Fan Profile – Gas Monkey Fans from Dewy Rose, GA – 898 Miles to Dallas, TX

Frank, Marka, Angela and Joe

A few weeks back we heard a loud scream at the front of the Gas Monkey Energy offices and a few of us ran up to see what was happening.  When we got up to the front we saw one of our fans hugging the Shorty Short VW Bus.  Apparently, it was Angela Moore’s favorite Gas Monkey Garage build and for her to see it up close was a huge thrill to say the least.

Angela’s husband, Joe, had an idea to make the approximate 900-mile journey to Gas Monkey Garage with their friends Frank and Marka Day.  In addition to being huge Gas Monkey Garage fans, they’re also massive fans of the hard rock band, Jackyl who played Gas Monkey Live the day they visited the Garage.

A big THANK YOU to the Moore’s and Day’s for driving all the way from Georgia to come visit the Garage, eat at Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill, rock out a Gas Monkey Live and of course hug our Shorty Short VW Bus.  We love the group’s dedication and enthusiasm!!!


Names: Joe Moore, Angela Moore, Frank Day and Marka Day

Hometown: Dewy Rose, Georgia

Favorite Monkeys: Richard Rawlings (Angela, Frank and Marka) + Aaron Kaufman (Joe)

Favorite Build: Gas Monkey Garage Rat Rod


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