Fast N Loud Meets Smokey and the Bandit!

FOR TV - Burt Reynolds on the Discovery series "Fast N' Loud.

Just a little teaser for Monday’s new episode! GMG Smokey and the Bandit style!!


  1. Great car an a sexy driver 🙂 Waiting for the new episodes in Germany. Have a nice day and Happy Thanksgiving to all monkeys 🙂 Bye

  2. This should be an interesting one, RR what would you different to the car, and when are you gonna have an episode that your with someone in the military.

  3. Looking forward to seeing the Trans Am and you all with Burt Reynolds. That car would be in my top 5…..If I had all the money in the world……

  4. Damn I knew I wasn’t the only redneck left that loves all there is about that iconic movie&car, seriously I can’t even begin to count the times I seen it starting with the first time in the theatre with my pops, then where? Straight to the dealer and bought the only 6.6 ta with a stick they had… My mom coulda killed us both,freakin yeeehaaaw!!!
    Love the show and all u clowns in it.
    Do Hal proud!!!! I’m sure u will, DAMN!!!! I’m soooo excited
    Gotta go tell dad and the boy
    Keep the wheels a spin in and the beavers grinnin!!!

    That’s a big ten four! Cheers JR.

  5. You guys are a great show more realistic than other shows out there. I hope to one day shake your hand wither in Texas or here in Bakersfield. Have a good day guys catch on the flip side. An if u come out here i have a free mustang for ya

  6. Love the show .. haven’t missed a episode yet. We live 260 miles away and yet we’ve visited your shop and Bar & Grill more than a handful.
    Keep rockin and haulin Azz!!

  7. I have a badant trans am in my collection of 10 rides its neading fixed up so its cool I get too see one done buy gas monkey garage plus burt whooo hoooo im stuck in a wheel chair so it takes a long time to get any thing done on my rides love your show yall kick ass Doc

  8. Smokey and the Bandit! One of the best movies ever! Burt taught the Duke Boys how to drive! That Trans Am is awesome! Burt is one of my favorite actors. White Lightning, Gator,The Longest Yard, Hooper, Stroker Ace, The Cannonball Run, etc., etc., etc.

  9. Love the show and the history of the cars. People don’t realize what part the cars of the past play in there lifes of today.
    The ability to take critism and comment and develope a idea that works, brings me back to my old days of building something that individualizes an idea.
    Keep Expanding the Monkey Buisness.

  10. I LOVE this! I bought new, my 1977 Limited Edition Trans Am Firebird when I was 26. I am now 63 and I still have her! She needs to be restored. An old friend of mine had her for awhile and he messed up the interior terribly. She needs a restoration badly. Do you guys do restorations for people who don’t want to sell you their car? Any information where I might locate someone who will do it for me? I can’t wait to see the show and find out how much you put into this one 😀

  11. Can’t wait for the BANDIT T/A, why…cause I own one. Matter of fact, bought it brand new in June 1977. Had it ever since. Still 100% original with over 225,000 miles.

    And no, it’s not for sale!

  12. I have waited years to see my dream car on TV. I have been restoring my77 for 10 years.I love your show.this is history in the making ! Epic!””

  13. Richard, you are one lucky man getting to meet the Bandit. He is the next one on the list of superstars that I would like to meet. Besides a Challenger w/ a 426 Hemi, a ’77 Bandit Trans Am with a 6.6l in it and a manual is my dream car.

  14. Can’t wait for the episode tonight! Anybody that gets the chance to drive a and it car, is a lucky individual. Glad to see somebody bring some modern day respect to Smokey And The Bandit! This has been my dream car since being a little kid and seeing it for the first time. Thanks guys for bringing the memories and the car back!

  15. So when is a movie coming out? Tell em they need to make a movie. I’ll be keeping my prescription windshield clean for the drive-in version of the movie. 🙂

  16. I would love to try to win the Firebird fell on real hard times about a year and a half ago has a cel mai other car ss Impala I don’t have a car now still out of work great be great to have a chance to win a car love the show

  17. Awesome show guys. I’m not far from y’all and plan on coming out to Dallas to get a bite soon. I need this bandit car for my daddy. We have got to pick up 400 cases of coors soon and need a speedy car. We don’t drink the coors but have a few friends that do. Where do I sign up??? Keep on keepin on

  18. The best movie ever made, can’t wait to see part two. Me and my family lo e to watch halls show,its great, keep up the good work. Its miller time!

