First Car Love

Richard here.  My love of cars started early – here’s me (at three years old) with my sister (eight) having fun with my first set of wheels. Those were some good times!

What was YOUR first car?



      • Hey Rich,
        When I just turned 15, I got myself into a full restoration on a ’64 Falcon with a 6 cylinder….My greaser uncle’s friend, Tim Kay, who you have probably seen in a rat rod photoshoot section didn’t want me putterin’ down the road. So we ended up findin a ’68 Fairlane and ramming a 3o2 small block down my car’s throat. Funny part is it has about 1 millimeter from each shock tower. Anyways, I know exactly how you feel for these awesome cars. Hope to do something like you or Aaron for a living….Hopefully just classics. Workin’ on an Aaron beard right now so I’m not shavin’ even if my principal gets pissed at my next time I go back for Junior year.

    • Hey Richard
      This Spencer Ray Barta from Nebraska, I have a 1994 Ford tempo galaxy sedan 4 door, white colored, 2.3 letere engine, front wheel serpentine belt drive, with gray interior.
      I’m trying to sell my car, so I can get a 1999 Ford ranger XLT 4wd. Pick up truck.

  1. i live in tuscaloosa al i have a 67 fairlane was wondering if you would be interested in redoing it with you flavor i know we would have to get the car there
    and back would love to talk to you about it i also have 64 galaxie that me and a freind redone that looks really good please let me know if you are interested

  2. My heart belongs to the ’36 Chevy 1/2 ton pickup my pops built; love at first sight!! A few have come and gone since then, but it is forever parked deep beneath flesh and bone… keys resting safe in my pocket. My pops would love to see your toys as i am sure you would love to see his. PEACE, LOVE & STREET RODS!

    • That sounds like a beauty, Rita. Good for you, keeping it close. Maybe Pops is watching with you…we can hope, right?

  3. My first car was a 4 door ’60 Chevy, aqua and white, when I was a high school junior in Shreveport, LA. I LOVED that car. Not long after I graduated HS, I had the engine rebuilt and left home for the San Francisco Bay Area. It was parked overnight in front of my abode in Oakland and during the night a drunk totaled it. At least I wasn’t in it — a one sided demolition derby.

    My second car was a 4 door 52 Plymouth! The seats were mohair. There was enough distance between the front bench seat and the back seat, that there was almost an aisle that you could walk through.

    These days I’m driving a Mini Cooper Clubman “S”. It’s fast and it growls. My second favorite car, although I’ve always wanted a 32 Ford couple!

    • Gary, you’ve had some great cars and some great stories! Thanks for sharing, and let us know if you get that ’32 Ford!

  4. It wasn’t my first car, but it was the one that turned me into a gear head.
    1966 Riviera with a Wildcat 465. I got it as a trade for painting the outside
    of the guys house. Had to rebuild the Q-jet, and it was FAST! That car was
    a total beast, and I’d love to get my hands on one in good shape again.

  5. Mine was a 47 Studebaker pickup with a 455 buick, nova front sub clip and 10 bolt chevy rear….still have it and when i finish rat rodding it I will hit the streets again and scare the crap outta myself some more….but for now working on all my other projects kinda has MY dreams on hold….maybe even get my 71 GTO on the road too….oh, and if yall are looking for a 41 lincoln continental….lemme know…over here in east texas and got one for sale.

  6. Great show and i have watched them all but first one that really show what hard work can do transforming a car that has been sitting for a while without all the glitz and shine like most of the other shows.


    • Thank you, Wayne. It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it. 🙂 Seriously, though…we’re freakin’ lucky to do what we do and share it with you.

  7. my first car was a 1985 monte carlo ss 35,000 original miles mint condition t-tops bought it drove it home had it for 2 hours and got hit by a drunk driver in a f-350 totaled the whole car trunk was crushed along with the frame all the way to my doors i was at a dead stop he was doing 60+ with 4 kids inside but i drove it for 5 years smashed screwed some jeep tail lights to the back and duct taped plexy glass to the window

  8. I miss when you didn’t need all the fancy equipment. That was a time where you could simply do your timing, change your oil, rotate your tires and everything easily. Now and days you have to have a very thorough working knowledge of modern cars and a garage of high tech computers and readers in order to make even the simplest changes. My best memories is being the only girl in car care that knew what to do to a car and how to do it. My dad and I used to buy and fix cars all the time. Before I could even drive I had about 15 different cars. Everything from a Camaro to a GTO to a big willys jeep to a corvette….and bonus since he was national guard I got to get involved with tanks, hummers, and the like. But boys get me a 69 camaro ss convertible and you have a buyer but it has to be specific because I have a specific taste. In addition I have a two tone anniversary edition corvette in the last year with the stingray body. It’s mine and my dads baby that I want it completely restored. Its been sitting under a tarp in California for 20 years now….And also you need a hot chick in your garage to help you locate cars. I’m happy to audition…..I’m cute…I dance for a pro dance team…and I know cars. What more could you ask for 😉

  9. My first car was supposed to be a 72 Chevelle. My mother drove it for a few years ( it ran like a bat out of hell) but decided to let me have it once she purchased her brand new Z28 in 1986. I was 16 years old and was excited that I was getting a car that was considered a hot rod! One day when I came home from school it was gone – my mother had let my boyfriend at the time talk her into selling it. (he didn’t want me having wheels) So needless to say that boyfriend didn’t last and I ended up purchasing a 77 Mustang. I paid $500 for it and drove it for several years until I traded it in for a Chevy Cavalier. I ended up getting $1,200 for the car. I still hate the ex-boyfriend for what he did (because he ripped my mom off as well – he kept most of the money he sold the car for…) and to this day I still long to own a 1972 Chevelle. sigh…..

  10. Congrats on the show. I grew up in Denton and now live out in Cali. It is great to see you guys driving around and dealing with folks like the ones I grew up with. Keep up the good work. My first car was actually a 78 CJ7.

  11. My First car in the early eighties was a ’66 Dynamic 88 had a wreck and it was impossible to find parts for since they only made them for two years . and each year was different. They were different from the Deltas and the Starfires. It was a trail period limited production. Where in 65 they produced the first Delta 88 the Dynamic 88, and they also had the last of the Starfire 88’s which had been produced up until ’66, also the produced new models for ’66 in each then after the only Delta 88’s and I really have not seen any since. At least not in North Texas area, Might be some one has one or two in a garage/barn somewhere.

  12. I bought my first car last year from my’s a 67 Chevelle. It needs some work and my uncle said he will point me in the right direction but he’s not ganna do it for me. I am 15yo.

    • Morris, the best thing you can do is get out there and just start working on one part of it. If you screw it up, you do some research and figure out how to fix what you did. That is the best recommendation we can give to anyone looking to get started. Do it!

  13. My first car was a 1967 Ford Galaxie 500 4-Door Hardtop with a 390 under the hood. When we bought it from the original owners in the summer of 1992, it hadn’t been plated since 1982. By the following spring (1993) we had it back on the road, and I was proud to own the second oldest car in my high school’s parking lot my senior year. Unfortunately, it was totaled in an accident in December of that year.

  14. My first car was a 1951 Cadillac 4 door model 62. 331 cube V8. Dad bought it for myself and my brother in 1961. He paid $395. for it. Dad said to us -“tear that car apart and learn how to fix one”. We owned that car for two years and got deep in the engine, brakes and suspension. That was the best $395 investment. I miss that car and the fun we had.

  15. My first car was a ’72 Vega GT hatchback with a 283 in it. Had a blast in that car. Never lost a stop light to stop light race and never got a ticket in that car. Been trying to re-live those days ever since!

  16. My first ride was a 1957 Ford Ranchero. Officially the title was in my Dads name & he traded it in on a 79 dodge D150… really? I still wonder what happened to it. Miss it terribly 🙁

  17. Not my first car, but a real beaut she was. ’65 Ford Galaxie, 352 engine. I was in L O V E! Then she went all “Christine” on me and didn’t have the funds to do the up keep on her. Sure do miss my buddy. Whatta tiger! Thanks pops for instilling the love of true classic beauties!

  18. Thanks for the advise. today i pulled the motor and transmission. That was a job. it took all day because i kept running in to small problems. I am trying to gather money to put together a 468ci Big Block Chevy. i have a 454 but it needs bored so when i get money i am going to take it to Jim Bowen Racing Engines in glenrock PA, to get bored. Jim has done all my familys racing motor and is a good friend of the family so he will get me some good deals. his shop is about 10minutes down the rode from my house. I am going to take your advice and see what i can do. so look for the name Trai Morris if you see a 67 chevelle in a magazine.

  19. I am trying to mesure a 10pt cage and the bar has to go through the dash and I can’t find a way to make it look clean I want to leave the stock dash pad I will cut it if nesisary but I am trying to make it look good. Can u help?

  20. Hey man, I had one of those too! Had to my first set of wheels also, other than a stroller or something. Now my first real car however was a total piece of crap! A 1985 Ford Tempo 4-door. I like it alright at the time, and tried to customize it a bit to try and make it look cool, but it wasn’t happening! It was always breaking down and was never cool. That’s not to say I haven’t had some cool rides since then though, but now I’m on the lookout for my next one!

  21. My first car was a 1999 GMC Jimmy SLT. I loved that tuck more than anything. It may not have been the most powerful, and I looked like I was going to pick up the kids in it. But through high school and college, that thing couldn’t be stopped. Mud, snow, sleet, hauling tonnage. She’s gone now though. Got t-boned and it flipped over in ’04. Now I love my Charger, but I would give anything to drive my old Jimmy again. The saddest part, the only photo I have of her is the wreck photo. Anyone else loose their first love like I did?

    • Frank you’d be surprised how many people adore their first cars. On our Facebook page there are lots of people posting about their firsts…join in the conversation if you haven’t already!

  22. My first car was a “68” Candy Apple Red mustang.I got it in “76”.After many miles and alot of old muscle cars,I now have a 2010 Challenger.Old School looks with modern technology.A bit too much plastic,but I love it!! Great show guys!!

  23. My first car was actually a truck….a 1963 ford f100 step side. It had the original 223 cid straight six. Man that was a great truck. I blew a head gasket about 5 years after i bought it. It would still leave rubber on the ground in second. Oh, I forgot to mention that I bought the truck when I was 15 from the original owner. I mowed yards until I had the 1300 dollars for the truck. I kept it til I was 23 and put a 289 in it, then sold it.

  24. My first car was a 1971 Chevelle Malibu 4-door hardtop with a 307. Paid $75 for it when I was 16 and learned on it. It ran flawlessly. I Did the brakes, some body work (by cutting the side off an old fridge for a quarter panel riveted on) and painted it rattle can black with cans I five fingered out of an old Zayre’s store 4 at a time until I had enough to paint it. Jacked up the back end with station wagon springs and threw on a set of bald 50’s on Cragar SS’s and a set of Cutlas rims in the front that I painted with chrome paint (yes I stole that too!) I even did interior buy taking a big ol bath towel and covering the bottom of the front seat. Put in a loud system and off I went. I had that car for one whole summer and loved every second I had with that beater and I would kill to have it back again. It was a rat rod back in 1989 before rat rods became cool. Great show you guys got keep it going.

