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  1. She is smoking hot. Richard-what can I say-you’re the best. I love your attitude and your love for Mille Lite.
    Aaron is a wrenching genius. Keep up the good work.

    Your lifetime fan.

  2. I just love Fast and Loud and the Gas Monkey Garage. Started watching at season 1 and was hooked ever since. Now even my girl friend cant wait to watch it each week and she LOVES Richard. We hope to get there soon and eat at the Bar and Grill as well. Love the new clothes and these new photos.
    Love the CANS. Just love the cans. I cant say it enough. I just Love the cans! 🙂

  3. Just came by the shop yesterday. Y’all were filming. Was hoping to catch a glimpse of one of you monkeys, but no such luck!
    I freakin love you guys!

  4. Love the pics. You’re missing the best model you got, tho… Christie. That’s the only woman you need to market Gas Monkey.

    Racing Love from Sweden.

  5. For my first visit ever to Dallas the week of Feb 6, 2017, I shoot right over from DFW to the shop/merchandise store. I’m browsing the merch and overhear the helpful ladies behind the counter quip, “you going to the ‘company’ party this Friday?…hell yeah! Who wouldn’t go for the free food and alcohol?”

    Sounds like Richard truly does have somebody handing you a free beer whenever you like! 😉

    Now I just need some tips from GMG on getting my ’60 Morris Minor overhauled…

  6. I love Gas Monkey! I’m currently enjoying Fast and Loud right now; I’ve seen every episode many times but still go back to rewatch it! I got my boyfriend a Gas Monkey shirt for Christmas and he loves it. Keep up the great work!

  7. I live locally and I love going to the GMBG! Nothing like some good food and an awesome place to get your hands on some GM merch. Can’t wait to stop by again sometime soon.

  8. GMG rocks! I hope you guys are coming to the Monster Jam in El Paso again this year!!! I look forward to visiting your garage and grill in April. You got alot of fans in Las Cruces, NM but my family tops em all!!

  9. As being an international fan of the show just from across the pond in Holland, i have to say damnnnnnn………… you hired her right? Even though she don’t have a beard……..

  10. GMG coming to Indianapolis! Monster Jam and i cant wait!!! Lookn forward to seeing this GMG monster in action!! #GYSOT #GasMonkeyEnergy #DallasInTheHouse #MonsterJam #Indianapolis #LucusOilStadium

  11. Love the show!! Always exciting to watch nd will wtch again once my cables back on ? for now on-line only. My fav so far was the hot wheels sweet 16

  12. GYSSOT!! Get yourself some shots of that. Time for a Gas Monkey Calendar to hang in the garage. 12 months of Kayleigh…. oh throw in some cars & bikes too.

  13. Love the show and am currently reading the Fast and Loud book! Richard, you are an inspiration! Your attitude and perseverance to do what you love and have fun doing it! Amazing! Keep doing what you are doing and can’t wait to watch more GMG and see more awesome builds! Hope to one day make it to Texas and see the place for myself!

  14. I don’t watch much TV but I love your show. Love the cars and what you do with them and enjoy the chemistry of your crew.

  15. You guys rock! I could only dream working with y’all! I’ve been building hot rods and customs for years and love your all vision! Gas Monkey 4 Life! GYSOT!

  16. Just let me start by saying nice photos!! Love the shop and the work you guys do! I watch Fast N’ Loud every time it’s on when the tv’s on! Hope to stop by and visit when I’m in town in a coupe weeks!!

  17. Been and i still am a massive fan of the show and not only the work they do at GMG but all the people also and Dallas is on my dream list of holiday destinations to hopfully meet some of the guys when I stop by. To see how you first started out to where you are now is a massive and fantastic acheivmemt and I’d absolutely love some GMG goodies to show off and also put in a pride of place at home and I’ve always wanted a number plate that is put on the builds. Long may it continue and thank you for sharing with us all and good luck to all. ?

  18. Richard giving away free stuff ?? He must not be feeling well. Quick someone get him a beer or three… wait maybe that way he is giving away free stuff ?! HA!

