Gas Monkey Energy Drink and 2016 Motorsports Announcement!

The Gas Monkey empire grows more and more very day. We are launching Gas Monkey Energy drink! Keep up with the Gas Monkey Energy social accounts for announcements on when and where the drink will be available near you.

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Not only that, but we are reenergizing our motorsports program for 2016 by adding two new race cars! Along with Alex Laughlin in our NHRA Pro Stock Car, we’ll also have Ben Keating in the No. 33 Riley Motorsports Dodge Viper GT3-R racing in the IMSA Series Rolex 24 At Daytona. Last but not least, 20-year-old Sage Karam will join the Gas Monkey family in his INDY car competing in the 100th INDY 500!





  1. Dear gas monkey garage. I love the show and the people on the show. I’m from a little town of Elon, North Carolina. And like many of us around my part we are gear heads just like Aaron. Although I’m a first responder the fire crew and I need something to do in between calls so we are always messing around with our trucks and such. During long nights I often drink monster energy drinks to keep me alive and focused when that next call comes out. So I am thrilled to heard about Gas Monkey Energy and we can’t wait to try it. I want to give a thank you to Gas Monkey garage for helping me expand my love of cars and wishing you the best of luck. So as Richard would say WooooW! Get You Some Of That!

  2. Enjoy watching everyone on the show. bad I live on the beautiful California coast and I can’t enjoy lunch at the gas money bar and grill!..

  3. Olá tudo bem sou de Pelotas Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil, sou muito fã da Gas Monkei Garage assisto vcs sempre pela Discovery. Tenho uma vontade enorme de conhecer de perto o trabalho de vocês abraço

  4. I have a 1967 firebird that I have owned for about 15 years. It runs and drives but It’s in need of restoration. Mostly body bushings , shocks , some frame work, etc. Some body rust. I live on Long Island NY. Any suggestions?

  5. Hi guys
    I wanna know
    When will you be exporting,I would love to get my hands
    Love the snow ,from south Africa

  6. Hello. If you ever seek to promote your brand in the UK, then please do not hesitate to contact us with regards to promoting through our Camping World Truck Series inspired race truck. We have a sponsorship proposal that I could email to you should you be interested or wish to give us feedback.

    Many thanks for your time.

    Best regards,
    Robert Gooch

    Murray Motorsport

  7. Bonjour ,on est une nouvelle société spécialisée en distribution agro-alimentaire et on vous propose le marché algérien si vous êtes intéresser de commercialiser votre produit (gas monkey garage ) on es prêt parce-que on vous adore 😉 !!!
    On attend votre réponse avec impatience et sachez que le marché algérien s’étend jusqu’au Maroc et la Tunisie !!
    Wwwwoooooowwwwww!!! 😉

  8. in what kind of energy drink is it- i am still a monavie juice drinker that has a lot of anatoxens in it that helpped me to loose alot of weight and plus it helped to releafe of the acks and knee paines– but the company sold out to the jeness corp- and they change the way it was made- but im still looking for that same paine blocker that is healthy and made of nothing but juice. there was 19 different fruits in it – but the only place to grt it is from jenness -or ebay -no one here in my area has it in stock- and being crippled it realy helped me to live better- and longer so far- my friends use to drink cases of beer till the liver problems almost killed them- the monavie juice helped to stop them from killing them selfes it helped to have them cut back on beer as the juice helped to repair the liver- does your juice drink do that??????????//Fred Murray

  9. Hey guys I was wondering if you could send me a case of gas monkey energy drink to try out be hella cool if you could Richard and a aron I watch you guys all the time please send me a case monkey energydrink THANK YOU mike truxel

  10. EVERY…not very! “The Gas Monkey empire grows more and more EVERY day”, not VERYday!
    Ok, now that I pointed that out, how about a free burger? I’m right down 35 in Temple. WHOA!!!

  11. Are Richard and Dennis planning on entering the “New” Cannonball Race? Are they preparing to sponsor a car?

  12. Richard thats super.Gas monkey Energy drink sponsoring motorsports. Jeroen Bleekemolen rocks. Gas monkey energy drink and jeroen bleekemolen a winning formula.

  13. I will be racing with Level1 Motorsports this coming year. I will be racing short trcks in the super truck series. as all racers, I need the support from sponsorship. Great news!! For four races will only cost 8,800 dollars

  14. Alex CastroWe live in Palmbay Florida so if you know of anyone that would like to take on the project please reach back out

    My dad is terminally ill with cancer I’m looking for someone to restore his 1973 Volkswagen bug it’s been his hobby for years. He was a mechanic back in the days so it’s been his project to get it running and he finally did. I’m looking for anyone who wants to restore it and he can pick a day a charity to donate it to. We live in Palmbay Florida so if you know of anyone that would like to take on the project please reach back out

  15. Just tryed one today prob the best enegy drink i hade i most energy i got from an energy drink its like the first time i ever hade 1 and the taste is so so good hope this company grows

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