  25. my first car was a ’78 toyota pickup that i had to change the plugs in every weekend to keep it but the i got a ’66 chevy step side with a 350 and the three on the floor. man i miss that truck.

  26. Hi, I wrote a foment earlier about my chevelle. Now I just bought a 2000 Camaro 3.8l V6. It was $800 I couldnt pass it up. It was a steal. It needs a fender and nose, but I already bought that. It runs and drives perfectly. It even has new flowmaster exaust. When the V6 quits I’m gana bypass the computer an put a 355 in it.

  27. I have a few old cars i am trying to get rid of one is a 30’s model ford coupe and a early 40’s ford 4 door with rear suscide doors both vehicles have flat head V-8 in them they need ground up restoration but the shells are still in decent shape. I also have a old 4 door hudson with decent body on it and it also has clean front and rear chrome bumpers on it and the motor is the straight 6 with the two one barells on it.

  28. I love the show. On some of the shows I’ve seen you selling cars to support your other projects and was wondering how to purchase cars that you might have available.

  29. Hello, What a great show you have. My first car my Dad got for me from a family friend. It was a 50’s somthing German DKW pickup truck. 2 cycle, 3 cylinders, radiator behing the engine, 4 speed on the tree, mix the oil and gas in the tank. Front wheel drive. I put giant mud grip tiries on it, took most of the muffler system off of it and had a blast PO’ing the neighbors roaring around the Ranch where I grew up here in Rancho Tehema Reserve, CA. Near Corning. It would climb hills like a mountian goat because it was so light. My first assignment was Dyess AFB TX. If I am ever in TX I will stop by to see you guys. Again, Thanks for the great show!!!!! Craig Miller

  30. My first beauty was a 1962 plymouth fury 4 door hard top. 318 thickwall. push button tranny. I bought it when I was 13; heres the kicker, that was 13 years ago. 26 but love the classics.

  31. First car was a ’71 Maverick that I started driving in 1980. It wasn’t anything special but had a blast in it. Would love to have it today. But I have a ’67 Mercury Cougar with a 390 to keep me busy. Also have a ’68 small block cougar non-running that the wife wants gone but can’t seem to let it go. Would like to one day have both redone so I can give one to each of my sons.

  32. whats up fellas my first ride was a 1969 chevy c10 with a big block 454 was slamed on 24s and would scream threw every gear it was my dads wen he was a kid and kept it for me and now it got some rust and need some body work and i was wondering if yall did the air ride system and bodydrop with the stock floor… i would love to hear back from you bc i would love to give it back to my dad for his birthday.. by the way yalls show kicks ass and yall need to come to bama and we will show yall texas boys how to get down..

  33. My first car was a ’67 Chevy II. My dad bought it for me when I was 14. That was 1977. It came with and in line 6 and a 3 speed auto on the tree. We bought an old 327, a covette cam, new high compression pistons, high rise edlebrock manifold and a Holly four barrel carb and dropped it in the Nova. We added a Muncie four speed and I had me a nice little hot rod. Only thing we never got to was the rear axle. I love watching your show. My son and I want to buy an old truck to fix up. Hoping to see Gas Monkey do something special with a 1950′-60’s truck! LOVE the show!!

  34. When I turned 16 way back in 1973 I wanted a car bad. My dad said “you can have anything you want as long as you pay for it and the insurance”. I had $400 bucks in my wallet so I bought a 65 Ford Falcon 4 door, 6 cylinder, automatic, white with a blue interior. I still have great memories of cruising around in that car.

  35. My first driving car was a 58 Baja bug, but my favorite car was my 68 Ford Ltd. Total g-ma ride. White top. Red with red, and big fat white walls. Even a hub cap for the spare. That 390 would fly.

  36. My first car was a 1966 Barracuda, had it for 21 yeas before I let it go. Found it behind a woodpile in 1989 for $500 when I was 13. Commando 273 V8, auto.

  37. My first car was a 1949 Ford Convertable, bright red. I’m still restoring the 49 business coupe I got from you but am now on hold because some low life emptied out my garage and stole all my equipment, tools and parts so will be starting over soon. The car was on stands so they didn’t get it. The shotgun may deter them next time they feel frisky.

  38. My 1st was a 1972 Rally Nova blue with black rally decals paint again blue without the decals then years later just glossy black was a 350 3 speed then moved up to a 4 speed then became a 396 car with 4 speed then in its fianl years with me it was a 454 automatic. Now its about 30 mins from my house and the guy keeps it in a barn waiting for his 7 year old son to get his license to drive it. Well its pretty sad it aint with me no more but I have plenty of pics so not a day goes by that I dont see it.

  39. My first car was a 65 Chevrolet Impala SS. I only paid $200.00 for it in 1975. I have so much love for that body style. It only had a 283 cubic inch motor. If I bought one today I think it would have to have a 396 engine or bigger… I have to say I love the Fast and Loud Show, and hope you have success. I have been out of work for more than 3 years, but when I get my sh!t together I’ll buy one of your bad ass t-shirts…

  40. My first vehicle was a 1976 stepside Chevrolet pick up my mother bought from a farmer. It was canary yellow on the outside, green door frames and dash with a brown seat. I was 15 and spent every dime I made on parts, gas, and more parts. Biggest mistake I ever did was sell it. It had a 396 big block with turbo 400 that would snap the leaf springs once in while when I would race it. I painted midnight blue with metal flakes and of course kick as* stereo system from Zapco.
    There is nothing like that first one and I have been chasing that feeling ever since.

  41. Just started watching your show. AWESOME!!! Found it cool that your first car was the 74 Comet. Mine was the 1972 Ford Maverick, Grabber edition, red with black with the 302. It was a hand-me-down from my mother, which I was very greatful for. The first day that she gave it to me, I took it to a friends shop/junkyard and we just had fun. Ripped out the bench seat put in buckets and changed out all the factory wheels and tires with slotted mag wheels which my buddy said he would supply the materials if he could do what ever he wanted, so he painted the wheels red that matched the car. It was a great time until the front end went out or just about shook you off the road at high speeds

  42. In the short time ive been driving i have had a crap load of cars heres the list

    94 ford escort
    77 chevy pick up
    55 Buick roadmaster
    94 supra
    95 civic
    96 skyline
    01 dodge ram 1500
    03 dodge ram 1500
    03 dodge ram 3500
    12 harley davidson fortey eight.

    The last 3 are the ones i have currently

  43. I have a 67 Mercury Cougar that I would sell, I also have had many hot rods in my day. Lets see.. 72 sport coupe Stang, 87 monte SS, 72 Mercury Comet, 82 Mustang,65 F100 twin I beam, 72 nova,66 Malibu and a 73Mach1. Sad thing is that’s just the hod rods. And I’m only 37 lol. I love me some muscle cars. And I really dig what you guys do.. Finally something worth while to watch. A true gear head show.

  44. Ah yes. My first car was a 53 Merc 2 door with a flat head V8. I was 15 at the time and paid $50 buck for it. My dad was ticked off because he wanted to buy me a car and I wanted my own. I have had over the years around 40 some odd cars and 20 plus motorcycles. I sold my car because girlfriend said we don’t need two so I bought a brand new bike. I am living life large. It would be larger if I had more money and a place to work on everything but then I get to watch your show. I love what you guys do from almost nothing. That’s to the me is what can be done with hard work and alot of smarts. I have built cars a motorcycles and I am proud that I had done that. Now that I can’t do all the work because of health issues I can remember the things I did and watch you guys make works of art. Your show is so cool. I WANT TO SEE MORE! God Bless

  45. My first car was a 1971 El Camino SS,I ran a wanted to buy ad in paper,my Dad was real cool about the car thing and though he was a pretty strict Dad,he let me get my first car at 15,so I could get it ready. I found the El Camino SS in a barn with 61,000( this was 1979) ,it ran and drove and body was good except bed was ding up and rusty. The guy was cool,though I did whine about it being my first car,he sold it to me for 800.00! The guy that owns it now restored it to a street kinda resto mod and shows the car is what I have been told,he lives out of state now.

  46. 1965 Mustang Fastback. Loved it so much i had to buy one. It’s been 9 years and I’m still working on it. There’s nothing like pulling up to a stoplight and the car is shaking, smells like fuel, and the looks on peoples faces when they see a muscle car pull up. They just don’t make them like they used to.

    Beating the tar off the streets since 1995

  47. My First Car was my ’73 Red Pontiac Ventura. I bought it when I was 18. I saw it sitting in a parking lot and Knew I had to have it! My parents wanted me to have a good reliable car with Auto everything. But Once I laid Eyes on her. I knew she’d be mine. I emptied my Savings for her. Only worked half the time I had it and the only real good thing on it was the Body. No stereo, air cond, heater, horn, windshield wipers that worked only when they wanted too, when it Wasn’t Raining and a not so good engine that I tried several times to get fixed. And the Breaks were Horrible when I first got it. I Loved it so Much and Wish I could get it back!! Sold it to my sister thinking I’d get it back but she Sold it to some guy in Tahachape!!

  48. my first car i got was a 1989 trans am. my dad had this car then gave it to me when got my license. i still have this car and now im 23 and doing a complete restoration on it. we took the 304 that was in it and put a 406 chevy small block. i watch yalls show all the time and love wat you do.

  49. my first car was a 69 camaro ss convertible still factory original 396 big block and a rock crusher tranny. my current car is a 74 suburban with a 454 and a turbo 350 tranny.

  50. I have several cars that i wanna sell. Fairlaines, Edsels, Corvair cars, Corvair rampside truck amd corvair van. Also several more, all are unrestored. Was wondering if yall would be interested?

  51. I have a 64 pontiac catalina 2 door hard top ive only found 1 other like it and it was in worse shape then mine im only asking 1500 for it i no yal could do alot with it i wil be in Dallas tx july 20th through the 27th of 2012 and would gladly deliver it to you no motor or transmission but good body and interior and mostly custom all original parts on the inside and out

  52. 62 valiant – slant 6 push button auto … Oh the memories in that car !!! Then there was the L78 camaro, 440 cars, and one bad 428 Mustang. Still looking for the ideal 32 5 window though – where we’re you in 62???

  53. My first car was a 1956 Chevy Long bed Stepside with the small back window.
    Still own it. Unfortunately, it is currently residing in my ex-wifes garage.

  54. my first car was a read 68 ford torino gt with red leather interior. it has a 351 cleavland with scorpion heads, edlebrock intake. id be intrested in you guys redoing it if poible if so let me know and ill send ou guys some pics

  55. In your bio you speak of a 77′ Bandit Trans Am. If I remember correctly, that car was showroom ready with not a scratch on it, AND back in 1987, we (you and I ) did about 30 360’s on I-30 doing about 120 mph and didn’t hit a damn thing. Some of the best driving I’ve ever seen. Proud of you brother.

