Dennis Collins Is Selling His Prized Mustang Collection at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2017

While Dennis Collins may be hesitant to sell his Mustangs, it’s too late now. They’re on their way to Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2017.

These special examples, that took him years to find, will be auctioned consecutively in a matter of minutes on Wednesday, January 18th.

Check out this video and vehicle details below.

Lot 400



Lot 400.1



Lot 400.2


Lot 400.3


Lot 400.4


Lot 400.5


Lot 400.6


Lot 400.7



  1. Omg, you bought the ugliest cars ever, must have been cheap, now your famous you must have known status and ego were worth more than shit cars, your a gambler Denis with a paid for ace up your sleeve, good on you mate. Pete

  2. Im just a blue collared worker that probably wont be able to work anymore and wichita is a big muscle car town, I would like to know if Richard would be interested in doing my 1999 f-150, i love this truck and i will be getting a settlement very soon, i dont want to buy a new one, i have had 6 surguries on my left ankle, and this truck has been my only,vehicle and has still done its job with no sign of dying yet with 283.000 miles! It has served me well and deserves the rebuild that GMG can only do! I am willing to pay and the midwest attraction is a good script for a show, proud to show a GMG creation at local car shows
    blacktop nat,s IT would be so great to show it here and be the only one that i know of in Wichita Ks! GMG has grown so big that i doubt my request will be considered but from a poor to mid class GMG fan it,s the dream of a lifetime! thanks, if anyone reads this!

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