Cruise the Caribbean with the Gas Monkeys!

Have you ever though, “Man, that Richard Rawlings is one crazy bastard? I’d like to party with him.” Well, now you can. FOR 7 DAYS IN THE CARIBBEAN! Can you handle it? I’m taking over one of Holland America Line’s cruise ships and I’m inviting all of the Gas Monkey fans along for one hell of a ride. You can find all of the details and pricing at




      • Kimmi here read the messages like Danny Koker says hey brother man, then would turn around. And say I’m going on a real cruise!! Listen to him singing White Room by cream! Rock on KountCustoms in Vegas!! By the way he has kick ass bar called club Vamped, long before u even had time to get out of ML, to even know how 2 open a Bar!!!

  1. Hey Richard we done made reservations for the real cruise on The High Seas with Kid Fucking Rock!!! He’s been doing it 4 8 yrs!!! And it fucking rocks, like the Detroit Boy does! And this your 1St Rodeo!!!! Get u some of him!! Its called Chillen the most Cruise!!!

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