Come Support Gas Monkey Garage at Roadkill Nights in Pontiac Michigan!

OK guys and gals, as I’m sure you’ve heard by now, we accepted Roadkill‘s “build-off” drag-race challenge and it’s going down NEXT WEEK! The best part? It’s FREE for you to come out and watch. The first ever “Roadkill Nights” will take place at the Silverdome Parking Lot in Pontiac, Michigan on Wednesday, August 12th. Let’s pack the place with Gas Monkey Garage fans! Click this link to register for your free tickets:



  1. I’m there . I have a 1997 dodge intrepid and I put a 440 old school cross ram intake in it. I want gas monkey (Richard) to see my car

  2. Hi,my name is arnulfo,cant get the free ticket but we still want to go to pontiac Mi, Im from toledo oh. So my question is how much is the ticket? I have 4 kids and my wife…can I pay on Silverdome? Will like to her from you soon, thanks..

  3. So Richard what hot rebuilds are happening the last few were not so great and oh need to bring a lot better than a station wagon I was stind right beside you when it came up on the block along with your buddy

  4. just want to know if richard and arron will be their and if they can sighn my truck. I also have a gift for them that i was unable to give richard when he was last in Michigan at the book sighning

  5. I would be honored to go to this once in a life time event with my family. I’ve been watching your show for a very long time now and I would be honored to finally meet you in person and in Michigan would be great!

  6. I would LOVE to go to the gas monkey roadkill night the link keeps giving me a load error please help. I have a family of 4 we all LOVE cars. This would be a great event for my son who is autistic and has ILD he really loves cars he’s 5…any help in getting the tickets would be so much appreciated

    My email is [email protected]

  7. I’ll tell my boss I have an offsite meeting with our Hellcat customer – and sneak out for some entertainment. My office is about 1/2 mile north of the silverdome and we supply the fuel delivery system to FCA for the Hellcat vehicle.
    Looking forward to some tire smoking action

  8. I see you are in Michigan tomorrow. Stop by and check out my garage and 68 and 69 Chevelle SS 396 4 speeds. I have several available for sale from a solid roller to a numbers matching L78 all there car needing full restoration. I am currently filming for my future reality car show. I would love to show you my shop and sell you a car! I am in South Bend, Indiana. I also have cold beer!! Jeff

  9. I’m hanging around with my Lightning, trying to get cool pics of cars coming in since I couldn’t get a ticket. I’ll check at the gate to see if I can get in at 4 without one.

  10. Hey Guys love the show, was just wondering when the new season for 2015 episodes will be out, all I seem to get here on my directv in California is re-runs. Appreciate a response….keep up the great work guys/gals

  11. I didn’t make the silverdome for the action, cruised Woodward, wound up in Pontiac around 12:30 am, rolling up 59 I spotted a nice Chrysler product, when I caught up to the Super Bee, the ol’ boy dropped a gear, and we were off, I promise I wouldn’t have dragged his ass like that if I knew he was the winner of the drags that night. Maybe he had his winnings in the trunk, because he got drug by a old 4 door Marauder……. lots of lolz

  12. I was there, It was pretty cool what Dodge did for free. You car was bad ass! The Blue Dodge Ram Diesel should’ve won they drive train though. He was sleeping at the light. I also got pictures of your car at Woodward the next day. Really cool car. I was happy that I just happened to be up there for business. Great show and awesome time. Thanks. Gary

  13. Fuck those roadkill pussies!!!! Its ALL ABOUT GAS MONKEY!!!!!!!!!! Roadkill is a good name for them. Once they get a piece of that chunky Monkey shit from Aaron’s brain, they wont have shit else to say. They are gonna get theyre asses handed to them. I wish i could either race them myself, or even better!!! , fist fight those chumps. Long Live Gas Monkey FUCK ALL THE HATERS!!!! MY NUMBER IS 7074924505 CALL ME HATERS AND ILL TELL YOU YOUR PUNKS!!!!!

  14. Just watched the shart cat episode.
    Was wondering how fast the car went; I know you did 5.80, but what was your speed?
    Also would you share how much was invested in the shart cat?
    Love the show, love your alls positive attitudes! Your not BIG HEADED! yet! Haha

  15. I just watched the race on tv. And wopping there ass was awesome. Those big mouth jackasses got smoked by the helcate. That car is fast and bad ass. Nice job shutting them the ffffff up

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