Discovery’s Newest Speed Demon Show: Street Outlaws

Left to Right: Justin “Big Chief” Shearer, Tyler “Flip” Priddy, Richard Rawlings, Shawn “Murder Nova” Ellington

Have you heard about Discovery’s new show Street Outlaws? Now, I don’t know much about street racing, and I’m not sure how it will do as a reality series, but I’m willing to give it a shot. Not just because I want to support my Discovery family, but because I met a few of the guys last month (Justin “Big Chief” Shearer, Shawn “Murder Nova” Ellington and Tyler “Flip” Priddy) and they damn near drank me under the table! Granted, it was weak Oklahoma beer, but those boys know how to have a good time! Tyler “Flip” Priddy passed away last week, and our condolences go out to his crew, friends and family. Can’t imagine what it would be like to lose any one of our guys over here, and I hope I never have to. Tyler was one of the most hardcore, party-hardy mutherf*ckers I’d ever met. RIP, man.  If you’re into the street racing scene or you just want to see how these Oklahoma boys measure up to the Monkeys, watch the premiere of Street Outlaws Monday night after Fast N Loud.

Left to Right: Justin “Big Chief” Shearer, Tyler “Flip” Priddy, Richard Rawlings, Shawn “Murder Nova” Ellington
Left to Right: Justin “Big Chief” Shearer, Tyler “Flip” Priddy, Richard Rawlings, Shawn “Murder Nova” Ellington


  1. Just visited Gas Monkey Garage. Richard and Aaron where awesome. They both took pictures with us, thanked us for coming all the way from Ft Myers , Florida. Great time. Went to the old shop as well.

  2. My thoughts go out to Flip’s friends and family. RIP. that’s crazy stuff. watching Street Outlaws right now. crazy…

  3. Love the show!! We are in a band called Hot Damn and we have a song called “The Wicked Truth” on the website I provided – Y’all are welcome to use it on the show!!
    (I used to jam with Rusty Burns from Point when I lived in Dallas)

    Rock out with your,,, wrench out!! Ha!! almost gotcha, huh??!!
    Trace Baker (I’m a chick that sings like Sammy Hagar!)
    lead vocals/Guitar Hot Damn

  4. Jesus, it’s getting hard to get into TV shows anymore without finding out somebody kicked the can.
    RIP Tyler (Flip) Priddy, seems like you were the kinda guy me and the boys woulda had a blast slammin brews and blowin shit up with. If it’s loud and burns dinosuars we love it and if it makes ya see double, triple or not at all we will drink, smoke or smell it, LOL! Fuckin beat the streets of heaven like ya did in Oklahoma!

  5. I watched it just today and at the end it said that “Flip” died. If you are reading this and you know how Flip passed away, please reply. Thanks and R.I.P Flip.

  6. Richard r u from texas orignally.yous guys r worth watchin since monster garage aint on.ha just breakin balls r u you guys cool with pjd

  7. One of a few top shows i watch, the beater truck & split bumper camaro being my 2 favorites. Very sad to hear of Tyler’s passing as he seemed a fixture to the show. The only bad thing i can say is that he left us way too soon.

  8. man two of the baddest shows ever my Mondays are locked after work cause of yall….lol I love it..Im a race here in south texas and we love a good time too…gas monkey and the boys there in Oklahoma are my hero’s lol

  9. It’s a shame that so many drag strips across America are closing down for good. Street racing is fun, but man it’s dangerous! There’s a legal and much more safe way to do it– go support your local track.

    That said, I liked Street Outlaws! RIP Flip.

  10. Sorry about the loss, keep the pedal to the metal! Watched the Ferrari show and the guy who said carbon fiber can be done at home!!!?? WTF?!?! I’m an Air Force mech and we use it and PLEASE DON’T TELL PEOPLE they can do it “at home”. Dangerous to inhale metal fibers..LOVE th show otherwise. Bought and sold a ton of the old Caddies, Buicks, etc. I’m working on my own 68 Electra 225, my Lead Sled! Gotta get a beer, Later

  11. The best show ever love it,my blood pumps as I’m watching the sport I spend all my money as well on my car,I’m just about finish with it now from dropping a different crate motor in it.I recently just got done with a turbo kit on it,untill the piston poped witch was six months ago love turbo forced induction but there’s nothing like pure N/A horse power with a Littel shot of n.o.s. its like Pringles,once you pop you can’t stop!!! You keep craving for more and more..I love it can’t wait to watch the next episode..