  19. We watch the show all the time. My husband absolutely loves the Smoky and the Bandit Trans Am. Our three year old daughter said that Daddy needs a toy for Father’s Day so we bought him a model car Trans Am. It took him almost three months to complete it. He is very picky about his details on things like this. I told him that if I ever win the lotto, I will buy him a real one before I even tell him I have won.

    Awesome. Love the show.

  20. Hey Monkeys… I wanted to say this is the coolest car show on TV. With all the crazy cars and the funny things y’all do just make the show. Keep up the good work…y’all gonna build my dream car one day which is a 1969 Ford 429 Boss in blue… Happy Holidays from Georgia

  21. Love the show all the way from the motor city. Loved the copo camaro. why does Sue always give you a hard time? is she really that much of a dragon lady?

  22. I love cars and every Monday I can’t wait to watch richard aaron and KC to see what the monkeys are up to’s an idea for you richard id like to see a Camaro IROC be built on gas monkey garage!!!

  23. Trying to get signed up to win the Trans Am. I had bought one off a guy and then sent it to get redone, I bought all the stuff. 5 years later I still had nothing back. He wouldn’t even show me the car he always said its a surprise. I believe he messed it up and sold it. I made him psy me $5000 for what I had in it. So yes I love my bandit trans ams!!

  24. I was trying to find where to register for the t.a. but couldnt figure it out. I’d love to win ant GM product hot rod, especially that you all have built. Hell I’d drive all the way from Tennessee and bring the beer, might even knock over a beer truck and bring the whole truck depending on what car it is lol


  26. I really enjoy the shop, I watch the reruns every chance I get. I can’t to see what there going to get there selfs into. I Real can’t wait to see what they are going to build,

  27. This show is amazing and doing the bandit car brings back so many childhood memories.
    I have one sitting in my garage and never drive it. 15k org miles.

  28. I dont miss an episode . Thanks for making tv worth watching. I am a 49 year old gear head who would like to change the gear head to gas monkey becuase most of the CRAP i build is because im just monkeying around.

  29. Richard-
    Just wanted to let you know ,that if you ever need a really great mechanic, my ol’ man is one hell of a mechanic like Aaron! They could make you a lot of money!!! Also wanted to let you know we love your show, and good luck in all you do!!!

  30. I see your giving away a Ta. I missed the part on how to enter. This is a car that I have always wanted. But cant afford the price of buying a restored car. How do I get entered?

  31. It would be a dream to meet you guys from gas monkey so if your ever up in northern Minnesota near bemidji men.that would be kool

  32. Hi Gasmonkeys, I have a 79 t/a 6.6lt 403,I wish I have the money to get really fix my car, is ok r now, 89.000 miles , I’m working on it. Great show.

  33. I love the show. trying to find the site for the trans am give away, i didn’t get the site correct, moving from daytona beach to waxahachie next week, can’t wait to get on the bike and ride up to check gas monkey out. see ya soon

  34. Think the show is great watch all the time. The T/A build was the best. For Tom to mention Eastwood Lake was even better. Its right up the road from the house. RR keep up the cool builds

  35. Love that car, love that movie, got an rc trans am for xmas of 79, still have it and my nickname is bandit, have it tattooed on me……obsess much? Lol

  36. The coolest ride on the plant 77 black Trans Am. I cleaned and wax cars during my youth and several TA but never a black TA . We can only dream . All hands high for you Richard

  37. I love that bandit car one of the movies biggest fan. So much I own 2 kenworth and once had a transam you guy down there are great. Love watching your show. Hope one day to have a load to dallas maybe be able to see your shop (never get that lucky) anyhow love the show keep doing what you do best .thanks from my gang at orange blossom expres

  38. What transmition did they wind up putting in the bandit, either wasn’t said or didn’t catch it? Thanks! Love the show btw!!!

