Fast N’ Loud Returns August 29, 2016!

Well, have you missed us? Don’t worry, we’ve been hard at work here building and flipping cars every day and the cameras have been right here with us. A lot of people tend to assume when the show isn’t on, we’re not working, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. If it were up to us, Gas Monkey would be on your TVs everyday! But Discovery gets to make that schedule, and premiere date for the new season has finally been released!


On Monday, August 29 at 9/8c, we’ll have a one-hour special where we’ll answer fan questions and reminisce on some of our favorite moments here at GMG. We’ll even let you in on an epic failure of a build that never made it on the air!

Then on Monday, September 5 at a special time of 8/7c, our brand-spanking new episodes start taking over your Motor Mondays! Fast N’ Loud is on at a special time on the 5th (8/7c instead of 9/8c) because of the premiere of the three-night Harley and the Davidsons series, which will air at 9/8c. We might just be taking on a Harley of our own that night!

I hear we might even have 10 episodes this season unlike the 6 we had last season. Keep your fingers crossed.



  1. I NEVER!! wright a fan mail thing.
    But you guys rock.
    I just watched an episode from my pool in Puerto Vallarta MX.
    Keep it up, I will watch as many as I can…….R

  2. I’m sick of the reruns,even though I still watch everyone!!!!
    Can’t wait for the new series to start. Pity KC left …. Thankfully Christie is still there 😉

  3. Gosh, so happy you guys are husband and I miss the show alot..We are racers and car lovers of old…Of all the car tv series shows , you guys are the best….See ya the 9th..

  4. Hi guys, I’m believed to be your number 1 UK fan. I have an E46 330ci and wondered what Aaron would do to make it an awesome ride???
    Look forward to the new episodes ??

  5. Dam can’t wait love your show, woohoo!! , I was wondering what happened to you guys, nothing else on worth watching like gmg….

  6. Why did discovery wait so long? Seems like misfit has more episodes. Not the same as you guys! Definitely looking forward to another highly anticipated season of the monkeys! Hey Richard, this is for you. “Beer Assistant?”

  7. Coming down tomorrow to see you guys. We are here from Klamath Falls, Or. (That reaally cold place, 2 degrees, where you picked up my Uncle’s two Corvettes). I hope we get a chance to chat.

  8. I found a buick electra 225 convertible1969 2 door. 1 owner garage kept all its life runs and drives great all service records. Still has window sticker. Would you be interested.

  9. Hey guys , I have a car 80% complete Resto…it wont come cheap, but its in the right condition for the gas monkey touch. its a 1973 Pontiac trans am 455 auto, buccaneer red numbers match, with too Many upgrades and aftermarket parts to list, so its basically new as far as the suspension and valve train goes.
    I’ve had this car longer then most of my I even moved it to four different states boxed up in pieces in the back of a u-haul it’s a Rare best of Pontiac with a true poncho numbers match car with A/C, there were only 3130 autos made and only 4,772 total trans am’s in 1973, so not many left like this 2nd owner Alabama rust free car, it’s not a SD, but it’s butler built 455…(462)… it’s a gem, a must see….Ironically! I’ve been living in Dallas since December, but the car is at my house in Cape Coral Florida, Pretty cool town with lots of cold beer….let me know if you would like to see it 214-316-8818

  10. You sent a low rider to the Cattle Barons’ Ball !!!!! 4X4Stretch Pickup would have been a lot more attractive. Contact me if you need help. Cattle and oil rule Texas.

  11. Hi Richard just want to say why don’t you make a Gas Monkey, Fired up garage build off episode. With the winner getting to keep the loser’s build winner takes all

  12. My grandson and I were on the Aug. 29, 2016 episode asking Gas Monkey a question. Can we get a copy of this or will it be aired again. We were out of town and a friend told us they saw it.

  13. On the new episode that aired yesterday, Aug 29. You guys made my daughter’s dream come true, it breaks my heart that she is no longer with us to have seen it….. Brenda Torres, El Paso, TX. passed away June 18, 2016. She had been in remission from Cancer since 2016, it came back and took her life in 10 days. When the show was recorded for the “Questions and Answers’ we were in Dallas for her heart check up, it was in failure due to the Chemo treatments she had in 2013. She is a long time fan of Aaron, that same day we waited a couple of hours so she could take a picture with Aaron, also, another dream come true, she was able to take that picture….. From the bottom of my heart… I THANK YOU ALL!!!!!

  14. my daughter Brenda was in the show answering how much she loved Richard’s hair, that was always “on point!” and Aarons beard!!!!!! once again thank you….

  15. Looking forward to the new season. Loved the Q &A episode. Don’t like Misfit at all..won’t watch it. Don’t even like it when they show up on GMG. Loved when you bought the building to get the truck!

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