Don’s New ’67 Toyota 2000GT

The way that most people became familiar with this particular Toyota was in its topless form in “You Only Live Twice” when Toyota chopped the top off of a coupe 2000GT to accommodate Sean Connery’s 6’2” frame. But funnily enough, no convertible models of this car were actually ever sold.

The 2000GT you see here was just recently purchased by vintage race car driver and partner in Gas Monkey Energy, Don Yount. Don was perusing the popular auction site just before Christmas and saw a deal that he couldn’t pass up and bought himself a little early Christmas present.

His is a ’67 model with the original Yamaha-built 2.0 litre straight six engine still intact. Of the 351 originally produced between 1967 and 1970, this one has the distinction of being one of the three that was originally sold in Mozambique when it was new. From there it has changed hands quite a few times taking it all around the globe (from Africa to Costa Rica to the UK) before it settled into its new home here in Dallas, TX.

When asked what he was going to do with it, Don simply thought for a second and said, “I don’t know. Want to go do some donuts in it or something?”

So be looking for it running around the Dallas streets!


  1. I was watching the auction online live, what a great looking car that has had an incredible amount of work done to get it into a better than new condition. I thought the car might go over for $600k as it is both rare and exciting, enjoy!

  2. Hey, Richard… First I want to thank you for your rescue work, I can relate to all the crap you did, & saw, because I worked rescue for nearly 30 yrs, & was a firefighter for 20… that’s hard work, bro. Never a cop, tho.
    Anyway, brother, I had a great idea. You, & the monkeys should find a van or a truck, fix it up as only y’all can do…, & give it to Sue as a gift. I know your thinking I’ve lost it, but I’m sure you could find a van, etc for practically nothing, fix it up, except for the seats, etc. & guess who’d be Sue’s favorite Ass monkey? I bet you’d save some money in the long run. Sue does nice work for you, I think it would make a nice show. Gift the Dragon Lady.
    Hey, if you a wagon, or old van, & you want to make a woodie for an old disabled rescue brother… I can trade you a 2005 Camry w/52.3000 miles on it for it. Plus maybe a 2-3 thou. dollars. I’d ask for a bike, I love em, but I’m already disabled, so… Look, forget about me, but a Gas Monkey ride for Sue, that’s a good idea. You could even do a Gas Monkey mural on the side, or, an air brushed dragon. That would rock.
    I bet you guys could do a nice Woodie, too. Good luck, brother. Joe

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