    All the best on your show.

    Mike Herrera-DeAnda
    [email protected]

  56. I don’t know how I never heard about this show before today but I am HOOKED!

    As a kid, weekend visits with my dad meant hanging out o the body shop, assisting him with little things and on some weekends, going to larger custom auto shows and swap meets. The best car my Dad had was a 38 Ford, but my favorite was the red 71 Skylark with the white convertible roof and white interior. The car they brought me home from the hospital in. I’d love to have that car right now.

    My first car was a 77 Plymouth Volare wagon. The caramel/tan colored draggin’ wagon. Homer was ugly, but he was fast without even trying.
    My current dream is a 67 Impala or a 69 Chevelle. So deep, dark red that it’s almost black. Someday, someday… Until then, I’m going to nenjoy you guys doing what you do.

  57. I would like to sell my 89 Chevy shortbed dropped air bags shaved chopped must see perfectly straight needs motor , transmission asking $3000.00 having a problem getting my pics to gas monkey need help any suggestions.

  58. First car was 66 Plymouth Belvedere II inherited from my grandfather in 1985. Former municipal car, black with green vinyl interior and no air. Drove it from Ohio to Texas in the summer of 86 to sell books door to door. Like to sweat me ass off in 100 degree heat, but loved every minute in that car.

    The love of mid 60s Detroit sheet metal continues until today. Daily driver is a 67 Lincoln Continental Coupe.

    Love the show guys. Hope you shoot a bunch more episodes!

  59. First car was a 1964 Impala, 2 door sport coupe, 327 CI/300HP, 2 speed power glide. I miss this car and wish I had it back so many times. It was fast and loud!!!

  60. My first car that I just got is a 1993 gmc z71 1500. She needs allot of work and doesn’t run but I plan to have her going by September when I get my license.
    She has a 9 inch lift with 38inch tires so I call her my baby monster truck ha.
    I’m actually watching fastnloud right now. Love the little dime buggy thing, whatever it is ha!

  61. My first love was my grandmothers 68′ mustang. It was handed down to me when she passed away when I was 15. I got my license at 16 and proceeded to run that thing into the ground. It was a shame I didn’t have the respect for that car I should have. It was beautiful, my grandfather who raised me always taught me to take care of my “Gear.” He was a master sergeant in the Marine Corps and was pissed when I blew the tranny and smashed the front end. We got rid of it, and I bought my grandfather’s 63′ VW bug for 1,200 with my paper route money and took care of that til I saved up enough money to buy a lowered truck. What can I say it was the late 80’s. I styled that out and it ended up getting stolen. But I’ve loved old cars ever since. I’ve had a 63′ Lincoln Continental with the suicide doors, 70′ Cadddy Sedan DeVille that my friends called the “Shark,” cause it had the original aqua paint and it was as big a a great white. My second favorite car next to my 63′ Continental was actually my 1977 Ford F-150 351 modified Ranger. It was beat to hell but my wifes uncle was a great mechanic and rebuilt the enginge and rear differential, I put an edelbrock carb on it and some flowmaster pipes, and the thing ran beautifully. I could go down to Mexico and play bumper cars with anyone and not give a shit.

  62. My first ride was a ’72 monte carlo. My old man gave it to me when I was 16. First thing I did was rebuild a 402 BB out of a 70 impala and drop it in to get rid of the tired SBC. I was a holy terror on our local streets with a pair of glass packs and a 1 legged rear end. It was a burn out monster! 22 years later I still own it. My 12 y/o daughter has dreams of driving it to her senior prom. Theres alot of work to be done in the next 6 years to make that a reality! I love the show guys. Keep up the awesome job!

  63. my first car was/is a 1990 dodge ram with a 318, I blame my love of cars on my grandfather, grew up working on a 50’s 2 door bel air, 71 parkwood, and a 71 bel air, currently restoring a 75 VW campmobile, and a customized 76 beetle, I don’t care if it fast/slow, high or low, if its got wheels on it I wanna drive it

    also we have something for sale, not sure if ya’ll would be interested its maybe a bit big for ya’ll a 1960’s american la france flat nose pumper

  64. Hi Rich & Aaron!!

    My first car I ever owned, I bought in 1972. It was a 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix. It was long like a boat. 2 Door, white with turqois (spelling) interior.
    I had just moved to Florida and I loved to drive along A1A……and of course by the beach. I miss that baby and the looks I used to get and the fun I had.
    You guys rock. I look foward to your show every Wed. night.
    Take care

  65. My first car was a 1968 Mustang Sprint coupe with a straight six and a three speed manual. I love that car. I wrecked it almost a year after I got it. It was my dad’s first car that he bought off of the original owner in 1974. He decided to sell it and my grandparents bought it off of him in the late ’70s. They had it restored and kept it garaged until I was 16 when they gave it to me. We can account for all 80k original miles on this car. Someday I’ll get it fixed and restored with a hyped up straight six in it.

  66. First car was a 57 bel air 4dr ht when i was 11 at 16 i got a 74 nova spirit of america. still have them plus many more. I am located in waco, tx. I have a very keen eye and know where lots of antique and classic cars are in the surrounding areas(spent many days on the road hunting). If you ever need help finding something give me a shout.

  67. i have a 71 shortbed chevy cheyenne on a 68 chassis with a 68 corvette double humped head motor i guess its a frankinstein not as bad as that f-100 yall built but its mine and im proud of it

  68. My first car was a 34 Chev Master Sport 4 Dr Sedan. It had the upright trunk and a spare on the back.

    I have been trying to find one for sale for about 1 year now. I have found a couple but could not make contact with the owner.

  69. My first step into custom cars, I had a 1987 Chevy Astro mini van. It blew the motor with about 450,000 delivery miles. So it began, I put bags on it(and this was 15 years ago when bags were always a custom installation) had to cut the floor, wheel wells, put is a crossmember off a camaro, custom trans mount, 10 bolt rear end, bell tech spindles and replaced the fiberglass monoleaf with equal length 4-link panhard rear end. the new mill was a 383 stroker mouse with aluminum heads, etc. I didn’t want radical I needed streetable sleeper! flat black with red pinstripes(needed a paint job) and 18 inch boyds and she was as done as I needed. I traded her away a few years later, still miss the ol’black elephant every now and then.

  70. My first car was a 1973 Chevrolet impala. I still own it but it is in need of restoration. I unfortunately cannot afford to work on it, especially since I became disabled after being diagnosed with guillian Barre syndrome 3 years ago. Haven’t been able to do much since then. Sigh. Great show though guys. Wish I could afford to have you guys fix up my ride! Keep it up!

  71. My first ride was a 1986 Ford Mustang GT. I was lucky, my dad bought it for me brand new for my 17th birthday. I accessorized it with everything Saleen made at the time and then totally tricked out the motor. It pulled 11s in the quarter mile while being completely street legal. Now I drive a custom FJ Cruiser. A bit of a departure, but after seeing what Aaron did to the Ford PU on this week’s episode, we are gonna need to talk at some point. 🙂

  72. 1972 Pinto station wagon fire engine orange, with no firewall and an
    8 track player my dad called the ‘anti-theft device.’
    He put an old Mustang engine in it the eighties.
    Great car to drive- just the alternator would give out at the worst times.
    My dad still has it- and I kind of want it back.
    This time it will have a firewall.

  73. My first car was a 1970 Chevelle. Bought it at 10 yrs old with money saved from working in tobacco. Started my on this old iron obsession that’s got worse 20 years later. Now I’ve got a 49 f-1 rat, and my daily driven 65 F-100. Keep savin that old iron boys.

  74. My first car was a white 1984 BMW 325e coupe. My dad was a mechanic here in Dallas working at Don Snell Buick. He told me and my sister our first cars would be whatever he could get wholesale on the Buick used lot. My sister got a 1985 Caddillac Cimmaron and I got a 1984 BMW 325e coupe. My dad had always had American cars but once he got over the fact BMW was German he was extatic to get more tools……METRIC! Any excuse for my dad to buy tools was a good excuse. I loved that car. My dad did a lot of work on it to get it in top shape; new speedometer, new interior (blue clothe), new A/C, It was AWESOME! I wish I kept that car but you never have the money until you are in your thirties to keep something like that. Now I want to honor my dad’s memory by putting together or at least buying a already restored Dodge Charge circa 1968-1972. He bought one brand new when he got out of the service around 1970 and it was totaled in a car accident. He kept the engine with intentions of restoring another one but that never happened. He passed away in 1994 and when I sold my mothers house the Charger parts were still in the garage and I did not have a way to take them with me so I left them there. I can kick myself for doing that! Hopefully I’ll be able to buy a Charger either complete or mostly restored in the near future.

  75. 1954 Chevy Panel Truck. I paid $30 for it in 1972. It hade a bent drive shaft due to a bad bushing in the end of the torque tube. Repaired for $60. Later blew the 235 6 cylinder and decided it was time for small block (350), turbo 350 trans, power steering, tilt steering wheel, 12 volt wiring, etc. Gas monkey would have been proud, it was badass.

  76. Hey guys!! Really like the show its nice to see somethng being done without a million dollar bank account for bolt on parts. What front suspension did you put under the front of the f100? My dads 66 f100 needs an upgrade and right now is a good time while its in project mode.

  77. Officially I think the first car that I registered was an old 71 Malibu but before that my old man used to pick up cheap Caddys and Lincoln’s from the 70s and then made me his free labor fixing them up and by 13 I was doing everything that didn’t take a lift or welding torch. I think in a way it burned me out for years on working on cars and now even as an IT pro I don’t want to touch a car with a computer in it. Sent y’all some info on a barn find I recently got because you all inspired me to take a chance on some rusty gold figuring I might flip for a small profit now or get deeper on a resto next spring. Keep on cruising guys and best of luck to you.

  78. I had a Big Wheel first. LOL
    My real first was a 77 MG convertible. It was chartreuse (that’s french for highlighter yellow) LOVED that little thing. My first day at school the AG boys turned it sideways in between two other cars in the parking lot and found it hilarious that I had to wait to get it out until those people moved. We never found a good hard top for it so I froze that winter with the soft one. It only had two seats but with the top down it would hold three more across the back. It had crappy speakers so I rigged up one from the stereo in my room. I could get Q102 from Dallas (Remember that station?) all the way in Oklahoma. It was 1985, Gas was cheap and lasted forever, those were the days

  79. Just wanted to add that I think what helps you guys be so successful with the show is how real and relateable you are to us. We would all love to hang out with you and shoot the sh** about cars and bars and good times had by all. You are genuinely doing what you love and that is inspiring to those of us who only dreamed about it. Kudos to you and this show hope it keeps going for as long as it should.
    P.S. I noticed alot of people are offering stuff but your back road, behind the barns, forgotten treasures will always do you right cost wise. Some people will tell you just haul it off and you can have it. 🙂

  80. Mine was a 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 XL. I bought it in 1985 and had to part ways in 91 when my Mother got sick and I had to join the Army.

    I miss that car……..and I still look for it today.

