Gas Monkey Burnouts in 44 Build’s Dodge

Remember that Dodge truck we bought from 44 Build and we made it look so badass that Ryan at 44 bought it back from us? How could you forget? Anyway, Ryan brought the truck by and said our parking lot didn’t have enough rubber on it. We took care of that.


  1. Even between KC and Ryan, there will never be enough rubber on that parking lot. Go GMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Richard, you and Dennis need to get in two of his Ferraris, and lay down some rubber

  2. I am blown away with how monster you guys, this whole thing has become. I couldn’t be happier for you! I live the same existence each day with my garage being the highlight of my weekends and everything else being work. Your show is fun and wonderful. Thanks for all the episodes and my god continued success. This restaurant and venue, unbelievable. Richard you really are quite the opportunist.

  3. sometimes if in grand prairie, come by traders village rv site 201 and see 83 e/f350 ford see if to bad for you. sorry cant send photos 6.9 diesel banks turbo, exhaust brake, us gear 2spd, 3spd auto, alcoas wheels 5th wheel. does have rust, and and wiring probs. was driven to where it is setting.

  4. Hey Richard how did you like Georgia when you visited and picked up some nice cars. If I get out your way ,I will drop by and say hello. I like your show but I think you need to do more cars. I know that the producers of Fast AN Loud want the way it is, but after all it is a car show about car crazy caR GUYS DOING WHAT THEY LOVE, RIGHT.

  5. hears a math problem i have a 1955 belair it is all factor stack it has a top speed of 97 mph can you tell me what the motor and horse power it has.i bet you can’t.

  6. It was great to meet Aaron at Pikes Peak this year
    I couldn’t believe it was him he was so relaxed around the people ,that I though he was somebody else .
    I think he enjoyed the event and a few beers in the trees near the start line
    Hope to see you there next year ,maybe our team will be 1st next year
    PS Thanks for the photo op Aaron so cool

  7. first i love the show the dodge pic up one of my favorite.i would like some suggestions i have 72 grand prix w a 400a little rusty but i c the potential if u have some ideas help a brother out

  8. Need to duplicate that power train for my 62 Impala. And, if you look close at the video, you can almost see the GMG logo in the tire marks.

  9. Watch out RR, your gonna have some over the top Liberals down there protesting your rubber burning is endangering the purple, sledsquate squirrel during hibernation.
    You guys are in TX, I mean were is the guns in car thing ? You should get a Sheriffs or hiway police car and do it right as an GMG interceptor.

  10. that truck is almost a better drift car then the one you tried to build. I am not knocking the car you tried but that truck was cool.

  11. Richard and Aron do you eve rebuild the motor in the car or just replace it and what do you do with the one from the car I thought it would be worth something to someone restoring one looking fir a correct year of engine

  12. Great show! Love what you guys do. You have given me a great idea, but my wife won’t be, or let me hire a “beer assistant” Guess I’ll have to go to the fridge myself.

  13. Just bought a 71 c10 with 454 crate motor. Can’t wait to go to work on it Gas Monkey style.
    Would love to see you do something with a 67 – 72 c10 . Love the show and can’t wait to come to Dallas and see the Garage and eat one of those delicious looking burgers at the GMG bar and grille.

  14. Hey Richard! I know Aaron hates mustangs and I get that. Maybe you should consider doing up a ’89 to ’95 Thunderbird SC. I have 2 1993 models (one auto and one 5 speed). The AOD has a 4.2 in it and does low 12’s. Check out the Supercoupe Club of America website.
    There are members running v6’s in the 10’s and putting down 800 RWHP. From a V6. Really.
    Just a thought.

  15. Hi Richard, We have a rare 1993 968 Porsche 6 speed. It needs some TLC and we are selling it. Interested? By the way we love your show, Bar and Grill and enjoyed taking pictures with you before you went to the George Straight concert. You are such a classy guy and super cool with the fans who Love You! Thanks for staying true and genuine!

  16. This build took me by surprise. Not to many of these dodge trucks get built. I have a collection of these and I’m really interested in the details of the build for this dodge. I have a 70 swept line in restoration and I’d love to know the details of the build you guys did. @RR

  17. Famous quote from Gas Monkey Garage,,,

    “Look, the horse kicked it in the front and didn’t want it’s shoe back”


  18. Aint that bad of a build… At a loss as to why you guys put a newer GM drivetrain in there. If you wanted power a Chrysler 383 or 440 wolud have been not only better but a direct bolt in, as 383 was a factory option and 440 is only a taller block. I own 12 sweptline trucks, have restored them and built some for track/street

  19. Love the show . learning a ton ! what year crown victoria front end did you guys use on the old dodge pick up? Aaron, the pikes peak falcon is perfect.!

  20. Hey there GMG, I really enjoy the show and wish you all continued success. I really dig watching Aaron being a goofball and hope we see more of him cutting it up in future episodes. Just no more skinny-dipping PLEASE! I was distraught when it began to appear Richard and Aaron were butting heads on all the builds. I hope you gents can keep working together and getting along. C’mon man, make it work. Do it for the kids. (ME)

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