  39. Just seen the bandit episode badass man I wish I could meet all youins in person lol one day maybe…I’m a huge fan Richard

  40. I also grew up with Burt being the bad ass country boy driver, smokey and the bandit, white lightning. he was who you wanted to be! you are one lucky monkey to do this and meet him. love the show, keep it real. love the cars!

  41. I would love that car,Hudge fan of The Bandit and someone I work with just hit and totaled my truck and the police filled out the report wrong, had the damage even on the wrong side and they wouldn’t change the report so I can’t even get it repaired.

  42. Wow,guys what a blast ! I teach Auto Body and your show is always in our discussions . I thank you all for getting students excited about cars and building them. Cannot wait to see the Bandit run!

  43. I find cars all the time .you go to Albany ky ask for gene Ferril he’s a jellar and ask if he know we’re a lot of old cars are down in tenn there a junk yard down there that has a lot of old 20s and 30s car s and trucks to

  44. We owned the same car, bought a lot of parts from Year One also. Snowflake rims and all. My husband loves your show and looks forward to the second part of this episode. Keep up the good work guys. Look forward to a remake of Dukes of Hazard maybe???

  45. You build some bad ass cars and the hustle I love been waiting to do this for years just can’t get the money up to do it and this town sucks to flip cars I love it keep doing what your doing im hopeto move back to my home town Austin and start something.

  46. RR, I haven’t been more hooked on a show. Im 14 years into the Army and my wife as well. I have been a car nut since a young boy. Too many to list, buut 70′ GSX w/ 550HP 455 ci, and a 1969 Stingray. I could give a rats ass less about working for you but my buddy Wayne and I would like to do some shot and party with you guys. We had a shop of our own for a few years. Im finishing my Bacholers of Business this year, almost done. Who knows…maybe you’d want a hell of a drinkin, knuckle bustin, business savy guy to join the crew sometime next year. Keep me in mind…


  47. From one gear head to the next…..Gas Monkey rocks….you guys really do some amazing stuff…but this 77 bad ass trans am….takes the cake….if you need a truck driver to haul beer….I’m your guy…. If you ever decide to build Cletus’ trans am….I have a 84 smokey and the Bandit car for ya….love the show….keep up the breat work… If I ever get to meet you Richard…..the beers are on me….

  48. Hey I was wondering about the Trans Am give away or did I hear wrong? Also how completely in the dark can someone be to not knoww who Smokey and the Bandit is? He was only 2 years younger then me.

  49. The smokey and bandit movies were out of the world,loved all of them. I could not get the bandit Trans Am, but I did get a gold limited big block 400 and I am still alive, what a rush to feel your body being pressed back into the seat as the speed increased. I should not say this but the Trans Am can almost make me cream my jeans, and that is not easy at 62. I state it as Trans Am and not T.A.because that car deserves all of the respect. Driving that car was AWSOM…..

  50. TransAms are my heart n soul. My ’79 red w/white interior was my first car. Got my hands on a 400 4spd, 10th anniversary which I tell my kids must stay in the family forever. My heart skips a beat when I see any TA out there. Even dreamed of the Goodyear Burt Reynolds Edition from a few years ago. Thanks to you guys for a great episode.


  52. Hell Yeah, Gas Monkey is the number one show on tv. I wear my shirt everywhere and more and more people are becoming aware of who you all are. I have even had people ask me if I work there , I wear the shirt so much. Keep up the good work guys, it is paying off !!!

  53. Aw man great episode! ( Insert applause). I had to stop working on the building of my shop to come in and watch it. My grandmother was the first in our family to buy a VCR and I remember wearing out a Smokey and the Bandit tape in it. I had to watch it every time I went to her house. I even nicknamed my Aunt “Burt”. Why I don’t know, but it stuck till this day. Might have been the mustache.
    Been trying to come up with a name for my new shop I’m building behind the house. What do you think about “A Garage named Sue” ? Keep up the good work guys. Ya’ll even have my wife hooked on the show. Had to buy her 3 damn Gas Monkey shirts cause that’s what’s she wanted for Christmas..

    • That’s awesome! Give my love to Aunt “Burt”, your wife, and all the other GMG fans up in your neck of the woods. Sounds awesome, Shane.