  81. 1979 Z28 burnt orange, red interior, 350 and automatic. Had the greatest time and ton of memories in that car. Searched it down a few years ago to buy back for my sons first car to learn the people who bought it from me dirt tracked it and had it crushed when they where “done” with it. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to breed!

    Drove by your shop almost every day for about a year building his ’72 beetle, now it’s my turn and I have an idea for a “rat rod” I’d like to get a rough estimate on… When you get time hit me back.

  82. 1966 corvette stingray convertible. Haven’t been able to drive it cuz of a cracked cylinder, but hell i’m still 16. Dropping a new 5 L in just to have fun driving it then rebuilding the old one for a restoration project.

  83. My first car was a 1989 Lincoln Continental Mark VII, with the sporty LSC trim package, and she was dressed in a Titanium Metallic coat. 5.0 HO baby! I turned 16 in 1998, so the car was far from new at that point, but I loved her. Too bad I drove her straight into the ground within in a year.

  84. Can’t you people read? The title is First Car Love; the question asked was “What was YOUR first car?” Not what cars do you have for sale! Email that crap in; I want to read about peoples first cars without looking through a bunch of spam! (Fast Eddie)

  85. My first car was a 1985 Dodge Aries K a four door 4 banger. MARoon with wire rim hub caps a white pin stripe (vinyl) and velour seats. I felt like the king since my car ran and my buddies magnum did not run that great, course now I miss the magnum not the aries

  86. The car I learned to drive on was a 1970 Pontiac Bonneville with a 455. I drove that thing all over my aunt and uncle’s ranch in Texas. Then my uncle let me drive the brown 1969 Mercury Marauder on the road, but we couldn’t drive at night because the damn headlight covers wouldn’t open. My first car I owned was a 1965 Chevelle 300 post car. That’s the car that taught me how to turn a wrench, just like one girl I dated taught me something else. I blew the original 283 and Powerslide transmission, and dropped in a 327 with a mild cam, turbo 350 trans and 2800 rpm stall with 3.08 gears. That car was fast, and took planning to stop with the 4 wheel manual drum brakes. Miss that car!

  87. My first car was a mint factory gold/black 1968 Chrysler 300 2 dr h/t with a 440 TNT,3.23 sure grip…a real tire burner !

    This was in the mid 80’s,the car was a rocket…It was all original/stock bought off a 76 year old and would out run my older (by 10 years) sisters boyfriends new 86 Buick Gran National Turbo !

    I know people dont think so,but the car was 3900 lbs of muscle,low 14’s at the strip with its skiny 14′ magnum 500’s spinning added wider 275 60 15’s and could get in the mid 13’s with half way controlling tire spin ! Would do better with more traction..

    Drove the car 2 years before blowing the bottom end (to many rolling burnouts) Then I bought a 69 383 4bbl Coronet 500 2 dr h/t not the hi performance 383 magnum but the 383 4bbl ..I added duel exhaust,magnum 500’s and heck it was red/black didnt dig the gold on the 300 back then..The Coronet,not as quick as the 300 but still fun and would dust off the late 80’s-early 90’s 5.0 Mustangs that were everywhere at the time…I treated that better and still have it today ,only better looking and a 440 built up and a Super Bee clone !

    I bought another a few years back,a factory black/black 68 300 with console.I rebuilt the car from the ground up,this time its black/black and I rebuilt the 440 TNT with a purple cam and heads built up for added kick and she beats my 09 300 SRT-8 !

    As you cant tell I am a Mopar guy (mostly because brother in laws are GM-Ford guys always bashing me but never beating me back then ) but hey I did have a red pedal car with white hubcaps and it looks to be just like the one you had,should find another and do a resto on the red pedal car !!

  88. My first truck was a 66 chevy loved that truck it was all factory 235 inline 6 with a powerglide i drove it 2 yrs then blew the motor then swapd out the motor with a 66 327 out if a wrecked 66 inpala ss then my srcond fav was after that i swapped it for a 68 firebird someone transplanted a 454 with a 4 speed now that was an awsome car i regret ever selling it but having kids i had to put the speed away for the family but now my daughter is 17 my new project is a 90 ss454 chevy truck im def gonna make it fast and loud big blocks need to breath lol theres no substitute for cubic inches i say

  89. My parents passed down a 1980 Monte Carlo that was not running. My dad rebuilt the motor with the money I saved. He had a buddy of his paint it black with blue pearl drops. I wish I still had it. BTW I like the show me and parents watch like 6 shows last night. Keep up the good work!

  90. My first car was a 76 ElCameno. It was a winter beater living in Michigan. Nice thing about it was the built 305 with a four barrel carb and dual exhaust. After that I always loved Trans Am’s. I have had a 84, 87, 88, 2000 & two different 2002 WS6. One of them I still own. Always wanted a 77 though & was wondering what you did with the white one from the show. Do you have plans for it? Love the show guys!!!!

  91. I watch your show b all the time all i do is fix cars ever day own my on shop i got a 1981 ponitic grand la/mams i wnt to sale the car is in great shape if u wnt to u can look at it on crag list at reggie dantzler blue car with rims on it

  92. Technically my first ride was my little Red Rand tricycle. Still have it but it needs a resto before I pass it down to my newborn son. In high school I saved my money from working on a movie and went half with my parents and bought a 1987 Monte Carlo SS. I raced the crap outta that car beating imports, Chevelles and Mustangs but sadly never got a chance to run it against a schoolmates 66 Malibu 396 because someone decided to steal her away with a trunk full of tools and a Club anti-theft device on the floor. “Good One Joe”.

    After that I bought a 1972 Buick Limited 2 door HT w/ a 455 for $200 to use as a demolition derby car but sadly she never made it to the dance. If only I had kept that engine.

    So actually this leads me to the real answer. After mourning the loss of the Monte (still not over that one), I saved some more pennies and dimes and bought a 1965 Impala SS HT. She was a former lowrider with primered fenders and faded Maroon body, shaved doors, black vinyl interior, 10″ steering wheel, no rear shocks, and rust the size of Texas to boot. Of course I didn’t know that when I bought it but what the hell it was a sweet ride. The engine left me stranded more than once but I looked cool chillin on the side of the road with the hood up. After the engine gave out I gave up and started saving those pennies and dimes this time to rebuild it. Until…

    The neighborhood plumber, a little old man who lived around the corner from my house had finally decided to part ways with a member of his family. Another 1965 Impala SS HT with power everything, steering, brakes, windows, (yes power windows), factory I repeat factory WORKING air conditioning and a mighty mouse 327 ci V8 with double hump heads or fuelie heads. He had bought the Impala brand new in 1965 from the local dealer in Yuma, AZ, Dunbar Chevrolet. Kept the car under a car port and denied potential buyers (of which included my father and brothers back in the 70’s), of his SS for 30 years.

    After getting a loan for $3,000 from the bank and making $100 monthly payments the SS has had a permanent place in our family for the last 17 years. As I write this I’m saddened to see her fall into despair but I know that the mighty Impala will someday cruise down the streets again with the cold air blowing on my face and the 327 V8 and power glide combo humming along in tune.

  93. 1978 Monte Carlo. I pulled the 305/350 combo in favor of 350/4 speed. lowered
    with craiger ss mags, i was envy of the neighborhood. totaled it a year and ahalf
    later, but i had the most fun with it

  94. Hey Guys,
    Stumbled on the site after becoming hopelessly addicted to the show and had to share my story. My first was a Bright Red Pontiac Trans Am with T-tops and Medium Grey ground effects. Damn, I love that car. I joined the U.S. Navy three years later and that car sat in my parents backyard up on blocks for the next fifteen years while I was sent around the friggin’ world. She has finally been rescued and now lives in a 32 foot car hauler awaiting her date with destiny when she will see the world again. I have been slowly stripping her down and cleaning her up over the last two years but a trip to the Middle East and some sandstorm dinners halted the plans for a while. I hope to have her melting rubber off of Mr. Goodwrenches best by the time I retire in a couple years. She is now primer grey with only the steering wheel and gas tank still attached. All the wiring, interior and, well, every damn thing else on her has been stripped and either junkyarded or prepped for restoration. I can’t believe how unbelievablly lucky I am to have my first car still in my possession and hope to do her justice. You guys ROCK and never forget…Uncle Sams Watching! Keep on doing Gods Work!!!! Keep it Fast ‘N’ Loud!

  95. Living in Los Angeles, my first car at 19 was a new right out of the show room floor was a 1967 fire engine red VW but it was what we call today a limited edition. It had Empi rims, Empi wooden steering wheel with three gold strips on the bottom of the door panels that ran all the way to the beginning of the rear fender. Then the three letters cut to fit the strips GTB. I asked many people in Los Angels and other cities I had traveled throughout the states of California if they had ever seen another VW like this, “Nope,” was the answer.

  96. My first car was a 1965 Buick Special thin pillar coupe. …….Everything about about it was aimed at being a ‘sleeper’. ….It was black on black and lifted about 4 inches so that it rode ‘flat’ down the road. I got it with the original 310 wildcat engine, but the prior owner had just used it on a pink slip challenge where he and a buddy had slipped in an L-88 with a M-22 crashbox . …..They took the other guy’s vette home with them, and we wound up with a great old ‘sleeper’ with the lightly modified wildcat 310 and a M-21. …..We honestly did just about everything with that car that would put a kid in jail for a couple of hundred years these days, and ultimately just drove it into the ground. ……Have been looking for a thin pillar coupe for a number of years now, and they appear to be really hard to find. ….It would be interesting to see some ‘big time’ sleepers built on your show.

  97. My first car was a 68 VW Baja bug. I went to high school with Richard. We used to cruise all over in his 73 monte carlo with a 454 in it. Then he got a tiny Subaru van. It was only about 5 ft long and 2.5-3ft wide. It would only go about 45 mph. His dad gave/ sold him a nice little mercury comet with keystone clasics on it we put alot of miles on that one too. (cruising Cooper st in Arlington) Recently I built a turbo mid engine sandrail that’ll run 10’s in the quarter, and is street legal. Right now I’m in the middle of building a 55 chevy gasser!

  98. whats up with the 48 chevy you painted flat black at action.if you would look around at the folks in the action there older people they dont like the flat black look.if you would of painted it cherry black would of got more out of it.and why dont you all build your on engines chevy is the cheapest engine out there to build.stop the flat black it looks like primmer.itys all right for the kids but the people at action are older people.and put some nice wheels on them JUST SAYING .

  99. The first car I bought was a 1978 Chevy Monte Carlo 🙂 My favorite color royal blue & she’d lay rubber all the way from my mailbox to the railroad tracks up the road a piece 🙂 love the show!! My boys & I watch it together & we’re always looking forward to the next episode.