  12. I watched it for the first time 6-18-2013……I love hot rods and the guys that wrench them….
    something about a grease monkey…..RIP FLIP……MY COUSINS NICKNAME WAS FLIP ALSO….

  13. Hello, from England , Fast N Loud is best show on the “Goggle” box over here you boys are top blokes, the most honest , straight talking people on T.V . You’re funny as S**T with out even trying . Keep up the top work, 99% of the cars you transform are tops , My favorite being the Low rider Lincoln (series 1) or the 65 T-Bird (series 2) . Looking forward to ALL future projects , Cheers , Dave Easton. ENGLAND .

  14. I watched it at loved the cars but not the drama. Also kinda makes kids know its ok to keep racing on the streets for the rest of there life and not give a fuck about going anywhere with it.

  15. I use to street race in okc in the late 70’s. I was surprised to see it going on These days. I live right around the corner from chucks shop. So with all that being said and at 55 years old we are going to through together us a ride and see if we can race with you boys. Good luck.

  16. Please contact me. Serious races on the east coast willing to travel to ok. Want to lock something up. 804 914 7584

  17. I would like to know if I could have a autograph picture for me and my dad for his birthday an if you could plz send it befor july26 email me back if possible plz plz plz let me know btw my name is jayda sands my address is 504 south Harris ave.columbus Ohio 43204

  18. Yeah it is tragic just as I was starting to like flip and the show. I’ll keep checking it out. But, my Girl and I love gas Monkey Garage and the show. Keep up the great work!

  19. Didn’t know if this show was real or fake but after watching the episode of Nova Killer blowing his charger and through a set of tires, only to loose the #1 spot. the challenger seemed legit thow. Crazy dudes with the farm truck were funny

  20. I’ve been drag racing for years,I presently run in the nhra s/g category.. It’s a fast car off the throttle stop([email protected] 166mph) I know what it’s like to drive a fast car, & running on the street is a whole different thing, I’m no angel in the old days we raced on the street,but if you got caught that was your ass.and innocent people could get caught in the middle,even though we did it late at night, it was still dangerous. I was lucky & never had an incident .. However I guess what I’m getting at is why take the risk, why not just go to the drag strip and settle it sensibly !. But then you couldn’t call it ” street outlaws”..really not see ding a good message to impressionable kids!

  21. Huge Discovery channel fan,… Can’t get enough of the crew of Gas Monkey, I have enjoyed every episode…. And had recently caught a day long running of Street Outlaws and automatically loved the show, brought me back to the late 80’s when I use to hang with an old friend of mine from high school who was a gear head…. Every weekend you’d find us at Fountain Ave in East New York for racing much like what is depicted in this show…. Fountain Ave now is no longer the empty street to no where it was back in the day, now a days there is a huge shopping center there and the empty land behind it, is now being developed for more stores… Not too many places left here in NYC for this type of activity…
    I was very much saddened after watching the 1st episode of Street Outlaws to learn that Flip had passed away, my condolences go out to his family and friends… Nothing worse then losing a friend at such an early age…. I just recently experienced a lose of a friend on June 17, Andy was just 35, and had a heart gold!

  22. Street Outlaws is a complete fake show, I do believe that they really do race those awesome machines at the track, and they are probably kick ass fast. But for them to be portrayed as if they are racing on open roads is completly ridiculous. First thing I noticed are all the light plants sitting around lighting up the whole area, who would drag those out onto an open road and say ” yup we are being real sneaky” plus the one race looked as if it was on an airfield judging by the marker lines. But Gas Monkey Kicks all there asses……… the show and the builds

  23. estado siguiendolos desde el primer dia q saliron al aire aca en mexico solo megustaria comentarlo y que me encanta el programa y de que me encantan los carros y las carreras y todo lo que tenga motor y espero y sigan creando coches clasicos y con mas potencia gas moky forever

  24. So far Ive seen all the episodes of Fast and Loud, I love cars so I love the show, would really love to see more backgound on the car finds in the wild and the previous owners history too.
    Since you travel so far to look at cars id really like to see a bit more about the history of the area you travel to. Overall I like the show alot and will keep on watching it.