  19. Fired up garage, shud be just set up on fire.. they got no mokey swag.. if you need a proper beer assistant you should hire this irish guy, eat, sleep, drink, repeat..

  20. Love the apparel, Love the show, the two girls in the photo shoot look great!
    Looking forward to winning the contest and sending you a photo of a real GAS MONKEY FAN…GET YA SOME OF THAT!

  21. Auto-Tech teacher PA huge fan of your show since the beginning. I put F&L episodes on for my students to watch in class because you keep it honest an true. Would love some awesome GMG attire.

  22. Corvair is one of the most dangerous impractical autos ever made because of the motor being placed in the back. I would like to see you and your monkeys rebuild a corvair by placing a motor in the front and installing a modern suspension system.

  23. Been watching GMG since episode 1 and love it from the get go! I just got measured and casted for my 2nd artificial leg and was allowed to customize it and without spoiling it you guys are gonna love the finished leg. #GYSOT

  24. Great shots! Been watching the show from S1 E1! Going to be interesting to see what all happenes with AK leaving. Great show and great builds!

  25. Hands down best show on tv and it is awesome to see the gas monkey brand in many types of motorsports. They have the best paint schemes on the track. Woooooo!!!!

  26. Gas Monkey is one of my favorite shows. You guys do great builds! Get you some of that! Hey Richard, I just thought of a great beer assistant, Kayleigh! Ha ha, nah, she’d be better at modeling the merch. Anyway, keep building those nice cars.

  27. I’m in Dallas quite often, but haven’t gotten to stop by! My big sister is waiting on a heart transplant and we don’t get out much when we are there, so hopefully next time we are there we will be getting a new heart and maybe get a few minutes to check the place out!! ❤❤❤

  28. Damn! Missed the cutoff to win free swag. In Dallas next Thursday and definitely hitting the Bar and Grill for some grub and cold beers. Heard about a mean Diablo burger, but hope the brisket grilled cheese is still on the menu. It’s the bomb!!! Hoping my favorite beer assistant Christy is still there too.

  29. Me, my little boy and especially my hubby are all fans of the show ? (all the way in the UK) loving the ladies pink t-shirt btw ?

  30. Freaking awesome show! The only thing that makes my Mondays worth it! Of course my Tuesdays too since I watch you guys until 4am ?
    Great show, great attitudes, great cars GYSOT!


  31. I just know that after seeing that awesome photoshoot that my Hubby’s going ask….”Does the pink tee come with Miss Kayleigh included?”
    My answer…. “Keep dreaming big fella!!”
    We love you guys down here in Australia we just know that you really want to share the love DownUnder…….teehee

  32. I’ve always been a fan! Been watching for years! You guys inspired me to do my own builds! Love everything gas monkey! Gysot!
    Wish i could win some swag gear! Greetings from South Africa!

  33. Just want to say first I really hope to win, second Richard it was nice to meet you recently in Scottsdale, AZ. It is good to see that tv has not kept you from taking a minute to take a picture and talk to some die hard fans.

  34. Love Texas , but have only visited once and didn’t have time to call in at the shop. Really like watching the Gas Monkey family adventures. #GYSOT

  35. I live all the way in South Africa and we get Fast ‘n Loud every week. I can’t wait for the each new instalment which airs on a Friday evening here. Richard, Aaron and the GMG team really give me the inspiration to tackle my own projects.

  36. A garage full of monkeys, is better than a barrel full any day. Thanks for so many hours of entertainment guys, can’t wait to see what’s next.