  100. My first car was a pristine 1969 Chevy Camaro SS when is was 15. Mind you I was born in the 70’s and a girl- not exactly the typical 1st car, even in South Carolina. Unfortunately, some (expletive) pulled out in front of me and I lost my lil red, yeah that was her name. It was too late though, I had been bitten by the car bug. About, 8 years ago my dad bought an all numbers matching 63 Impala but within 3 months of him buying it his health started to decline. He left it to rot away behind the house. About a year ago, I was sick of seeing it sit there and waste away so I’ve made it my little pet project. She’s up and running now, still have some work to do on her, and it’s not a cheap hobby, but she’s coming along- And no Richard I don’t want to sell her 🙂

  101. My first car, was a 1973 VW super beetle, I started on the restoration and ran out of money, but it was great while it lasted! I still have it and its currently still for sale, with a pretty cheap price on it.

  102. First project car was a 71 Chevelle 454 SS. Bought it for 4500.00 and sold it for 6000.00 a year later. I kick myself in the ass everyday for getting rid of it. I currently am working on a 71 Datsun 510 with an SR20DET as a track car. My next project after this one is going to be a Factory Five Cobra.

  103. My first car was a 74 vega . It was like complete anti chick car . Fuel tank had internal rust . Everytme I’d get a chick in it the filter blocked up and I’d break down and have to change it or clean it . I’d reak of gas and the chick would say drop me off up here . It was beat . Only started on either . The hood latch stopped working and i had to jump on it to close it . At the same time all the other kids walked by after school . But I still miss that old P.O.S. !

  104. My first car is going to be a 1992 chevy cheyenne 5spd 4.3 v6 im hoping to switch it to a 429 boss and put the wide tires back on it that my dad bought it with it and make it a troubal maker when im done with this youll see burn-out smoke all the way from lawton,OK

  105. Love your first car. Mine was a 1960 Corvett. Please can I get a free tea shirt Please I tried to buy one with 3 quarter lenth sleves but can’t find one . I’m watching tonight my dear just love you guys

  106. I really enjoy the tv show, also have a 2001 Mercury Cougar in great condition, do you work on cars? Have noticed some oil leaks, which you could fix in your sleep or can you recommend a good mechanic in N. Dallas/Addison area? Have used a Garland contact in the past. Thank you. Mike

  107. My first car was a 1978 Ford Thunderbird with T-Tops, my dad gave it to me in 1990. Nothing like those around now a days. I would love to find one in good shape.

  108. my first was a 70 monte carlo my dad bought when i was about 2. i inherited it when i was 12. One day my sister drove a rod through it and it sat for about 4 years until i pulled an overhaul. I ended up driving it a while and started overhauling it every few months for fun. I parked it and put a 350 out of a 72 camaro but pulled it oit again to beef it up,well i parked it at my grandmas and my pos family pushed it to the street. It was taken and i thought i lost it forever but 4 years later i found it on cl. I lost the guys contact info but while i was driving i found it a town over so now im in the process of buying it back. Have a lot of good memories and hopefully new ones to come.

  109. My first car was a 1990 Thunderbird SC. My dad worked at Ford and he used to bring home some sweet rides for me and my buds to rip around in on the weekends. I remember my days in the SC like it was yesterday. Handed the car down to my son and it never lasted 1 week. Squeal, crash, boom….gone to the metal heap in the sky.
    But I have ideas for a new build! GMG and a 70 Cougar vert. We’ll talk soon.

  110. Love the show, aaron’s beard, richard’s hair, and everything. My first buggy was a 76′ f250 custom that was so far gone and “experimented” with for only $150. Someone added kenworth shocks on the back with bolts welded to the frame, foam cab corners, and in cab gas tank. Ran it until the old 351m couldn’t hack it anymore. i have some fb pics of it. It had a divorced T-case and NP435 tranny, dana 70 rear, 60 front(with the big kingpins) and that thing could go places. Trying to find another one to “remake ” it. One other thing was that it was a special dealer model with all of the next model years goodies in it. too bad it was way too far gone to save though.

  111. 1st car…. 1948 Chevrolet 2 door turtle-back business coupe. 216 inline 6 cylinder, 3 on the tree. Dark Chevy blue. Engine was froze up when bought it… (I was 14 yo) and spent a year going out every morning & giving each piston a ‘love tap’ with a hammer with wooden block centered on the piston. Topped each cylinder off with ‘Break Free’ penetrating oil; then got on bus to school. Repeated process each evening just before dark. A year later, engine broke free & I began to rebuild it. Took a hit from a ‘grain truck’ on 1st road test (right front fender) & it sat for another year before I could find parts (1947 exact same parts, other than some lights). In 1970 it got hit in right windshield glass by 2 large hail stones (only 2 to hit the whole car). Joined the Army in 1971, did time in ‘nam (yeah, I’m a Vietnam War Vet) & spent 12 plus years overseas duty (so car had to sit). Married my lady in 1974 & ain’t had time, money or been close enough to it to restore the girl (’48 Chevy, not my wife). She’s been sitting, waiting for someone to come give her the loving care she needs to get ‘back on the road again’, all this time. Oh, my older brother has quite a collection of oldies ‘sitting on the farm’ with my girl. Maybe you might be interested in some of them. Know 1 was originally a police car & still has bullet holes in left from fender from a ‘shoot out’. Don’t recall what it is.

    Enjoy watching your show, when I can. Being disabled vet, even doing that can be very trying, as I suffer a lot of pain from ‘trauma to body’ caused by rocket & mortar attacks in ‘nam & 2 car accidents later in life. Sure would like to find a 1942 Chevy or Ford for me & my lady to ride around in when my body & weather permits. Or, maybe a 1953?

    Would like to see more restores to original, with ‘quiet’ mods to make cars safer? The artistic & metal-fabrication abilities of many of the cars built in late 30s thru about 1961 make ‘boxes’ built today so BLAND!!!! Don’t let that artwork rust away!

  112. My first ride was a 1965 Mercury Comet Caliente. Never even got to drive the darn thing! My father little brother and I spent a lot of time working on it until it was completely finished. I was supposed to get it for graduating High School. My ignorant step brother put the brakes on that by getting into trouble. My dad sold the car to get the douche nugget out of jail. It had a 4 speed tranny behind a highly modified 302 and a 9 inch rear end with 411 gears.I now have two of them sitting here to restore. One I’ve already started on (slowly making progress) and the other will be done later. The one I’m doing now will be as close as possible to the one we restored when I was a kid. The other I’m gonna chop up into some kind of retro two seated long ass roadster lol! I honestly think I would like to have Sue do my interior. She does some awesome work. You guys are great keep up the good work!

  113. Enjoy your show! I use to spend every weekend hunting cars in G.A. an S.C. miss them days. I found a GT 71 Mercury Cyclone 429 sj with drag pack rear end once . A 69 ford Torino 428 four spd . Them were the days you just hit the back roads and knock on doors no internet LOL. Anyway that was twenty three yrs.ago. About to restore a 68 Cougar now , Car fever again.

  114. My first car was a 1967 Datsun 300 4 door. I didn’t have it very long. I went from it to a 1975 Hurst Olds, then after 1 year traded it for a 1978 Firebird Formula. My wife and I ended up driving it on our honeymoon in 1984. After years and years of family cars my wife bought one of my dream cars for me for Christmas in 2012. She said she wanted to look at a car for herself, but when we got to the dealer they handed me the keys to a beautiful deep blue Dodge Challenger with silver stripes!!! Talk about having a great wife! To top it all off, she’s still as beautiful as the day I met her when she was 18!

  115. Hi Richard! It must be weird hearing from all these people as if they know you personally. Hahaha but it’s funny because when you watch someone on tv enough you start to feel like you do know that person haha… Any way I’m only 18, my dad wouldn’t let me get an old muscle car for my first car. He said it would cost to much:/ but it’s cool, I saved up since I was in first grade for my first car and I bought a 2004 Lexus is300. Its not like V8 fast but its fun. a good amount of power for a first car. I know it’s more of a tuner than a muscle car but I have a love for both. My favorite muscle car is the 1968 chevy chevelle(chevy blue)

  116. I have a 1987 Monte Carlo ss black clean paint no dings and interior is in great condition on has 3 small cuts on the arm rest the car does not have original motor I have 383 stroker motor in it and every part on it is Holley. the car has a 4 inch cowl hood very nice looking and hard running….I am looking to sale it

  117. I have a 1995 Ford F-150 that came with the 302 in it. I am taking it back to the late 70’s early 80’s by replacing the 95′ 302 with a 1979 351W that came factory with a 4 barrel carb on it and backing it with the E4OD transmission the truck came with from the factory.

    I am a old muscle car person since I was real little, I remember helping my dad work on his 1960 impala 2 door that had a 427 under the hood and on his 1968 firebird. I got my first muscle car when I was 15 years old that I bought out of my hay hauling money that I had saved up for 3 years and I paid the man 600.00 for my 1968 Pontiac GTO with a 389 bored to a 400 and it had the factory ram air and the 4:33 rear end … This was my baby and I had restored it from the frame up. I had to sell it in 1990 when I got married to pay for the doctor for my son’s birth. I miss my GTO but it went to a good home in Huston, TX to a mans privet collection. He had all the GTO models made but for mine and last I heard a few years ago he still had my GTO.

  118. I really like the show and just visited the web site, which brings me to ask, how do you sale your favorite car(s) I grew up around 28 a model pick-up, 51 ford f100, 56 chevy 2dr post, 64 chevelle hrdt, 69 chevelle, 68 f100 swb, 71 c-10, now I cant sell nothing because dads has always said I wish I hadn’t, sold those, now we have modern mustangs and my wife is about to kill me, I really look up to those who can get rid of those close memories in those old rides, now I’m looking for older stuff to replace the newer

  119. My first car was a 1970 Monte Carlo. I paid about $2,000.00 for it in 1984 it was a one owner 30 thousand miles car. Read with a black vinyl top. I a new set of American Racing wheels & new tires and I installed air shocks in the back. This was a time when it was popular to set the correct stance on your ride with it racked in the rear (the rear sat a little higher in the back than in the front & before i would go cruzin (that’s back when kids & adults cruzed). Anyhow i took it serious before going out I would walk all around the car, squat & look at it, walked across the street & look at it from the rear & if i thought it needed a more aggressive look I’d add more air & check all around again & if to much the take some out “you get the idea”. The guy that lived across the street had a bad ass 69 Mach 1 & he painted cars for a dad approached him about painting the Monte Carlo for me & he said yes on the condition that I help him & try to learn as much as I can, I was pumped up for the opportunity. After all said & done I ended up with a deep lipstick red lacquer painted beauty. We wet sanded & shot clear on her 6 times. It was assume; the hood looked like a deep read pool that you could dive into & never reach the bottom. I was so proud that car I got so many compliments from friends other kids, & adults. About 6 months after the paint job I let my younger (stoner) brother take it for a spin at the local lake while i was at work. He had a head on collision & totaled the car. It made me sick to my stomach we i got the news & i wanted to kick his ass but he was already in the hostile because his head went through the windows, dash board & steering wheel. Anyhow that is the story of my first car “hope that I did not japper on too much”. I don’t have hot rod or any toys in my garage “lost everything when the housing bubble burst; so to get my car fix I’ve been helping my best friend build his Factory Five Shelby Cobra & with a little over 500 hp that thing is a beast.
    Well I love the show, I always make sure I’m home on Monday to catch the show have not missed an episode. Wish you & all of the GMG people success & happiness. Keep doing what you do really love the cars & the characters “not actors just people with big personalizes whether on camera or off”

  120. Love the show Richard! My first love was a 55 2-door HT that my dad bought from my uncle in uncle knew I loved the car so he sold it to him for $400.00!!! It was supposed to go to me after I turned 18,but parents divorced in 79.after many years my dad sold the car when I was 15 and I never asked who he sold it to and he passed away in 02.I’m 46 years old and have always wanted to know what happened to it,but no luck.even with VIN# .My wife “my best friend”saw me looking on a web site for old cars located in KY and said “since you cant find your dads old 55 why don’t you and I go look for one”! we did find one a 55 Bel-Air sedan 2-door 50% finished for a good price.This 55 will stay with me till I go meet my dad again and ask him who he sold our 55 to!! Thanks for the great entertainment you and all the employees at GMG provide and keep up the good work!