  25. I have a semi tub 1985 Regal i want to put an LS mototor in with six speed transmission, i live in Cali so it has to be emission friendly. been looking at the E-Rod motor, but need help.

    im a master technician by trade, but working as a service advisor for now. would love some help to se this become a reality and maybe a future adventure with Gas Monkry Garage,

    Sincerly, Dave Milliken

  26. i have a 76 blk el camino that a buddy , myself ,and son restored in 97 for his 16th b day and it was sweeet.350 moter rebuilt trans, sent the dash to just dashs in ca cost 2500 for it alone it still runs good, taged, one of a kind louved hood. just dont know how to upload photos fof u to see.jim 580-761-6954 needs alittle work not much though

  27. Richard, I am Tyler Priddy’s dad. I have custody of Tyler’s two oldest boys, Tovey who is 10 and Remey who is 8. They mentioned to me the other night that their dad had told them he was going to try and get them to meet you guys at the garage. I was hoping maybe we could mange someway to make this happen. It would really mean a lot to these boys. You have my e-mail address and my phone number is 580-331-7700. Thank you.

  28. We have a few cars down here in Central TX that would like to mix it up with them OKC boys. Give us an invite and we’ll bring it!

    RIP Flip. 🙁

  29. I love your show because it seems like you guys are having fun. Tried to watch Street Outlaws but it was a bunch of jerks hollering at each other and cursing non-stop. (This coming from a girl who dropped the f-bomb at a deacon’s meeting in front of both the pastors!) I’ve watched other car shows and reality shows with my husband and a lot of them seem to encourage hollering, swearing, and negativity. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate yours!

  30. Terrible show! So, sick of drama reality and over inflated egos. If I wanted to watch that kind of show I would watch MTV. Gas Monkey Rules!

  31. I like the show bu t I think some of the prices ur gettin for those cars isn’t real it’s bullshit I own a shop and flipped a few cars and the market just doesn’t support those prices but I guess that’s tv. Also ur arrogants is almost as bad as mine . Build an iroc already I’ve been waitin too long. I would drink all u guys under the table and definatly kick all ur asses and I’m definatly a better mechanic then that bearded douch

  32. You r the first place to pay flipp any attionton it even better the dale jr but im a real racer speiecle on the street i know the lose of the art its just like the lost of moonshinnen runen hope you place filp to rest i want to place my toyota tocome to race for his honer i ll macke chages to it and be ready to race

  33. He will be missed he was a blast to watch run in his slut elco that car was a dream car of mine id like to give out lots of love and prayers to his friends crew and family thank gas monkey for your post im a fan of both shows and would love to party with all yall lots of love keep on building and keep on racing outlaws

  34. If you love cars, motorcycles and being entertained………..don’t miss either of these shows! Richard & Aaron are like the “Odd Couple” of the motor world and seem to be really great guys. Love the show. getting better every episode.
    Street Outlaws….more great, “Car guy” Entertainment! Condolences to the Family and friends of Flip. He was a part of the show that WILL be missed!
    Hi from Gainesville , Florida, “Home of the GATORNATIONALS”! STrotter

  35. Me and my two boys love watching your show. We leave in Fort Worth and would like to come over tour your shop and meet you. We have two projects a 1990 Jaguar XJS V12 that is Preston’s (13) and would like to convert it over to a GM V8 with 500-600 HP with a 6 speed automatic and if coarse working air and cruise control.
    Our second project is a 1926 Ford Model T Roadster that is all original it does need to be restored this is for Trevor (11) he tells me that he wants to drive this very day. Probabley looking at the same engine transmission set up, a big block and Fast and Loud.
    I graduated from Arlington heights in 83
    My sons are going into the 8th and 6th grades in Crowley.
    Keep up the good work we enjoy your show and the creations you guys come up with thank you for your hard work and dedication I know it takes a lot of determination so keep fighting the good fight each and every day.

    Timothy Hampton – Kelley

  36. RIP Flip you were a hell of a street racer. I’ve done alot of drag racing but no street racing. Both shows are awesome keep’em on TV for every.

  37. Just wanna let u know I LOVE BOTH SHOWS…. I love fast cars an bad boys!!! I think they are the best two “car shows” on tv.. Keep making me smile.. Thanx guys… An RIP Flip..

  38. My families two favorite shows are Fast and loud and Street outlaws,, we were very sad to hear that Tyler ‘flip’ Priddy passed away,, Our condolences go out to you all.. Aloha..

