#DareTheMonkeys – Vote For Your Favorite Dare!

We got a ton of great dares submitted – you guys are hilarious (and a little crazy). We’ve narrowed it down to three finalists- now you get to vote! (Shout out to @tjschulte83, @rafa_cultleader, and @WashburnValerie for submitting the top 3 dares!) Head over to the @GasMonkeyGarage Twitter page to click on the dare YOU want to see and cast your vote by retweeting it. The dare with the most retweets by Friday, 10/25, at 10:00  am CT wins. We’ll film the winning dare when we hit 200,000 followers.

Ready… set… RETWEET.

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 10.15.35 AM

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  1. Must have tom do this at least while having lunch at the hangout!
    Now if Richard would spend day in outfitt that would have Super Bowl ratings.

  2. Get KC in high heels and dreads like the welder chick and pose spread eagle on Richard’s Mustang. Deep inside, you know he wants to.

  3. If the monkeys are still in NYC the 86 BMW 325 5 spd is only an hour north of the city. Its got pistons the size of coffee cans – can you say torque!

  4. RR – I dare u to build a drift racing car out of this orig owner 1986 BMW 325 base model mint 5 speed 2dr ( I know u like that 5 spd) RWD mint body 115mi grey German built machine for the little price of $1000.- Its in Fishkill NY 60 mi north of NYC!

  5. The sport of drifting is catching on like wildfire- the 86 BMW 325 is perfect for the monkeys to build and race- its already got the handling & 5spd & RWD Duh & 2.7 & real thick steel!

  6. Richard- you snooze you lose – NYC is a 24 hour city,nothing ever stops! Maybe in Texas u monkeys take naps in the afternoon?

  7. The OCC boys bought the 86 BMW 325 5spd and are going to Drift the shit out of it at a local short track and donate all the money to a local charity!

  8. 1986 BMW 325 Drift car SOLD to the OCC Boys! Going to race it at Limerock! You monkeys were given first choice because I thought like cool racing cars!

  9. I don’t like any of those dares i really think their kinda lame. Those don’t sound like a gmgdare people. Here’s something like a gmg. Build a jet car or rocket car. now that’s a dare that i would like to see. ive seen a rocket car on the mkvie hooper and that’s the only place

  10. Dare to do the average work others do day to day,like something 2004 and up,get some grade on your show,instead of more pointless ventures,like patching up the dead..this country is turning into a museum.Is this all there is to being a mechanic?.Tackle the big issues,be a man monkey,not a baboon….

  11. In your lifetime a 10 year old car will be a 40 year old car,you’ve got nothing to be scared of except failure to measure up.To my knowledge Gorillas aren’t all that timid…

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