  121. Hey there Mr. Rich I have something to ask I need some advice I built a 1966 c10 step side its murdered out it has about 510hp I’m need to know what I can do to get some traction in this dam thing lol I’m here in midland Texas any suggestions thanks

  122. i was had a1982 elcamino ss my farther bought it when I was 13 and helped work on it until it was stolen from our driveway and landed up in a park totaled. before I could ever legally drive in two weeks we recovered what was left of the cruck and I am now a senior in high school after going threw two brain surgeries and chemo after diagnosed migilablastoma (brain tumor) I am recovering at home

  123. Hi Guys, i know its an old post but i would like share with you that i love your show, and do not mis an episode here in south africa.

    My first ride was an 1979 Volkswagen Beetle, not everybody’s favourite but still a classic

  124. I leave a leave a response each time I appreciate a post on a site
    or if I have something to contribute to the conversation.
    It is a result of the sincerness communicated in the article
    I read. And on this post First Car Love | Gas Monkey
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    I actually do have 2 questions for you if it’s okay.

    Is it only me or does it look like like
    a few of these responses look as if they are coming from brain dead individuals?
    😛 And, if you are writing on additional online sites, I would like
    to keep up with you. Could you list every one of all your communal pages like
    your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

  125. As much as it annoys me (the car)…I am one of the ‘special people’ that would want a Pinto. Especially a Texas rust-free 72 Pinto.

    That comment on the show last week made me laugh. A lot. (And by ‘A lot.’ I mean that you also made my wife laugh a lot.)

    I DD a 72 wagon. It’s a PITA. Always wanted one when I was young, they were what cool drag cars were made of!!! *firstfunnycarfail


    #Bwahaha (@Bwahaha, fuck if I know how Twitter works! That shit is stupid.)
    I digress…there’s a beer in the fridge that’s calling my name…

  126. 68 Ford Galaxie 500.

    Converted from 2 bbl to 4, fresh heads (with hardened valve seats). Always replace the cam retainer plate on an FE. ALWAYS. It seems mundane like a heater hose that doesn’t leak, til it breaks and the cam walks out through the timing chain cover at 4000 rpm. 😉

  127. My first car was an 88 Renault Encore, hatchback! MY first car (purchased with my money 2 weeks afyer the Renault was given to me) was a 65 VW Bug. The engine had caught fire, so I got it cheap! I spent every dime I had, broke 1/2 of my best friends dad’s tools… but we mad it a bad little fucker. And yeah, it was fast (more quick) and loud! Wish I still had her, but I wasn’t too bright nack then.Would’ve been great to pass down to my now 16 year old daughter, who’s nickname is…. you guessed it, Bug! Thanks for the trip down memory lane, GMG. You guys are fucking RAD!!!

  128. My first car was when I was 15 ,it was a rusted out M series 41 Studebaker Pickup with the engine in pieces in the bed. It was the ugliest vehicle I’ve ever owned but it was my first and it was free. I got it running and fell in love with it.

  129. First truck was a 75 f100 had a 302 in it and blew that up so then I dropped in a 460 bored to 466 also did all the work while I was only 17..

  130. Today, I went to the beach front with my kids.

    I found a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.”
    She placed the shell to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her
    ear. She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is
    completely off topic but I had to tell someone!

  131. Documented 1969 Chevelle SS 396-325hp, M20-4speed, bench seat, 65-Olympic Gold with a U57 8 track tape player. I purchased the car 2 weeks after I turned 16, 29 years later my first car 2.5 year full restoration is almost complete. We’ve used most of the original parts with minor changes for motor and suspension for increased performance and driveability.

  132. Well i cant say i had a car but my first vehical was a 1986 dodge ram 50 it had a 6 cylnder in it and it was stolen from me. i have some bad luck with trucks. i miss it sometimes

  133. First car was 1986 Olds Cutlass Ciera… with the 2.5L Iron Duke =/. A whopping 92 hp and 135lb*ft of torque.

    Current ride is an 87 Dodge D150. Has a 318, but I acquired a 360 and 727 from a rollover to build up. Plans are to stroke it and convert it to EFI with a Holley system.

  134. if you guys ever want to do a 1964 Chevelle (small block, 4-speed, 3.73 posi).. boy do I have a deal for you! Not an SS.. has buckets, no console and steel wheels with poverty caps..

  135. My husband has a 1981 Monte Carlo that he needs help with the internal who would u recamend to help him with that plez help he needs it running and work in good.

  136. I have an all original 1963 f100 swb stepside with a 292 engine v8 3 speed for sale $4000 obo. It needs minor body work and it does need engine and brake work. If interested please contact me. Thanks

  137. Might be an old post but I’ll comment anyway my very first car if you want to call it that was a 1992 ford tempo that while didn’t look all that great always ran without issues up until I was at a friends house and parked on the street completely legally and got slammed into by a semi thankfully I wasn’t in it now I own a 1999 hyundai tiburon that has been taken apart a few times including a total engine swap from the standard 2.0 4 cylinder to the 2.0T that Hyundai produces. Love the show cars are my life and wouldn’t trade away any memories from working on any car my own or otherwise.

  138. I have a 77 Chevy Scottsdale with a six inch suspension lift. Its sitting on 35 inch tires. The body is in pretty good shape except for the rocker panels. How hard are they to replace?

  139. holy shit! i had a red beetle just like it my first car my dad wanted to put turn signals on the front but i was scared of the noise the drill made i was 4 or 5 years old so i told him no i used to drive it around the basement stopping to fill up my pure spring bottle with home made sweet italian wine we had barrels in the basement we made our own wine lol! then i progressed to bikes loved cars all my life used to ride my bike around town in canada ottawa the nations capital i’d look in every driveway backyard for muscle cars i was never into sports or shit just cars making models going down to cruise the donut on the week ends texas is a great state have some friends there in ennis tx.please do a 50’s mopar i’m a mopar guy you need to find a cool old mopar 57,58,59 big fins hemi do it up cool desoto’s and the 59 dodge 2 doors are really scarry looking i think they’re mean and evil looking. peace outy!

  140. My first car was a brand new 1974 Plymouth Duster shifter in the floor!!
    I still have is and was looking for an episode where y’all might have resorted one.

  141. first car was a hand me down 67 ford longbed with a 300 6cyl which I promptly laid on its side in a ditch while attempting to spin out going through a creekbed on a gravel road…..first car I ever bought was a 67 mustang, i was 18 and took it all apart and put it back together, painted and cleaned, but no $ for hot rodding it up. I had all summer to rebuild it since i was grounded for flipping my dads 78 ford longbed a few times and totaling it. It was a true nascar style rollover that lasted wayyyy to long lol.

  142. First car I really drove was a 1957 TOYOPET precursor to the TOYOTA NAME, it was a aunts car she bought used and early 60’s parked in our back yard, 4 cyl three on tree and each summer we would work on it and save our pennies for gallons of gas to ride the car around the yard…………..FUN FUN FUN and the upholstery smell like plastic when heated by the sun and the steering wheel was gummy and we would wrap it in electrical tape to just steer the car

  143. From the age of 12 to 15 years old I bought many “lot cars” to run around the farm. The first was a ’55 DeSoto Firedome amd the last a ’62 Ford Galaxie. In 1971 when I turned 16 and got my license I bought a ’66 Chevy Caprice. I drove the crap out of that car searching for more cars to buy and flip or keep for my growing collection. By the time I turned 19 my collection consisted of two ’57 Chevys (210 Sedan bored to 301 c.i. abt. 300 hp. & Belair wagon), ’66 Mustang convertible (289 auto, pony interior), ’50 Chevy business coupe (drag car with 327 4 speed), ’58 Pontiac Bonneville (370 w/3 deuces), ’65 Chevy Impala (394 Olds eng.), ’60 Olds 98 (16,000 org. miles) & ’66 Corvair Corsa ( 4 carbs). Total purchase price for all $1350.00. Most expensive was the Mustang ($600.00) & the cheapest ’60 Olds ($20.00). Invested another $1000.00 fixing them up then sold everything for a little over $4000.00 to buy the car of my dreams, a ’66 Pontiac GTO convertible that had an impeccable black Imron paint job, white interior & white top with the 389 4 bbl. automatic).

    Sadly the GTO lasted me 2 years. As I rounded a curve late one night I was hit head on by some stoned out 15 year old kid driving a stolen car in my lane with no headlights on. Maybe if I wasn’t cruising at a little over 100 m.p.h. the damage might not have been as severe. As it was my engine was partially pushed through the firewall and the steering wheel took out the drivers bucket seat. Thankfully I wasn’t wearing my seat belt and went over it through the windshield. The car and I were busted up pretty bad, but I was fixable.

  144. Hello from the bi***ng cold Scandinavian north. I have had my first car for 3 years now, i am not sure if i ever will sell it. ’87 Monte Carlo SS HT. Stumpy 305 😛 Small $500 5.3l LSx truck engine on the way in soon. Later i just must have a 6 speed manual 😛 Might get a pair of turbos. Minimum 450hp. But the 290hp in the stock 5.3 might just be enough for the 200-4r to handle to begin with.

  145. Hi, I see that you love the old ones like I do. I have a problem and think you might be able to help me or at least point me in the right direction. I wrecked my 1976 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and the person that caused the accident insurance company admits their client was at fault and has sent me a check for a little over $1100.00 I will also keep my truck because they deemed it a total loss. The Blue Book Value for this vehicle (I was told by my insurance carrier) is over $4000.00 at the least(in ugly condition). They told me to submit from sellers of these vehicles(dealers, etc.) evidence that they are worth more. What can I do legally or otherwise? Please Help!!!

  146. Love the show. My first car was a 1960 impala convertible. I bought if from a neighbor for$100 in 1971. Never broke down on me in rural Montana (that’s redundant I think)
    For sale!!! 1975 Pontiac trans am HO 455. Relatively new silver repaint. SKAKER GOOD! Fairly new rebuild on engine and transmission. Inside the trunk looks brand new. Engine compartment looks great. Black interior. Auto, AC, tilt, p.s., pb, power Windows. Newer radio. $5000 Foose wheels. Looks great, drives great. Whooooo! Adding$21,500 or might trade for right vehicle. Located in corpus Christi.

