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If you watched last night’s show, you should have seen the code you can enter to win FRED. We hear the code was hard to read and a little blurry, though. I didn’t see it. Must have looked away to swig my beer and completely missed it. I guess I’m not exactly eligible to win, anyway. We’re not allowed to release the code online because it’s specifically meant for the people who watched the premiere, so we’re hoping you DVR’ed it or TIVO’ed it or taped it on your old school VHS so you can take a closer look at it. Once you know the code, go to to enter the code before midnight (11:59 PM EST). We’re keeping our fingers crossed for you! We hope FRED lands in a happy home. In other news, even if you don’t win, you can now rock out a FRED T shirt! We have a Rated R version of the FRED shirt and a G version for our younger fans. Rock it out!

gas monkey garage, chopper live, FRED, gas monkey merchandise



  1. Would love to win that bike! I’ve been a bobber fan all my life. Built one out of a honda rebel and working on a suzuki intruder bobber. Cash is a little low right now though. Never tackled a harley bobber but hopefully will someday.

  2. Where i understand your unable to release the code online, it might be more benefitial to correct the issue and try it again. It will not only give you a second chance to redeem yourselves, but will ensure another night of high volume of viewers. I watched the entire show and paused the code twice and still could not make it out. I have been raving about the bike and the show since i first saw it. I would hate for fans to be angry over this issue as im sure you agree. Thanks and i hope i have a second chance to win the beautiful bike!

  3. Would love to win this bike. I’ve been a bobber fan my whole life. Its about time that bobbers get recognized. I’ve built one and working on another. Keep up the sweet bike building.

  4. Hey Guys, ya’ll frickin’ rock. Love the show & all the hard work you put into it. Wished I had seen the code but oh well. I like the Fred build but Fred looks a little more like a Thelma, ya know what I mean? One mean bitch!!!

  5. look at the left top of your TV AND WATCH THAT ……..Iam still wating for them to( anounc) the code so i can enter the contest ….fred u suck….

  6. Unfortunetly, even after dvring it, I still never saw the code….SUCKS!!! Oh well, Im sure you guys will come up with another cool build like that and will want to give it away to some lucky fan. LOL BTW.. Ive watched you guys from the first episode and love the show. Took me awhile to remember how I knew Aaron, but it finally came to me after reading his profile and realized we went to the same school shortly. Peace out guys, keep on a rockin’ them rides!!

  7. My Man’s!!! (Includin’ pretty red headed youngin’)!! I know, I know! Day late, $$$ short here! heavy foot surgery, heavy meds!! But i cought show in recordings last night!!! Bud Lite, my man!!! Now how’s that for the medi vac!!! Woo Hoo!! Carry on & how are you Dudes on Ol’ Ladys with F-F-Fast Boats??? Well, “Honey Hush”, come on over to my lake, Eagle Mountain or can meet ya’ll @ Lewisville on a pretty, sunny, warm day!!! 30′ Liberator Coustom build for me by David runnin’ twin 496’s, stock baby,ssshh, “honey Hush!!! Where ya want the pics sent!! XOXO Suzy Q

  8. Love your show. PLEASE PLEASE dont turn into butt heads like those other idiots. Be nice to Sue.. Whens the next bike build off. I have a sure fire winner for you. It involves Great Dane Service Dogs. Got to go your on and I must Watch…;)

  9. How about some long sleeve shirts w/tire tracks running over monkey, or monkey trying to escape underneath your drive to the ba/auction? monkey see, monkey do! so easy a monkey can do it! or tire tracks like run over,bad monkey! use it. send for mail address for my inventory.

  10. Hello,

    To bad as this show could be good but there is way too much enphesius on fake deadlines, put downs and demeaning words to the workers.

    I feel you should just build the cars and not insult the viewers with all the false crap and hassles.

    I think you should not follow what the industry thinks is good viewing. There is no respect on these types of shows.

    An ex viewer.

  11. like your guy’s show pretty awsome rebuilds sure would like to sport around one of those t-shirts of yours up here in washington state xxlrg to Darrel Cadotte po box 116Eveerett wa 98206 hook a loyal fan up alright L8tr guy’s

  12. You guys are awsome id love to get out of new york and join you guys down there i got eperience in both auto repair body work and bartending i dont even need a place too stay i can stay at garage and bar with aron old buddy!!!!!

  13. My names Fred, sell me that damn shirt!! LoL
    I also have a very rare car for sale thats been sittin since 1988!
    1969 Dodge Dart GT Convertable all original with 46,000 original miles
    Call for more info (818)3397650

  14. Hi avid follower of the show! As you see my name is Fred, I ride motorcycles and would love one of these tees any chance you have an xl size one hidden anywhere????? I know trying my luck but if you don’t ask you won’t get!!!! If not any chance if you ever relaunching this tee???????
    I’ll be your beer assistant for a week! Lol

  15. Hey just want to say Aron & Richard if you guys R ever in scotland(UK) then am sure we can find some awesome rides for you guys to take back to good ol texsis. Would love to have you guys over here. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! And as cheesy as it sounds, I am your biggest fan. Also would like a t-shirt pleez. No 1 fan, Mark. 😉

  16. Seems like there is enough interest in the Fred t-shirts that if you made more they would sell. Such a cool shirt and a very cool bike. Please consider bringing the shirt back

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