Dare the Monkeys!


Want to dare Richard to drive around in a Yaris all day? Dare Christie to let  KC do her make up?  Dare Tom to work the whole day wearing a dress? Here’s  your chance! We’re giving our @GasMonkeyGarage Twitter followers the  chance to #DareTheMonkeys. Here’s how it works:

– Follow @GasMonk eyGarage on Twitter.
– Submit the dare YOU want to see the guys do with the hashtag  #DareTheMonkeys.
– We’ll pick the top 3 dares and put them up to the followers for a vote – the dare  with the most retweet wins.
– We will post a video of the guys doing the winning dare when we hit 200,000  followers!

We want to make the guys do some crazy shit… let’s get those dares coming  in! #DareTheMonkeys.


  1. All the monkies talk in a completely ridiculous accent for an entire episode. Doesn’t matter how bad it sounds or what accent it is.

  2. I dare Richard and Aaron to play rock, paper, scissors (best of 4 out of 7), loser to shave winner’s head (including facial hair) with no hair remaining except for eyebrows.

  3. Richard,
    I watch your show as often as I can. On one of your shows you picked up a few cars and one was a Nash. You ended up going back to them to pay them the difference on the Nash you sold. I hope I’m kinda close on the way it went down. Well in the back of that garage it look to be a 62-65 Nova. A 62-65 Nova is my dream car. If it was a Nova could you let me know what they would let it go for and any kind of info on it would be helpful. I live in a small town down by Corpus Christi called Odem. So the town is small and so is my budget. Please e-mail me and let me know what you can find out. [email protected] my wife’s e-mail address.

  4. I dare Richard and Aaron to dye their hair and beards gas monkey green for a whole day. An extra bonus would be if Aaron would put his beard in curlers.

    • I don’t think that there are enough curlers in the world to accommodate the bearded wonder! Submit your dare on twitter with the hashtag #Darethemonkeys for it to be considered!

    • Oh man! Don’t think that the bearded wonder would be to thrilled about that one! Submit your dare on twitter with the hashtag #Darethemonkeys for it to be considered!

  5. #darethemonkeys
    find an old running pinto for richard and an old grimlin for Aaron, have them do a
    Gas Monkey style cannon ball from the northern most point in texas to the southern most point, any mods or alterations welcome. Have Richard take K.C. as co driver and Aaron take Tom as his co driver JUST SAYING IT’D BE FRIGGIN AWESOME OR VERY FRIGGIN FUNNY.

  6. i dare you to make everyone work in the shop dressed in dresses and make it a soap opera that would be super funny as hell.

  7. redo something stupid. A 1987 Chevy Celebrity Wagon. (Something so ugly only a broke college student would GRUDGINGLY admit to even owning it) I miss my Celebrity. I put 160k miles on it before I wrecked it. Restore a rusted piece of crap to all its non awesome non glory.

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