  147. Hey gas-monkey staff, just wanted you to know you’ve got more fans than you probably think!
    I’m ex-military stationed most of my term at Fort Hood in the late 70’s. I remember each and all the muscle cars of the day & managed to own some (69 Camaro RS/SS, 73 Charger SE, Chevelle SS396 etc…etc) I loved them then, I love them now! My only regret is not to have kept at least my top 3! But I digress, I was born & raised in Brussels, Belgium in 1960. I returned to visit my childhood places & found myself spending hours researching what is the demand for muscle cars over there versus here. As you already damn well know, they’ll pay double for whatever thier all time favorite is. This made me sad that I didnt have the foresight you had on how muscle cars market would boom in such a big way!!
    But I got nothing but respect for all you guys, wish I would have stayed in Texas & become your official overseas scout!! I see youre booked up for months to come, would it be cool to drop in a few minutes to get an estimate, but mostly to meet you all in person!!! 🙂
    Peace & restore them, not crush em…!!!!

  148. My first car that turned me into a fanatic was that my grandmother gave me a 1981 trans am turbo for my 15th birthday. I was so excited to try and restore it, but it turns out her ex had had a bout with her and as a way of getting her back, he decided to pour 90 weight gear oil down every hole in the motor he could find and tried to burn it. Needless to say the engine had to go. My neighbor just so happened to be restoring a 68 firebird and he gave me the “old” 383 stroker to put in as well as the 4spd rockcrusher as well.

  149. My son and I plucked a 66 galaxie from a salvage yard. He is 14 we have two years to complete it.the engine was gone and through reviews I’ve read the suspension isn’t that great either .. OK my question to u is can I take a newer ford and do some interchanging ?, if so could you help direct me in the right direction oh and if u decide to do another 63 falcon let me know I got one to let go of.

    Thanks big fan of the beard!
    Jeremy Hardig

  150. I have a 1997 Jeep TJ that I am considering an engine upgrade to either a 318 or LS1. I do not want to over power the Jeep, but I want it to be reliable with plenty of power. I do not mind being outside the box, but I want to make a good decision. I understand the 318 will provide me with more lowend torque, while the LS1 has more top end. I am not looking for speed, but pedal response. When I step on the pedal I want it to move, not lag. Being a car guy, Mopar guy, and that knowing Dennis Collins from Collins Brothers Jeeps, I trust your opinion. For the average motor head Jeep guy which would provide me with what I want?

  151. My first vehicle was a 1966 Valliant with a 225 slant six. Paid $75 for it. It had $100 worth of tires, but I had to put the head back on. I had a lot of fun double clutching the three speed. The last time I drove it I added STP and spun every rod bearing. Fortunately the highway was all down hill to my destination, so I didn’t have to walk.

  152. Hay I am building a 76 comet into a dragged and want know how to go by putting a four link rear frame in its my first time and I need good in do on it . I bought the frame and started to cut the back out and need to know what locations should I use to wild this frame section into . I do build hot rods and I have 15 muscle cars I have built from ground up and painted all my own I do every thing my self every thing and know I am wondering this is my first so good info would be great if you could help I would be great full for .I have a 411 cub and 800 hp and a hundred Shor of no keep in mind I am a dot welder and can make this work just need some reliable help would be good thanks. Joe dirt

  153. The Car I Fell In Love With Is My 1968 All Back Ford Ltd County Square Station Wagon It’s Not In The Best shape but I am in the process of restoring and I can’t wait to show it off when it’s finished

  154. Hello Rich my first car was a 79 Monte Carlo which I still have. I had this car when my wife and I got married 28 years ago. I haven’t had the car on the rd. for a few years ,but just sitting in her with my wife beside me takes us both back to some very fun times . anyway back to the reason I m writing this. I m just starting a frame off restoration on my second love and am having a hard time finding floor, trunk pans for my car .We live on the east coast of Canada .Winters here are harsh and this car was my daily driver for years .If you can help me out that would be great .if you or anyone out their needs any other 78 79 80 Monte Carlo parts leave comments. I have two donor cars Thanks’ again guys Rodney Hurley east coast Canada PS love your show ,got some great ideas! and a trip down to see you crazy fackers is definitely on my bucket list PSS we will be bring the Monty for sure

  155. My 66 Malibu SS 502/650hp. Spent about $90000 restoring it. Every nut and bolt new. Looks stock on outside , Black. Goes like Jack the Bear. 🙂

  156. I have a 74 dodge charger se that my step dad gave me when I was 13 I would love to get her completely restored and she’s not in bad shape at all but being a mother of 4 I don’t have the time to make her as perfect as she deserves to be. How much would it cost to get her beauty back to where it belongs?

  157. I have had about 40 cars &trucks and I’m 45 yrs old I now have a 65 chevelle 300 deluxe
    That I restored 10 years ago but if I had to let it go it would go first ,I now just acuiared a
    Old meyers manx I watch a lot of stuff on the manx but I am going to have a hard time
    Letting that 65 chevelle go I have replaced allot of the hard to do parts like springs
    And fuel system the floor boards trunk pan & more
    It is a nice cruiser / hot rod
    My 1st car was a 69 elf amino,ss I found out later I just pushed in the bonds and the ss fit right
    In there

  158. Hey gas monkey garage, ive just recently traded my 1963 chevy 1/2 ton fleet side for a 1946 chevy 1 1/2 ton, looking to rat rod it an wanted to get some hinters!! Thanks guys.

  159. On a.1969 gto. Is there a fix for the rubber front bumper . My car is about a 98% quality car except for my front bumper is cracking on the nose . Can you help sir in this matter. Thanks Stacy in Georgia

  160. Hey Richard and Aaron, I plan ok building a 69 Charger and am currently looking for parts, its killing me cause im looking for a guage cluster, somethin like a lcd panel, I think you put one, well Aaron put one in his 63′ falcon… do you have an idea of what its called or where I can get one? Thankyou so much, I am a huge fan of you guys and your work, keep it up!

  161. You have got to be one of the most talented car guys I have ever watched on TV! My very first car was a 1963 ford falcon convertable paid a whopping $300 for it. That was in 1975 It broke down then in my senior year I decide to go in to the army, best thing I ever did. I now have 4 children 3 boys and one girl the 3 boys went into the military 2 Marines 1 special forces. The 2 Marines did 2 tours in Irag Two of them remain in the military. They also love your show. Keep up the good work!

    I was in Houston last month I so wanted to come to gas monkey bar and grill but time restraints wouldn’t allow it. I’m In little old Salem Oregon.



  164. I have a true 1970 ss nova that my mom drove me around in when I was little I have many stories but I was wondering what would it take to update it paint and make it a badass on the street 🙂 I would love to take her for one more ride in it as a badass look my mom picked me up one day at school and lit them up just to impress me I want to impress her please help 🙂 oh Arron I’m from burleson and wife is from
    Crowley 🙂

  165. hey mu name is Stephen Ross Harrington, my Dad is a disabled vet of 27 years he was injuried his last deployment, he now still gives to his country and county, by helping with DAV,VFW,and American Legion donating his time to still other veterans worse off than him in his words,He has a 63 c-10 fleetside that has at modestly, has been fixed as needed he is now on disability and was medically retired , so his funds fall short of fixing up of his truck and goes to donating time and money to others . well if you guys could guide me as to where i can get help fixing his truck up just stock , I also am a Marine forth gen sevice member my grand father was a Vietnam vet of three years and both my Great Grand fathers in WWII,even civil war members , he wants to one day paint a MILITARY theme on his truck , ( he calls spot ) again any help or advice would be greatly , GREATLY applied and appreciated . CPL Ross Harrington , SEMPER_FI

  166. Fist car was a 1980 Monte Carlo LS theft recovery car. Engine blew in three days, interior was shit and it had old bias ply cheater slicks that where burned right off. 3rd car was a 83 Cutlass 307 that after a month the engine blew passing a slow ass driver and I just made it up to the speed limit of 60 MPH. 4th car, 80 Cutlass some one put a 455 Wildcat in and I got the cops called on me for trying to drag race everyone on the freeway, father sold it right after that but probably the only car I loved was my 70 350 Caprice 2 Dr Hard top. Even found the original sales slip, sold to a little old lady in Virgina in 1969. Had a junk yard 400 I replaced with a High output Camaro 350 (Little under power for those cars but the 350 HP 350 that came in them had lifter problems anyway) and even though it was a bit dry compared to the original motor she could still 0-60 in 7 seconds manually shift it right staging with almost full RPM’s and topped out the 130 MPH Speed-o with out even bitching at me to slow down. And if any indication to how that car handled is why Impala (Same gene pool) won the best handling Luxury car in 1965 I think it was Car and Driver Magazine (Because they where smart and started using the Chevelle suspension who in the late 60’s early 70’s dominated the Road tracks in the larger car class) , then it would explain why that car probably saved my life many times and it’s favorite thing to do was run S turns with little more than a down shift and a pedal stab with out even thinking about the fact she was as long as the long bed 76 Chevy pick up I had to pull the engine out of to replace that junk yard 400. Plus I think her Monroe Sensitracks where also a big help. I also attribute it to the fact it was a lower HP engine so instead of trying to kill me she just stayed glued to the road.

    Altogether it was $800 for the car and a trade for a early 80 some thing Pontiac Sunfire (That also didn’t run, don’t know why anyone would have wanted it even if it did) with $150 for the engine to get it going.

    I led into that entire dissertation because the first car had a pretty interesting tale while the others just sucked or where lame and had to throw in my all time favorite car in there because the story just isn’t complete with out her.

    RIP 🙁 She was a good girl

  167. Morning or Afternoon Guys
    My first car was a 78 Ford Fairmont, Ugly Red. Had a little problem with the parking system. It didn’t work when I parked on a little hill. Car usually rolled back in the middle of anywhere I parked. Had to put a brick behind the rear wheel to stop it from rolling. I also had to carry a hammer and screwdriver to get the battery started. I loved my first car. Second car was a Characoal Grey ’80 Camaro. Drove that Baby to the ground. Racing it through the Mojave Desert on the way to Grandpas house. Been looking for another ’80 camaro but haven’t seen one in my price range. Teachers aide salary. Also what to let you all know, I think you all are Great and love the show. Keep up the shananagins. Peace, Love and Motor Grease. GOD BLESS
    Thank My Dad for teaching the fundamentals on keeping my cars going. Have an Awesome Day

  168. I have a 1966 ford fairlane 500 2 door hard top.I started working on it and be came very ill now iam on hold.rebuilt the 351 motor and most of the body work.The in side of the car is still un toched.Can u help.My number is 606-687-0302 I live in somerset ky 42503 141 university dr. Realy could use ur helpthis has been my dream for years to fix up an old car just to drive .IT doesent have to be perfect just fair I watch ur show every time its on.U guys are great wish I was there to ntalk to u in person would be better.Iam disabled and would love for u to finish my car .If u cant ill under stand its probley just to far to come see it but I can send pictures..Only over my phone need ur no. to do that.Thank u for just reading my request if u cant its ok.U GUYS ARE THE BEST………..Keep up the good work and ur show on the air.