  54. Luv your show. I’ve got friends and relatives in numerous states watching now and agreeing w/ me that F&L is the best thing on TV. Greetings from a monkey in North Dakota. Would luv to drive the bandit t/a here (North Bound and Up) but would want to ride w/ RR and Aaron and do some burnouts before leaving TX 🙂 Keep up the good work guys!!!

  55. was really hoping you guys would have drop a ls7 in her. The guys at year one have some wicked chickens. Even one endorsed by Burt.

  56. hay what is the code i watched the show 2X still couldn’t see it
    if your ever in NH let me know have over 100 acres of cars from the 30’s to late 70’s
    email me if your ever down this way.

  57. Love your show!! Specially that Black conv.mustang!! Too bad it got wrecked ..;( but regardless you guys do a very good job on all your cars..! Make that Money! Peace..!;)

  58. Just finished watching part one…. awesome btw, can’t wait for part 2, also…. I so need to see that watch Jay gave you!! Holy Schnikey its gorgeous! My boyfriend can’t stand up after looking at that watch…. LOL its amazing

  59. Richard…..a true Bandit car is an SE.
    My ONE wish is that you would put a
    Pontiac motor in it….Love what guys
    Are doing….I own 3 LOW mileage Pontiac’s.
    One I just got that is like a time piece, a 76
    LeMans Sport Coupe, with 41,759 miles
    and one 74 Ford Torino Sport Tomato red.
    Needs a stripe and slots ! 70K orig miles.
    Check out Poncho Post on fb, it is my page

  60. Just watched the first episode of the bandit build,it was great.Can’t wait to see the second episode.Myfamily and I love the show,we watch it every week.

  61. I love cars and trucks.I built my first car out of junk yard dad had a 68 ltd ford with a428 cobra jet,dual 4 barrel came from factory that don’t see those cars anymore.gasmonkey rocks best show ever.

  62. With so many many shows trying to be something they’re not, I really want to say thank you for doing something genuine, heartfelt and down right bitchin. I love the show, I love your crew, I love your business and the incredible cars that you pump out of it. Thanks for making me a Gas Monkey for life! GYSOT

  63. I love the show RR. I am a master at finding and selling cars in person and the internet ! Would love to help find you bad ass cars!! And a ton of old school cars for cheep in wv .. And they Are 2 doors!! Come to wv and we can blow shit up and shoot guns!! I can be your remote internet web crawler!! And what was the code for tonight ep to enter to win the bandet car?

  64. I watched your show yesterday evening and as always enjoyed every minute of it. Not sure how I missed it… But what was the code for the “give away” ?

    Shelburne Vt

  65. Awesome show last night…anyone who does not like the Bandit or Burt Reynolds movies is a commie..Burt Reynolds & the Bandit movies are like apple pie, baseball, and the American flag!
    That is one badass ride too!!

    Keep kicking butt RR & the monkeys!

  66. Hey Richard, I’m loving the Bandit build! I have a 1978 Trans Am, black & gold, just like your 1977. I’m planning on a restomod build for it with a LS2 engine, big wheels, & big brakes. I was just wondering what suspension you guys used for your build. I see it was a Ridetech, but they have a few different kits. Also, could I borrow Aaron for a weekend or two when I get all the parts ready? LOL!

  67. Hey great show, I loved that movie as many other did. Can not wait to see part 2. I think I am going to have to order myself a Gas Monkey shirt. You need to do something with the “Monkey Dance” Would love to come see the new bar, unfortunatelly I’m way up in New York.

  68. luv the show never missed an episode , missed the email address for the sign up to win the t/a could you send it to me please also here in ohio we call the miller lite pints you drink mortor rounds

  69. This Smokey and the Bandit episode is one of the best in the Fast N’Loud library. I mean it has Burt Reynolds for Pete sakes.

  70. Richard, too bad Jerry is not around to mentor Aaron, but, I am glad that Burt agreed to be a part of it. Iconic is not even close to describing this event. My family (except the wife) loves the show. The wife just sees it as me gonna spend more money, because you all give me great ideas!!

