many beers .

    You know that Dodge is the only American truck manf. to change there name in Shame !!

    Look forward to more great shows. Keep walking. It makes you look cooler than being seen
    in a Dodge.

    All the best: Roger

  41. Hey dude tliveling the show man can only watch it on the odd time tho as I’m in the UK n only get some new ones every so often. Keep it up man by the way are you lot going to do some more motorcycles, loved the harley. 😉

  42. Richard, Love the show and have an 87 Mazda B2000….80k original miles. Remember the minitruck days ? Riding low abd having hell with speed bumps. Well this is my 10th minitruck and can’t seem to find time to finish it. I need help. ….I have a garage full of parts . Help me ! 🙂 By the way I’m 40 and love bagged , big wheeled minitrucks.

  43. I have a 1975 Chevelle Malibu Classic if you’re interested. Its an awesome muscle car. Needs some help. Can pass your burnout tests. If a woman can drift it around and do burnouts, you can Richard!

  44. The best car show on the planet.
    I’m a real Gas Monkey’s junkie.
    Why not think about a UK show?
    Come across the pond and give BBC Top Gear a good kicking!
    Great show, great cars, great presenters.
    Richard, Manchester, UK

  45. Hey Richard are there any more of the campo’s
    Left or did you sell them all. I would like to purchase one with all the standard Gas Monkey bells and whistles. Hope we can do business???

  46. Hey Richard and the crew.

    Really loving the show a lot. The work is amazing.
    The cars you customise are cars we dream of in South Africa. Especially the rat rod Model A’s and big Ford pick ups. My favourite is the car is the Boss 429 Mustang ( ugh what damn beauty ) and the Ferrari F40. Really got stressed with you guys with the Pontiac Firebirds Holy Grail build and your corporate build for Sonic. What I would like to see “The Beard ” build is a 1970 Dodge Charger. Build it to rival its reputation.

    Anyway. Please keep on building those bad ass beauties.

    Much appreciation from South Africa.

    PS. Christie looks mean ! haha

  47. Hey Richard love the show, Im a fellow gear head and customizer. Have you ever thought of doing a Cab Over semi like an old Pete or Freightlinger would also make a pretty rad shop truck.. food for thought. Also there is a company out here in Canada that has countless old cars that are in pretty decent shape. They are in Edmonton Alberta. They have a So Cal franchise in Edmonton. Anyway long story short he has a great collection of old cars, 30’s, 40’s 50’s probably over 500 sitting there. I stopped in because of course I thought I just died and went to heaven. The owner gave me a tour.. of the facility where he does custom work as well. It might be worth a look, if your interested send me an email. I can send you his website link. Plus with the U.S dollar doing well against the Canadian dollar and the free trade agreement it could be worth your while. !!
    Thanks Richard, again love the show…

  48. Love yous cats show…and like I was wondering how much would it COST to DO some work on my Dodge powerwagon warlok? I think it’s a real neat truck.Not because it’s MINE, but all in all I think it will a beautiful truck when it all said and done. It Just needs some Love and care.SOooo can you help a brother out?? If you want I could send yous some photos

  49. Richard you have nothing to explain to @hichem3d. My guess is he’s just one of those people that troll around bashing anything American like his shit don’t stink and FYI to @LARRY Shade tree Mechanic is still around. . They still fix cars and they are still the same boring guy’s that did it in the 90’s In 2001 they went to FOX and basically did the same show only called it “Two Guy’s Garage”. It ran all the way up to 2011 and still shows re-runs of the show of just them two fixing cars with original AC Delco parts and never working on anything special just like all the other 150,000 “How to” shows on TV.

    Gas monkey isn’t about fixing up your mothers 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora. It’s about taking your fathers badass 1070 Oldsmobile Cutlass and making it pass everything but a gas station.

    Guess not everyone understands badassery though.

  50. And @LARRY My bad, Two Guys Garage was Sam and another guy and Dave wasn’t on that much BUT now they are both back together in a show called Motor head Garage on Velocity AND for a short time it was called Crank and Chrome.. Still the same boring stuff.

    Just a couple guys greasing a wheel bearing and telling you how to do it. Nothing fun about that at all. I know personally if I want a how to guide I’ll just use Google and ask it instead.

  51. Just a quick note to say that I love the show and love the work that you guys do over there. The team you currently have over there is perfect and some real quality motors coming out of GMG. My dad and I have both made the pact that if one of us wins the lottery then we’re both coming over from the UK, handing you a big wedge of hondo’s and asking you guys to build us something special to bring back. Keep up the great work and “Git you some o’ that”!

  52. Hi, I just got a1967 olds 442. It’s being restored right now # matching car. Do you think I should put a gear vender overdrive on the M21?

  53. My boys are waitin on the hot wheels car!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would have been awesome if they had it out for Christmas!!!!!!!!! We 100% Love the show from day 1. He built his 1st motor ground up from spare shit when he was 12 years old and it was in his first Chevelle on up till about a year or 2 ago, he literally has such a man crush on Aron i may get my trip back down to New Orleans if I keep pushing Texas isn’t to far!! Good job on the cars and the show!!!

  54. My husband that is …………….my boys def are not to far behind though, My 9 yr old already knows all the difference in every car ever made and my husband cannot even change the oil without the 4 yr old laying n his chest.It is so nice to have something available for them to watch teaching them something like this over a video game

  55. sup guys…i’m a big fan of your show..and also a sucker for american muscle cars.Unfortunatetly have’n seen any around in south africa,hoping you will do somehing about i in the near future.

  56. houhou slt les gasss monky com. va richard une bière stp sa va être long qui dire de plus continuer comme sa ses hahou biz a cristi bye

  57. Hello Richard,
    I watch your show all the time.. I drive my wife crazy when your show is on.. You have made some great cars over the year, but one car I haven’t seen is a 1969 Camaro RS, 4 speed 350 engine… Orange with black vinyl top… That is the firs car I ever own… It is almost impossible to fine one in great shape with out breaking the bank… So I had to settle for another car… This was back in 1974, I am now building a 1934 3 window coupe kit, with a 454 block.. I would love to see you and your master mechanic built that year Camaro..

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