Fan Profile: The Art of Dustine West

1976 Chevy Silverado C10 by Dustine West

From time to time, Gas Monkey Garage receives homemade pieces of memorabilia from fans that are expressions of appreciation for Richard, the Monkeys and Fast N’ Loud. These pieces come in the form of picture frames, wood plaques, paintings, drawings etc.

Dustine West - 2016
RRR – Dustine West – 2016
Richard with his Dustin West drawing
Richard with his Dustine West drawing

In October of 2016, we received a series of detailed ink drawings from a fan from Maidstone Kent, England named Dustine West. Dustine’s drawings are created with a Dotism approach blending finely bunched ink dots with subtle shading and lines.  If you turn each drawing over, you truly see the level of detail Dustine needed to complete such works.

Dustin West - 2016
Christie – Dustine West – 2016

Richard and the team here at Gas Monkey truly appreciates Dustine’s efforts and we hope he has the time to send more.

AK - Dustin West - 2016
AK – Dustine West – 2016



  1. Hello Richard,
    Would you be interested in a very good to fine, original owner, 1977 Chevy Bonaza 1/2 ton pickup?… runs and drives great! Please call 512-586-7638
    (We sure love your program! Watch it every week! ) Billy Wright

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