  37. Love the show and the gear, the girl is pretty as well. You guy’s are great love watching sure going to miss Aron. Keep up the great work

  38. Anyone with the name Richard is awesome.I am not into cars,I’m just lucky I can pump my own gas.However i respect and appreciate businessmen and creative people like Richard,the bearded wonder and the rest of the crew.Its amazing to me when they build a car from scratch or throw lipstick on a pig and actually make the car a masterpiece.I respect the craftmenship of such talented men and women who take pride in their craft,Richard,your lucky to have the crew u have.I am a union steamfitter/welder from local 420 Pa,I know what hard work and fasttrack,short deadline jobs are all about.Keep grinding guys and gals,and Richard keep being cool,you have turned urself into a brand,that’s something that’s hard to do.#GYSOT#local420##MilllerLite

  39. Leaving my comment on here. Yeah, I really don’t need anything more but … I can always add to my already huge collection. 😉 😉

  40. I was born and raised in DFW. Every time I watch Fast and Loud. It always reminds me of home. I live in Florida now. I love that y’all have your own tv show. I try to watch everytime it’s on. Y’all are amazing at what you do and you put together some of the coolest cars!

  41. I’m your biggest British fan f######ccckking love your show and the eye candy u got advertising your mech . I certainly wouldn’t kick her out of bed .
    Mind you she probably would me for constantly wanting to TAP THAT A$$!!!
    Can’t beat The smell of Petrol , burning rubber and and a boozer up women lol

  42. I love gas monkey! Not sure exactly how true it is but I heard my dads old barracuda was bought by you guys in florida from a family friend.

  43. Love watching gas monkey garage. One of the best shows on TV. Seeing what you guys do with those cars is amazing. Also, Some hot photos if I may say so. Go gas monkey

  44. Richard, love your show. Can’t wait for Mondays to roll around to watch the next episode’s. Just wanted to thank you for inviting my wife and i to the filming episode of the new hotwheels build. I was on cloud 9, you guys made us fill like part of the team. Thanks again Mike

  45. My hubby kev got me into the programme it’s the best on the telly this is all the way from Ipwich in Suffolk England. Gust.Wow.

  46. Was in the US November caught up with Richard and Dennis at Barret Jackson in Vegas, and was lucky enough to have a chat, toured our way across to Texas Gasmonkey Bar and Grill my GF got through every cocktail on the list in (true Aussie style…She got munted) while I kicked back with the band, stocked up on Merch and hit GMG the next day….LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING!!!….. both establishments have nothing short of fantastic and genuinely interested staff… there’s no frog shit or fake people here…. “I’m going back, to get me some of dat”……

  47. Awsome photo shoot and a great prize, gotta get me some of that! All is weel in the UK Discovery sorted and the new Gas monkey is on our tv, awesome guys keep it up and keep it coming.

  48. Kelvin from New Zealand here excellent photoshoot and excellent show. I a big fan and hope to at least get some gas monkey merchandise in the future.

  49. Richard – you hired her, right??? For once you picked up something that doesn’t need any work!

    Very sorry to see Aaron go and I wish him all the best. I’ve been a fan of the show and the Monkey’s from day one. Wooo!!!

  50. Only been watching since Jan 2017, how did I miss this? I have been in hyper driver ever since (watched 11 episodes in 1 day). Will be in Dallas in June to see you guy’s and go to the rattlesnake 400 at TMS. Love me some of that GMG, keep doing what you do

  51. Would love to have them buy my 1974 Chev k5 Blazer. Excellent condition. Full removable roof. About 70K miles. All original. Chevy reddish orange with black removable roof.

  52. From the very get go I was hooked on watching! I enjoy the stories behind the cars and the transformation is amazing! I would like to be part of a build, that would be on my bucket list if I ever had one! I’m 55 y/o and have worked for the Boeing Company close to thirty years. I have my wife tape the shows for me so when I get home, I can watch the newest episode, she is getting hooked too! lol . Keep up the great work and don’t stop joking around! Thanks for the entertainment! Ed..

  53. The best part of the show is when a failure is aired as well as the fix and results. Working on cars requires (as any job) tricks of the trade; those little experiences that forever teach. Kauffman did more of that in the beginning and it is missed.
    Due to being out of the loop I haven’t had the chance to get current on the show but I here rumors that AK is on hope not. He should open his own tech schools while the whole country knows his name!
    I’m starting to have dreams that I become a monkey here in my own town.
    Love cars! Love sexy horsepower! Love to watch GMG get bigger and bigger.
    Ps bummer to watch a cars potential fall as time elapses. Can’t rush art.