  169. mine was a 1970 DODGE CHARGER R/T 440 MAG 17 years old had the best lookin girl in town by my side dam life was great, goin into my senior year of high school what a great summer driving tooo fast on top of the world brother,, but had to get rid of that car that next winter and getta job some 9 months after buying that car,,

  170. Richard, or Aaron, have a tiny challenge, favor. As you are looking for your next cars, have you come across a 1986 Buick Skyhawk “T” type hatchback, manual car. not skylark. I know your asking why? Throw away cars, not powerful. It was my first car, I wish it was faster but I taught all friends how to drive a manual. I even fitted a house wall light switch because the sensor to turn on fan so car wouldn’t overheat right on the dash. Got hot turn light on haha. I’ve only seen one other T type hatchback besides the one I had, mine black with hood scoop. And I’ve seen a silver one. Have You Ever Seen or come across one before in your car searches? If so will you please let me know? If decent one, I may just trade you my 2001 extended can 4×4 5.3 Silverado. I’m sure Buick worth very little. Appreciate sir
    *** ps my stepfather starting to talk about maybe selling his AMC AMX 1969 javelin. Engine was rebuilt years ago. Repainted blue original moldings interior not out together, original wheels. Little rust if any. He has it covered in garage dirty like barn find. If he says yes would you be interested? I would take pictures for you if you are.

  171. Hay richard or Aaron I got a challenge for u find a 1979 Elcamino my dad like watching ur show an he loves thous cars he ask one day don’t they rebuild one I told him I don’t know y but any way it mite be a fun project for y’all

  172. Hay rich I watch gas monkey all the time I have a 79 dodge magnum that my uncle left me a calaf car only 58,000 miles untouch every thing all factory almost show room have you guys ever did a dodge magnum gas monkey style if not would you

  173. hey rich my first car at 15 was a 69 kingswood station wagon my dad got from a friend for 50 bucks ! it had a 300 hp 350 w/ a 400 trans and a 12 bolt part time posi. it was blue metallic and big, my brother was a machinist and a mechanic .we tuned it,new timing chain ,suspension, and lake pipes ,even had votec do body and paint for 100 bucks.looked awesome new carpet stereo ,and soon my buddys called it the love boat. because me and my girlfriend always getting caught parking lol.

  174. Hey Richard I know that your time is valuable but I like your show on how you customize cars. So maybe you can help me or know someone that can help me finsh. With the car I started. But I’m not able to do it myself..first let me say that I had customize this car for my wife birthday. And we won a few throphy .this was back in 1984.but a few years later the motor over heated so it’s been in the garage ever since about 10yrs ago I started taking the the car apart and i rebuilt the motor and transmission,carburetor,brake booster and drained and clean the gas tank also i had new brake pads and drum surface i started the the car and when around the block but it’s leaking power steering fluid.. Her so i need someone to finish were I left off, I do want to add air bag lift. Oh! The car is a 1978 mercury cougar XR7 with Hurst T- Tops ! Which leaks when’s it rain. I tryed to find some one who sells them but no luck i thought about selling the car but this was the car when I met my wife. Which past away on May 8, 2014 her name was Maria Teresa silva my . thank you for your time Ricardo Silva e-mail [email protected] a dress 6729 w. Merrell St. Phoenix arizona 85033

  175. My first car was a 1980 Pontiac Sunbird with a 4 speed. Had to run a string from the carb to the dash to get the car started as the choke was out. The exhaust system kept falling off, and the distributor would literally fall apart every time I gave it a tune up.

    Also if you all are interested we have a 1985 Porsche 928 with a 5-speed manual transmission. Not your original line of work but maybe a fun project if you wanted to do something different?

  176. My very first car was a 1974 Baby blue Buick Special that was given to me from my dad and grandpa, however I knew nothing about cars and blew the engine in it. So in 1986 I bought a 1975 2 door XR7 Mercury Cougar and I just LOVED it. It was grey with a red top and red interior. I ended up selling the car to my brother because I ended up getting married and pregnant right out of high school. I do not know what he did with the car and would love to find it and buy it back to restore it. However my brother died in 1993 and I have no way on how to figure out where to find it. Anyhow I loved it and still do.

  177. I am a 17 year old high schooler out of california and my first car is a 72 chevelle 4 door malibu with a 350 small block and a 350 tranny. I love this car, i have had some great times in it. It runs great, has thrush exhaust and a rattle can black paint job! I have original owners manuel and pink slip, the whole 9 yards, all origional paper work!

  178. my first car was a 54,merc,the top was chopped 3 inchs,the head lights were frenched,the grill was hand made from three different cars,a 59 buick,a 60 caddy,and a 57 bel,air.the car was lowered had the old spinner hub caps it was white over had lake pipes,it had twin spot light rear view mirrors,the interior was tuck n roll,all the knobs were dimond shapped plastic with black centers.i got her for free,because the taillight lens were smashed,and she hed been sitting under some trees.she had a souped up 312 c.I. motor.she looked like 12 miles of bad road,but I knew what she looked like under all that crap.i took a battery,fresh gas,oilk and filter.four hours later I left boiling the tires,700 feet of rubber left on the ground .the car was so sparkly clean and shiny when I was finally done detiling her out,but my problem was the lenes in back.we found some that were o.k. but they wanted 100.00 a piece for them,so I was bummed,until a couple ot weeks later when my brother felix and me were in line at the grocery store,they had these red plastic kitchen garbage cans,i got one went home and started fabercation,I put new bulbs in and put my home made covers on and all the fellas,were talking trash,we put some bets down that the police wouldn’t sing off the stack of fix it tickets.i had a motor c.h.p. cop come by the house,he was talking shit like every body eles,but when I turned on the lights and they lite up they were all supprised not only were they bright as hell blinkers,stop to,t had used a second piece of the can,and cut out the logo from the merc,hood emblem,and it was cool as hell,and as it turned out,four weeks later I sold her to the cop who sined off the tickets.and I went back to the same people and picked up a 56,merc,they wanted to give me.loved them cars.

  179. my fiance and i just recently purchased a 1962 bel air 4 door sedan. it ran and drove really well for about a week but than started to have issues. whenever we put the air filter onto the carborater it hesitates and eventually stalls out… then the filter will turn gray like the carb back fired . any idea why this is happening? its our first classic and the 235 L6 engine is all orig. to the car..

  180. Love cars and especially Muscle cars, High School hot rod was a 69′ Pontiac GTO. I still own it after 24 years and love it just as much if not more! Started out with a stockish 400 and moved up to a 70′ 455 bored .60 over with a 4.210 bore and stroke making it a 468 or very close to this #. It currently has a 610 lift 310 duration solid lifter cam with ported #96 heads. It has hooker super comp headers with 3 inch Torque tech exhaust and a Dr. gas X pipe. The intake is a torquer 2 port matched and a Holley 850 with annular boosters sits on top. I have a 250 horse Nos Cheater system installed for some xtra fun, the rear sports an 8.5 10 bolt with bolt in axles and 4.10 richmond gears and a HrpartsNstuff Anti Roll Bar installed for straight launches. It’s a fun car, love Pontiacs and wish I could afford many more!!!!!! Keep up the awesome work, love your show and all you guys do!!!!! My good friend from High School Jason Port met you Richard at Sema and has a picture of you both, was jealous when I saw that, lucky guy!!!!! Take it easy!!!!!

  181. Hello. I was wondering if you could help me find odd engine size on my C 10 pick up? It’s a 1963 with a six cylinder, c 10 and I can’t find anywhere to help me find what it is my cast numbers are 382-2918. Can you help? Thanks Richard

  182. I have 1979 Chevy Silverado power and air with factory tach 454 big block heavy suspension short wide going to sell good project truck does run was factory orange truck not now If interested 620 704 3920

  183. My first car was a 1974 Ford Maverick 2 door. When I was 17, I bought a 1977 Maverick 2 door, factory 302, auto, ps/pb, a/c, bucket seats, sport mirrors, full window trim, and it even has a rear window defroster. Car is Grabber orange w/ half white vinyl top. I still have the car, 25 years later. Needs to be redone bad. Getting cancer, doctor bills, a child, and taking care of my elderly Grandparents have put it on the back burner though. Hopefully one day, I will see it new again, once I dig out of debt. Lol

  184. Have a bird of a different color. Started out life as a 1968 firebird convertible with the ohc 6 and auto. Engine got tired so I started “monkeying around” with it. Rebuilt the engine to the sprint level Correct high compression heads with dual springs and hot cam, 4 barrel carb with split exhaust manifolds dumping into real sidepipes. Changed trans to a t-5 with overdrive. New springs all around, added disc brakes up front, has 3.55 rear now but want to change to 3.08.
    Wild ass car for a six feels more like a sportscar than Detroit iron.
    Alas it needs a new home. A 1966 pontiac catalina came along and bumped it out of the garage.
    You folks might like to see pics of them 203-993-0313

  185. My first car was a Chevy orange 72′ Pontiac Ventura. I had it for a while then sold it to a neighbor kid, after a few years of his family use, it ended up in California with the same neighborhood kid. From there it was hit by another car, Lexus I believe. Last I heard it ended up at GmG! I could be wrong though. Fun car, many memories!

  186. I’ve just bought a 1978 Chevy C-10 Silverado 1/2 ton , shortbed. She’s got some scoot under her with a Chevy 350 ,headers, Edel intake & 750 Edel carb..B&M Slap-Stick on a 3-spd turbo automatic. I want to chop the roof 3″. What kind of man hours am I looking at . As an amateur…?

  187. 1969 AMC Javelin SST. CT. car it’s entire life, NO RUST, NO ROT! Owned it 9 years, restoring for 3. I work out of a 1 car garage with only the basic tools (hand tools, crappy welder and compressor) I have done everything myself from fabrication, engine build, paint/body. Oh, I stuffed a real deal 71 Boss Cleveland making a verified [email protected] I built the engine for $6300 inc. machine work. The 4 speed is a T-10 and the rear is a 9″ rear with Detroit locker and 4.56 gears. All bolt in, no cutting or hacking. Wish I could post pics, this thing is a perfect example of what 1 person with determination can do. Takes REAL balls to build this car.

  188. Hi. Richard I luv the way you guys at GAS MONKEY restore and customize cars and trucks. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.
    well I have a 1978 mercury cougar XR7 that has T-TOPS. That need the rubber weather stripping kit. I been looking for about a year now with no there anything you can help me with on were some one might be able to help me? I be very greatful!
    Well thank you for your time.

  189. 1 family owned in Illinois, all original 71 grand torino Gt 351c 4 speed factory hurst
    original paint, motor, trans, everything.. always garaged keep… never seen snow

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