Fan Profile – Gas Monkey Fan Visits From the Canary Islands of Spain – 4,733 Miles from Dallas, TX

Super Gas Monkey Fan - Marco Meienberg

Marco Meienberg calls it good luck that he stumbled upon Fast N’ Loud, one day, on TV back in his home in San Fernando de Maspalomas, on the Canary Islands of Spain.

San Fernando de Maspalomas, Spain
San Fernando de Maspalomas, Spain

Fast N’ Loud is a show that he and his circle of friends (over 100) bond over as well as English and German tourists he meets throughout Europe. “Being a super fan, Fast N’ Loud comes up a lot in conversation” he says with a smile.


Flag of the Canary Islands
Flag of the Canary Islands

Marco loves American Muscle, specifically Mustangs, and he was happy that the ‘Mustang Invasion’ car show took place at Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill during his time here.  His favorite builds were the Ferrari F40 and Firebirds 1 +2, but he wants Richard, Aaron and the Monkeys to do a really kick ass Mustang build of course.

We, as always, really appreciate Marco taking his valuable time and traveling thousands of miles to Dallas, TX just to see Gas Monkey Garage. And we love the fact that Fast N’ Loud brings so many people together.


Names: Marco Meienberg

Hometown: San Fernando de Maspalomas, Canary Islands Spain

Favorite Monkeys: Richard Rawlings + Aaron Kaufman

Favorite Builds: Ferrari F40, Aaron’s Ford Falcon and Firebirds 1+2


  1. Love Gas Monkey! Any interest in an all original 1986 Chrysler Fifth Ave. Red Velvet interior 37000 one owner miles. V 8.P effect condition. It was my mom’s.

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