  54. Love love love this show , just wish id the money to fly my partners 81 Thunderbird over for some much needed overhauling …….. , but ill settle for the merchandise xxx …….

  55. I love cars and watching GM ! I want to win this so bad but the shooting could be difficult. I’m from Poland but love your show . Keep it up guys !

  56. “A comment”

    I hate your show. But my soon to be husband loves it. Give me the prize so I can surprise him with some goodies. Ps we’re in the U.K.!

  57. There was a garage on gas full of monkeys. They turn wrenches, Fab fenders, restore clunkies. First Richard, He’s the Boss! And ALWAYS Christie, She’s a HAAS! They turn diamonds from the rough n start with Junkies!
    -Keep doing you! Y’all Rock! Lifetime fan!

  58. Fast and Loud is addictive! Love Richard and Aarons personalities and a true fan of the GMG. A friend of mine is one of the race car drivers of one of the GMG sponsored cars and it got me to watching the show. Now it is time to go by the bar and Drink some Beer, as Richard would say! Time to tune in another episode of Fast and Loud.

  59. Aaron is the sh!t! Watch the monkeys every Monday night. You guys know how to build them right. Favorite build was the ride you did for the interior lady (ass monkey lady) can’t wait to see what you guys do next.
    BEER ME !!

  60. Love Gas Monkey and Fast n Loud. Takes me back to my teen years going to car and truck shows, drag racing, working on cars and so much more.

  61. love your show, planning to visit relatives in Texas and will definitely visit gas monkey garage and hopefully meet everyone. father in law has a 56 olds holiday for sale but do not have any pic. let me know if interested and I will try to get pics and send you more info.

  62. She looks to be a hottie, but who drew eyebrows on her with a fat tip Sharpie? I mean the look like some of Richerds burnout marks, other than that shes hot. I like the hats and shirts and will be ordering some soon. By the way I sent a E-mail about my car collection 4 sale but havent heard back from u guys, I know your covered up with work so here there are again. 66 Corvair from the 70s Pro Street–69 Chevelle SS 396/375 4-speed bench seat Green/Green and a 72 Camaro Bad Ass track Day car, tell what ya think Richard. Thanks Gary (Headly)

  63. Um why is there a dude in this shoot and where the hell is the bikini? Nah good looking girl she’s just missing a beer!!!!!!!

    Gag love it

  64. Вы лучшие. Продолжайте в том же духе. Ваши передачи вдохновляют меня для смены образа моего авто.

  65. Richard haver cuando fichas a unas cuantas” monas” para darle color al garaje, ah….. y que sean tan guapas como esta, en breve visitare dallas y los vere, o por lo menos lo intentare, un saludo desde España, no cambieis.

  66. Can my wife and I pick my prize pack up that I’m going to win on Mar 3 with my first visit ever to Dallas??? Richard saves on shipping and you know he’s gotta love that. GYSOT!!!!

  67. One word- STUNNING! Very beautiful lady. I would love for her to pose on my Orange County Chopper (Greenie) and have that picture on my Man Cave!!! Yes, I know GMG came in second place at the last build off and it was still a win in my book!! If this lady roams around the shop along with Ms. Brimberry the guys would not get things done. I still say if I ever win the lottery GMG is going to build me a 32 V-8 Flat Head Ford or Chevy roadster. If we have an opening here at Twin Peaks’ the job is hers by God…..

  68. My husband loves Gas Monkey Garage. We really enjoyed meeting Richard at Lucky Eagle casino in Washington State this summer. Hope to someday make it down to Dallas to see the shop and eat at the Bar and Grill. I am buying some t-shirts for my husband for our anniversary.

  69. Gas Monkey 🐵 Garage is my religion.✝️
    I watch you guys religiously on Foxtel here is Australia,🇦🇺 love your show, love your builds and restorations. 100%
    Keep em’ coming. 🏎💨
    Gas Monkey Rocks 🤘🏽
    Beer assistant 🍺

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