Daily Monkey | 1962 AMC Rambler

The AMC acronym has become synonymous with The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad, but before American Movie Classics broke onto the scene a different AMC reigned supreme. American Motors Corporation was founded in 1954 and lasted under that moniker until the late 1980s. During that time they would produce numerous now classic cars such as Jeeps, the Nash Metropolitan and Rambler.

A short-lived run from 1961 to 1966 the Rambler Classic would waste no time leaving its mark on the automotive landscape when it was named Motor Trend’s Car of the Year in 1963. This 1962 would enter the market place in the final year of the first generation’s run and crush sales from the previous year. An increase of over 50,000 units in the first six months alone would anchor the ’62 Rambler firmly as the car of the times.

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  1. quardo tutti i giorni il vostro programma e mi diverte molto, siete molto bravi e professionisti nel rimettere sulla strada vecchie auto, malconcie il restauro che fatte e straordinario, complimenti spero di seguirvi ancora con i vostri episodi. un saluto a tutto il gruppo del gas monkey, dall’italia

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