  71. My ex brother in law still owns a Black Trans Am from this time. I think it has a few hundred original miles on it. Sitting in his Mom’s garage since he bought it brand new. Who does that? Offered Richard and the monkey’s my sisters 66 GTO but not enough meat on the bone for them. Too bad. Great car.

  72. Richard. Me and my 7 yr old stepson love the show havent missed one yet.He calls our garage Gas Monkey garage.We. hope u visit Tampa some time like to meet you and Aron you guys are the bomb .

  73. Hey RR, I love your show! Would love to see what you can do with a 69 charger!had one when I was 16 and have been wanting one since. It a hard car to find in the right condition. Pls don’t build another General Lee! Make it hot like a long legged women! Those cars have the right curves!

  74. Every badass car needs a badass watch to know what time it is!! And it was the same price as the car! Sick!!!! I love wrist bling, what was the brand?

  75. all the cars are restorable this is not a junk yard they are mostly old mopar i did see a 32 ford some VW’s 65-66 barracudas about 5 or 6 off the top of my head 3 or 4 gold dusters chargers roadrunners daytona super B and so on it’s my friend that owns them all there have no rot some rust some dents but all can be restored i can see if i can get some pics i had some but hard disk crashed. he has all titles for every car this place would blow your mind. He wont part them out because of the condition. he’s had an offere from a place in AZ wanted a 66 barracuda fastback back window he turned them down he said they would have to buy the hole car. let me see if i can get some pics for you

  76. Why don’t you beef up the Gremlin, street slicks, supper charger, yellow with black racing strips, etc… and give it away? My Wife had one when I married her 28+ years ago. You could see the road through the drivers floor board. It was a tough little car.

  77. r’r and crew ,my brother and I had a 79 camero rs.
    he bought a good car, bad motor/unable to help at the time. not in town.
    lost the car. want to enter the raffle for 79 ta might make up for it..
    dig the show. bandit fan so much so we named our dog bandit.
    wouldn’t mind the weather in texas. questionable death penalty.
    t. tittle

  78. Hey this is Terry here down in saint petersburg florida. I love your show fast and loud or also known as gas monkey garage. especially the new episode were you get to meet burt reynolds also
    known as the bandit. I have always liked watching fast and loud. I also liked the episode
    were you got to build a central office production order camaro drag racer. Pretty cool stuff
    keep up the good work i hope to watch even more awsome episodes in the future.

  79. My husband and son love the show…. Hell I do too… And I don’t even like car shows!! So that should tell you something!! Really enjoyed the Smokey and the Bandit episode… east bound and down !! Lol!! Can’t wait till next week!!

  80. Richard im goin be in the dallas area in about a week any chance i can come do a burn out in your parkin lot?or have you do a burn out in my car in your lot?kinda like a must have thing im mind set

  81. Nice to see a Pontiac build that is Pontiac powered.
    Damned if I can find where I can enter the give away… saw it on the show but didn’t write it down…
    Would love to see a 60-66 GM truck build.

  82. I have a 1979 T/A all stock,6.6 auto ,its a dog !! Sure could use some help to make it run.Where can I get a list of the mechanical upgrades done on your T/A Love the cars your guys do !

  83. you guys rock. the trans am is my most favorite car. I had two when I was younger, what great memories. keep doin what your doin brother. you guys are blowin up.

  84. Loved the Bandit show. I found info it has a 403 Olds and you put in a 700R4. What did you do to the suspension to lower it? It looked like a RideTech 4 link in the rear. Did you use factory A arm or did you use tubular A-Arm with drop spindles?
    PS my 11 year old son won’t miss the show and even dreseed up a RR for Holloween with is GMG T-shirt!

  85. Just recently relocated to the Dallas area (Frisco) and am looking forward to heading on down to the Gas Monkey Bar and killing some Miller Lites and a few Jameson shots (for good measure). Love the show and am looking forward to more of the “Bandit” episodes!

    Keep fighting the Good Fight! Godspeed!


  86. I am 53 and still have my first car; a 67 mustang fastback. Got it in 1976, and it and I have been through everything together. It is so enjoyable to watch shows where people truly love cars the way I do; thanks for keeping the dreams alive.