  39. Both Fast and Loud as well as Street Outlaws are Kick Azz shows!!! I’d PROUDLY hammer down some Cold Brew with any of the cats from either show. You gotta love all their silly azzes, no ifs,ands, or buts about it!!! Rawlings your one Kool MoFo, presh8 ya recommending the Outlaws. I must say I could tell Ole Flip was a crazy one, my fav character on the show. Saddened about the news. RIP FLIP!!!!! Anyway, I dont care what they say about Rawlings and Kauffman, Ya’ll are some KOOL MUDDA FUGGAS, KEEP IT UP!!! By the way if ya ever want to suprise a dedicated gan with a surprise Hot Rod you’d like to give away, that’s me!!! Oh Yeah!! Kiss the upholsterer for me, se so funny, make laff long time Azz Monkies!!!

  40. Triple R and Faron Aaron are the two coolest dudes dishing out smooth rides. Triple R has the the greens and Faron Aaron has the knowledge. Love those Monkeys.

  41. Street Outlaws, please I grew up around the Conduit and Fountain av. in NY. This show is a staged joke on the lines of Amish Mafia and that show about the Deliverance family.
    GMG concept is cool and the work is quality.

  42. If it’s real, run the cars at the fastest street car event, that would be honest and a good show. I think your garage should enter a car, if nothing else it would be fun.

  43. I like the show . . . not the least because my son lives in Oklahoma City.

    But the connection with Gas Monkey is interesting. I saw the show where these guys supposedly invited the “chumps” from Texas up for some competition and pretty much ate their collective lunch. As I recall, NOTHING kind was said about Texas!

  44. I Realy Like the show, sorry to here about flip. You guys rock, l would like to try my super pro car againt’s some of your guys car, be pretty interesting. I have a 84 mustang with a big block chevy that runs pretty good, can’t wait for next season to start. drop me a line and let’s talk. later guys…..

  45. My husband and I were watching it, and we missed the season finally,I guess it was, it is the episode where : The Street Outlaws were going to Texas ! We liked watching it , and were disappointed that we missed that episode ! We enjoy watching your show ,but you must have guessed that, why else would I be here, on your site !


  47. Richard! Great show!! Love to see more intervention between the “Outlaws” & Gas Monkey. 2 Great Shows!!! Very sorry to hear about “Flip”. Our thoughts and Prayers are with his family and friends, may he Rest In Peace!

  48. Richard. When ya gonna pull out one of your 8second rods ya got just sittin in one of your shops and go make a few gas monkey passes with the outlaws? Sure ya got something that we all would like to see. go fast…

  49. Rip flip , I pray those boys ate taken care of … Word up to all the other gear heads out there keep ur foot on the gas .. I will never stop racing !

  50. Please please stop the crying everybody digs something different. For instance i have a72 comaro ss whith a heafty 454 poweglide trans. 513 rearend fun stuff stop crying have fun helmut

  51. In tovey gene priddy my dad Tyler flip priddy was an awesome dad just wish he was still with us I know I’m kinda late but thanks for all who care I lost him about a little over a year ago I miss him tell this very day.


  53. I have found conflicting stories on why Priddy passed away; I wish someone would post the truth so others would stop speculating; I LOVE THE SHOW!!

  54. Testing, 1-2-3 Hello.
    QTovey Priddy: I saw your post and wanted to comment. Your dad seemed pretty cool. I lost my dad when I was young and you & your family have my sympathy. I know it’s been a while but I just saw the episode they dedicated to him again today. I always wonder what happened when I see it and decided to google it, coming across this thread. It’s just tragic when a guy so young dies for any reason, by any means. The loss seems worse when you think that he won’t be able to enjoy the success of his show and it is felt by anyone who watches that episode, I’m sure.
    I don’t usually do this sort of thing but your post just looked lonely and I wanted to respond. Stay strong and be sure you can talk to friends and family about anything, anytime! Your dad was just digging in to the hearts of the viewers before he was gone. He is missed on a grand scale, I’ll bet. Take care.

  55. I mean bad ass, stupid auto correct. Gas monkey garage also a bad ass show. The guys from street outlaws keep handing out losses to the guys from Texas though. Maybe Richard and the monkeys can build a car that can match up to the guys from OKC.

  56. I am a mother and grandmother and I love Street Outlaws!!!!! I am sorry for the loss of “Flip” and now “Daddy Dave”. No fans of the show can express enough the sorrow for the loss of these two men to their children or their families; or their “Street Outlaws family”. Eventually the road will run out and come to an end; but gentlemen, until it does continue to race, try to stay safe, and “DRAG THAT ASS”!!!!!

  57. They are not even street legal . This show is horse manure! Complete misrepresentation ..You can’t street race slicks on the street , not that they could pass emissions ,none of these cars could be registered.

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