Fan Profile – Gas Monkey Fans from Tel Aviv – 6,951 Miles from Dallas, TX

Gas Monkey Garage fans - Yoav Kahati and Yifat Machluv

Yoav Kahati and Yifat Machluv are massive fans of Gas Monkey Garage and Fast N’ Loud.  They’ve never missed an episode on Friday nights on Discovery Channel Israel. Dallas became a must-stop during their cross-country trip from New York to Los Angeles.

They love both Richard and Aaron and Yoav wanted us to know that “kauf” means monkey in Hebrew so according to him, Kaufman literally means “monkey man” – very cool. They think the current Monkeys do amazing work, but they admitted that they miss Scot McMillan and KC Mathieu at times.  avorite builds, for them, include the Frankenstein Ford F100 from Season1 and the Big, Bad C10 from Season 5.

It was very nice having them at at the shop and we thank them for their dedication to Gas Monkey Garage and Fast N’ Loud.


Names: Yoav Kahati + Yifat Wachluv

Hometown: Tel Aviv

Favorite Monkeys: Richard Rawlings + Aaron Kaufman

Favorite Builds: All the pick-up truck builds especially Frankenstein Ford F100 and the Big, Bad C10



  1. A small correction out of Belgium:-) We do know our languages 🙂
    Kauf: German for buy, purchase.
    Kaufmann (yes, double n):merchandiser, merchant, seller, marketer, trader, retailer.
    The Hebrew fans just got you by the b..lls, funny pranksters as they are.

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