  87. RR i love your show! i have seen smokey and the bandit 2000 times or more!
    got to meet Mr.Reynolds last year he is awesome! Please make sure the carpet is vacumed
    and there is a cold cooler of miller light when i come to pick up the car!
    does your bar and grill serve diablo sandwiches and dr pepper!

  88. I’m a very lucky lady. I own a T/A. My father bought this car when it was brand spankin new and had his fair share of speeding tickets. Lol. Now its my turn. I’m in love with this car. It is a 1999 white T/A with a Ram air hood and I think it is one of the sexyest cars put out there…I’m enjoying your show so much and I’m learning a lot from you all. You see I’m a female who loves cars. Works on cars. I’ve owned my own auto shop and now I still work in parts. Love your show !!!

  89. RICHARD love your show it is great i have seen Smokey and the bandit 2000 plus times!
    i hope i win the t/a shes awesome! How about a bluesmobile next!

  90. Love the show, i watch it like religion. I saw the first half of the Smokey and The Bandit episode, and i find it amazing that the dude u bought the Bandit T.A. from only paid 5k for the way it sat. Huge fan of everyone at gas monkey, and i can’t wait for the Jesse James episode coming up soon if i am right. Tell Aaron that he is a Bad-ass!

  91. I grew up down the street from Buddy. Aka BR the Bandit. Took my wife and 3yr old son down to meet him last year and now their his biggest fans. Now I’m sitting on (2) 77 TA SE Y82s hoping to run in the Bandit run next year if i can finish getting them back together. I also wanted to say I never seen your show until now. So I ended up doing a 2 am marathon and watched a bunch. Love the show you guys got. Looking forward to more.

  92. Richard u guys rock! Rumor has it u were headed to French lake pick up a Shelby? I closed my shop got some beer and made the 30mile treck . o well better luck next loud staying fast

  93. I am soooo jealous you guys did what you did. I love ALL 2nd gen firebird especially the ’77 and ’78 TAs. I’ve always dreamed of having a nice Special Edition and hook up with Burt. When younger I had Smokey and the Bandit (both 1 and 2). Basically played them until VHS tapes wouldn’t play anymore. If you guys ever need another “monkey”, I’m up for the trip south!!!!! I love wrenching on old cars. KEEP IT UP FELLAS

  94. Bravo Richard and Pit Crew! You guys have a tremendous show. Richard: You live the life that I always dreamed about……. working and playing with cars, having massive amounts of fun, and throwing caution to the wind. I look forward someday to spending a lot of money at your new Gas Monkey bar and grill, and also meeting the Beer Assistant!

  95. Can’t wait to watch the Part 2 of y’all meeting the Bandit. Thanks to my mom I love that movie Burt Reynolds, and of course Transams. Would love to meet Aaron and Richard someday! Maybe y’all could work on my truck haha.


  97. Always enjoyed your show. I have a long term affection with The Bandit movies and cars and really looking forward to Pt. 2 of the Bandit Car tonight. I would love to see kids coming off the streets and getting an opportunity to work their way up, learning the skills to rebuild old cars. With all the crushing and that Government program a few years back that killed so many cool cars, it may just be a dream. Rock on Ass Monkey, Sue made me do it.

  98. My boyfriend and I loove watching your show. We are both into cars and everything you guys create is amazing. I am trying to find the link to enter and win the trans am, can you post it for me? xo Nikki

  99. Yo gas monkey sure uve heard thibefor u guys rock never miss a show u guys inspired me to make something that doesnt exist im building a pontiac pickup ive got a 3800 v6 punched 30 over a coldair system with nitrous mated to a borg warner 5speed & an 87 trans am rear with 373 gears inside recarro buckets with a fiero console ive got a reverce opening hoood with twin scoups (yes there functional) a modifide front nose in pontiac flair hid headlight im currently modifying sale wingsto give it a fast back look & creager ss mags 15×10 295 50s out back truckhas a 3 4 drop & started life out as a gmc sonoma 92 id send u pictures of it broudly just tell me were to email them to

  100. Nice episode. You should do an episode with a 1978 lil red express. my grandfather pick ours up in the back gate of Chrysler from lee lacocca. in 1978

  101. Hey there Richard, Aaron, and Monkeys,

    Bravo guys – the Bandit dream episode was brilliant and well played. The casting was perfect. Rich looks and sounds just like the bandit. Aaron should have had more scenes cause he totally makes a better Cledus. Christi has real sass and is way hotter than Carrie. And Tom – oh man…. what can I say – he was freak’n hilarious – he nailed it perfectly and stole the show! Hell ya outta just go’head and make a full featured remake ya sum.beeitch! Great Show – been watching from the first episode and I’m happy for your growth and success!


