Gas Monkey at NASCAR



Another year and another trip to Texas Motor Speedway for the Nascar Sprint Cup Series under our belt. We had a great time meeting with all the fans who stopped by our tent and wanted say thank you for coming out to support the monkeys. It was great meeting all of you and I know I speak for Aaron, Christie, Dennis, KC, and even Tom when I say you made the weekend hands down!


All the photos from this weekend were added to Facebook galleries that you can check out by clicking here for Saturday or to check out Sunday’s photos click here.








  1. About the flutogg thing I had an epiphanie about a 2 part flight system with a reduced pulley system if your pickin up what I’m throwin down? Big fan

  2. I know you guys are scared to death of old Mopars, but if you really want to prove Aaron is as good as you say, lets see you do a street version of a 71 Charger Richard Petty style as a retro-tribute to the King.

  3. i would love to see more merchandise like coolers w the GMG logo myboyfriend is a car lover and a heavy bud light drinker i would love to see a ice cooler w the logo for him for christmas!!
    wine glasses, koozies, etc…. very popular show!!!!!

  4. Hey Richard I have been watching your show since the day it started I absolutely love what you do, you seem like a great person and I hope I can meet you one day. I wish the highest amount of success on you and you are absolutely my role model and I look up to you, I know you probably hear this all the time but I mean all of that. Stay genuine man.
    Whaoo!!-Richard Rawlings

  5. Hi there team!!!!

    Just want to say well done to what you do from a sunny Johannesburg in South Africa!

    Ever thought about doing anything in South Africa?

    Anyway, love the show, love what you do!!!! Keep well

    Joheine Els

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