Exclusive Dickies x Gas Monkey Garage Merch Debuts

In September, Richard and Gas Monkey Garage partnered with Dickies to become an ambassador for the brand and official apparel of GMG, respectively. Richard and Dickies are now thrilled to announce the debut of the co-branded Dickies x Gas Monkey Garage clothing available exclusively at the new GMG merch store. “A Fort Worth boy and a Fort Worth company coming together is exciting,” said Richard of the new line. The current selection includes t-shirts, work shirts and jackets incorporating the GMG name and imagery on the high quality Dickies’ products people have come to know and trust. “We plan to continue to grow our partnership with Dickies in the coming months with even more rad designs,” said Richard.


  1. Hola, buenas noches. Quería saber a partir de cuándo podría comprar la ropa de GMG hecha por Dickies desde Argentina. Un saludo.

  2. Hi, i am from germany.. see your tv show.. very cool..want to be customer…send me please price, if you send to germany..

    have a nice day……

  3. Hey Richard, maybe you could help me out. Im trying to buy the jacket you have pictured in the announcement about Gas Monkey and Dickies joining forces. I tried to insert the picture, but its the winged wheel jacket and it says Gas Monkey Garage on the back. I contacted your merch department and they said I had to contact Dickies because the jacket is a Dickies product. So I did. Dickies said they only sell plain jackets and if i wanted a Gas Monkey product to contact Gas Monkey. So as you can see I’m getting sent back and forth on a jacket I’m trying to purchase from your shop. I’m just trying to be as cool as you Richard here in California and representing Gas Monkey Garage while driving my 2016 Challenger SRT. Any way you could help me out. I have pay pal or credit card cash or check too. If you could help me out I would like to purchase a XXL. Thanks Richard.

  4. Gostaria adquirir uma camiseta e um casaco. Como Fasso pra comprar. Não perco um programa seu parabéns Richard super 10!!!

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