  102. Great show guys!, but u know u should have replaced that 403, with a 400 or 455 pontiac engine, no comparison!!! Few more dollars would have been worth it,and you two motor heads know it, still best show around!!!

  103. Love that watch you got as a gift where is it from? Also love the show I am a vintage car lover and just seeing the type of cars u find is why I love to see what u do to them keep it up.

  104. Richard,
    I really like that you take chances/risks and take the good with the bad, realizing you have to deal with both to be successful and happy. I love old cars and seeing them restored to better than new. Keep up the inspiring work you do and thanks for sharing it with the world on your show.

  105. Gas Monkey is done, you have gone way to far, I use to like the show, but the Bandit dream was the most stupid thing I have watched. I have deleted you from my DVR!

  106. Great part two show.I was 10 when the movie came out. I was hooked on that car every since.greatt memories.Very good parody.My wife was cracking up about Buford T. Justice.Good job you…..SOM-B####ES…Had to break all time viewing records on that show…

  107. My boyfriend loved the tshirt Aaron is wearing in the Bandit eps – the one with the car grill on the front – I need to buy it for him! Where did Aaron get it?! (if I can’t get him the car, this is the least I can do)

  108. My son bought his first car with his own money when he was only 10 – a 1979 Pontiac Firebird he picked up for $1,000 . . . it’s obviously not nearly as cool as the “Bandit Car”, but now that he just turned 15, he’s anxious to start working on getting it ready for it’s ‘debut’ when he turns 16 and he can finally drive it . . . was great to watch the Bandit episode to give him incentive! What an awesome ride!

  109. My dad had a Bandit when I was growing up. He decided to put an Olds 455 in it… man that car was bitchin’!! It totally made me a car chick and I cried when he sold it!! Love the show and all of the cars!! I’d love to see an old 68-69′ Mercury Cougar on the show!! They are often forgot about!!

  110. the second bandit episode has been your best show yet. In fact if they were to ever do a re-make of Smokey and the Bsndit, Richard would make a very good actor for the Burt Reynolds role. Tom was hilarious as usual. Sometimes he is just stupid but this time he did well. Im having a problem getting the codes for the giveaway though and its really kind of pissing me off. I am a disabled Vet, dont make a lot of money and wouldn’t be able to own something like this unless i got real lucky. My neighbor had the same car back in the late 70’s when i had my 71 Mach 1 with a Boss package. PS My Mustang kicked the TA’s ass every time. I still want the Bandit car though. I would really like to see you build a 66 Ragtop, Tri-Power GTO. I Love those cars.

  111. Love the show, (nice to see a reality sjow where the cast arent a-holes) and great episode! 2nd gen TA is one of my faves. I love the ‘Birds, I’ve had a 2nd gen, a 3rd Gen (GTA), and 2 4th gens. Current ride is a ’00 Formula with LS1 and t-tops. Love that car!

    I gotta say though, did I spy drums on the rear while the year one snowflakes were being put on?? Why no disk conversion? My ’80 WS6 had factory rear disks. (but had a 301….FAIL!)

  112. Really dug the Bandit build! Bummer it had a 403 but I understand you had to use what you had because of the short time frame. I would really like to set one up with the same stance as yours, what suspension parts did you use?? thanks

  113. Fast N’ Loud is my favorite show on TV. I can’t wait for Monday nights to see it.
    Out here in Newport Beach there is a strong love for cars, but car people are jaded as there are Ferraris everywhere. My
    First car was a ’63 Ford Galaxie and I miss it like crazy.
    And I must say the Gas Monkeys take me back to those
    days when I was a kid working on my ’63 keeping
    It on the road. It’s the most honest car show ever
    and I hope the show lasts forever.

  114. Watched the whole 2 hour extravaganza last night… LOVED IT!!!!!!!!! Well done Gas Monkey guys!!! I used to own a 1977 Special Edition T/A… W72-400, 4spd, T-tops, black with gold pinstripes… the real deal. Sold it in 2001 like a dang fool!!! Dumbest think I ever did… have regretted it non-stop ever since!!! Thanks for this most awesome pair of episodes… absolutely loved ’em! 🙂 (insert Burt’s trademark laugh!)

  115. Can you please tell me where Aaron got teh tshirt that appeared to have the front end only of a Lincoln on?? My bf and dad both love that shirt

  116. I would love to know where you got the glasses that Aaron had on during this episode…. My husband watches the show all the time, and my granddaughter would love these glasses!!!

    Thanks a million!!!!

    have a fabulous night

  117. great show you have
    i ve been watching here from holland europe
    and this one with the trans am is super
    because i had a gold special edition
    so love both your show and the bandit
    thanks guys

  118. looked for new episode last night for this weeks code for TA giveaway. All I could find were repeat episodes, was there a new show/code for this week?

  119. Greetings from Canada. Great Bandit episode and awesome car! Did you really show up so close to the deadline or was that movie magic? Burt looked like he had a tear in his eye as the Trans Am was leaving. I hope you had more than a 5 minute visit with him! “10-4”

  120. whats good well you do some damn good work i would love to have the tran an but if you go on fayetteville n.c craigslist you would see older car if you put the year in they are junking old car that you would love to have man ya’ll do good work man i junked a 1979 monte carlo need it a little work i got a new car and didnt need it man keep up the good work my wife got the car now i need a new car keep up with the good work

  121. Just saw the fast n loud episode of the 77 smokey and the bandit car. I’m building a 79 ta and looking for tires and wheels. What are the sizes of the ones you put on toys and will they fit on my factory ta

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  124. @Wayne Steele:

    Love the show, couldn’t watch for a while because I was in an other country with the military. Every time I was able to talk to my wife we would talk about the show, she enjoys watching also.
    I am currently in the Warrior Transition battalion in Ft Knox KY because of an injury I received overseas, I have plenty of time to enjoy the new shows and the ones I missed, I’m a Pontiac fan so I loved the Bandit shows. Thanks

  125. Aaron you are the Best, Richard and the rest of your crew you guys really make it happen I want to ride my Hog down next spring and hang out at the Gas Monkey Bar and Grill Best stuff on T.V.

  126. Some of the classic cars you breing back from the dead are such important part of history every one you drag out of the weeds some where is a major score to our grandchildren etc. keep up the good work!!!

  127. Hello to gas monkeys I’m Brian from Pineville Louisiana I love what you do to all the cars on your show I have been looking for a 1969 Dodge charger to work on and restore could you help me find one and how much

  128. We actually have the car at our classic car shop to do a few things to it. I’ve had the pleasure to look at it and move it around a few times. I even brought in my diecast bandit car to keep it company. Very solid clean car. Nice job Gas Monkey! Makes me want a 77 now.

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    Is about the most retarded person I ever seen
    He thinks he’s funny and he thinks he knows how to hustle
    I think he still might actually be a virgin

  133. hey richard i know im a bit late with this question but i love the mcqueen shades u wearing on the bandit episode..any idea whats the model num on them?

  134. Hi Richard love the show n the bandit one was on n it was hilarious you, Tom, Aaron was great I laughed all thru out it!! I love watching when u go look, get n do what u do Gas Monkey em, they are always great, I love cars classic cars, my dad use to have a garage n do cars too n fact he had a heart attack while doing a 64 mustang he died. We sure had a lot of sweet cars I love em fast nice cars!! Well love the show you r awesome n make me laugh!! You’d definitely n a fun time to hang with! ! A biggest fan from Detroit!! Have great day/nite n much love… Melinda (Jojo)

  135. Just wanted to tell you, I’ve watched your show at home in N Texas and while in S Korea, and I love it. I especially loved the Smokey and the Bandit show! Brought back so many memories! Now I’m gonna go watch the movie. Ha Ha Haaaaieeee!

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