Gas Monkey Garage at Barrett-Jackson

Gas Monkey Garage is taking over Barrett-Jackson this year! Not only do we have an enormous merchandise tent out there, we are also sponsoring the bar next to the staging lanes. If you’re there, head to the bar to try some Gas Monkey Tequila!

I’m out here with Dennis and we are buying and selling. See below to find out when some of our iconic Gas Monkey cars will be up on the auction block. Don’t forget you can watch Barrett-Jackson LIVE on Velocity and Discovery if you can’t make it out here! Check the TV schedule HERE.


“Shart Cat” Dart

Wednesday, January 27

Around 6:05pm MST

Lot: 486




Farrah Fawcett’s 1970 Corvette Custom Coupe

Wednesday, January 27

Around 6:20pm MST

Lot: 493




1991 Special Construction Spyder Re-Creation

Wednesday, January 27

Around 7:40pm MST

Lot: 528




1968 Corvette “Hot Wheels” Midas Monkey Custom Coupe

Saturday, January 30

Just before 4pm MST

Lot 1342.1



We’re keeping our fingers crossed, and we’d love it if you did the same. You’ll see this on an upcoming episode of Fast n’ Loud!



  1. Richard, I’m looking for a 68 Chevelle. I have had 4 in my lifetime. From the basic Chevelle to the Chevelle with a leftover 68 Corvette 327 motor with 325hp down to the 68 Chevelle Concourse that my mom recieved for Mother’s Day in 1968. I’m looking for a BIG BLOCK with A/C and automatic. Love your show.

  2. Farah Fawcetts car is ugly as hell but still cool as f#$k and i guess ONKY cause of her connection
    Its Way Wierdly “Sexy as F $#k” and kinda goid lookin too haha, but whadda i know eh??? I iust a brit who Lurrrrrrve’s the wsy your older cars look! They just Pop dont they guys!!!
    Anyway Anyway love your show, just about all i look forward to, to be honest. Please srnd me a link if its anyway at all posdubke for me to buy a cool beans gas monkey hoody from you and rock it for you here in England guys :-). God bless and i hooe Aron’s dobe well at pikes peak again??? Ill have to wait until monday to kniw for sure.
    Thank you so much for reading my wafflin haha
    Yours sincerely
    Patrick Lewis

  3. Love the show brother! I still can’t get the Dart with the old school Hemi yet, but not stopping! Love the 67 Dart you did, was cool the beat the roadkill guys, like the stuff they do too. Best of luck at the action Richard! hope you get some of that…Cash!

  4. Love your show woooo! Get you some of that Richard just wonder how you got started to get where you are today . I know it wasn’t easy but you make it look easy.

  5. Love the show and the diff cars you have done. Love when you go and find barn finds. I live in Scottsdale near Barrett Jackson hope to see you guys there I’ll be there on Wednesday. Thanks Adam

  6. Your twitter feed said that you are donating the ironman cobra but in the show you sold it to them for $75000. Was it donated or sold and why change?

  7. Holy Miami Vice Batman! ! ! A Ferrari replicar! Welcome back to the 80’s. Farrah’s ‘Vette? Looks Really neglected. Of all of these, If I had the money, the ShartCat would be my choice.

  8. I need work done to my Dodge truck. I want it set up like the truck with the 40 inch tires . How can I contact you guys to get an idea on price for the work?

  9. I’d rather have the Hellcat Dart then the Vette, strange eh, That car has developed a cult following and would carry epic street cred around here. Richard great job on all you do, you’re an inspiration.

  10. Richard, In the late 60’s i had a 1967 camaro rs. with a aluminum 427, it was black on black, there where only 3 in Minnesota and i had one. i had to sell it for take over payments becouse we had a baby born with spinalbifita, If you happen to find it i would like to know if it is still alive. Oh ya I reilly like your show……………………………………………………..

  11. I’m headed to the Barrett as a average Joe for the first time. Looking to attend for the experience as a spectator not a buyer. I know its your livelihood and job to be there so I ask out of respect. Are you approachable by your fans while there? Or another place and time better to approach you? Cheers! GMG fan

  12. I saw you in Reno you pulled me from the end of the line when you where doing your signing at peppermill because I looked like you and had one of your shirts on….are you going to the north east Barrett Jackson

  13. I thought you’d keep the dart because of the connection . Plus being a hellcatofacar. I meant to do that .. Your awesome guys . Met y’all at the silver dome.

  14. Great meeting you at your shop a few weeks back. Hope the construction around the area gets completed soon so, next time I drive through with my lowered Charger, I don’t have to do so much swerving. The wife and I are headed to Scottsdale later, maybe we’ll run into you again…

  15. Hey Double R and all you Monkeys, Lovin your show over here in the UK best thing on the box….Certainly beats our own version which is Boring as hell!!!!!!! The Midas monkey is Freakin awesome but would love to see you guys do a brit motor and wack a big US motor in it any chance???????? Keep up the good work guys!!!

  16. Nice pull at Barrett Jackson on the Dart Cat!! Let’s see what Farrah’s Vette brings!! Awesome build keep up the incredible work, you guys rock!!

    P.s. ’77 Trans Am 6.6 T/A gold leaf screaming chicken 64,000 miles…sold for $23,000 🙁 your $75k put tears in my eyes!!

  17. Here we go!! 49k!! Nice I love George Barris customs, what an imagination!! Just proves if you can envision it, someone can build it!!

  18. Hi Ricardo I’m watching Barrett Jackson and just saw the GAS MONKEY DART sell man that guy got a great deal. Good luck with the rest of your cars

  19. Richard,
    You are the King of Class! I just watched the Jeep for Charity cross the block for 100,000.00! You and Dennis are so friggin cool…..I don’t know what else to say! If I still had both my legs, I would have bid on the Shart Cat! (we’re an hour or 2 off here in Charlotte,NC) Aaron kicked some REAL Hot Rod ass with Burger & Fries….wait a minute….that was Friburger! He’s the Hot Rod Magazine Guru! He & his Roadkill buddy forgot one of my favorite hot rod rules to “Engage Brain Before Putting Mouth in Gear”! Those boys should’ve thought of that before challenging the Bearded Guru! You guys got the BEST car show in years!! I even watch ALL the reruns! Keep up the good work! I already got rid of both legs….I guess I could get rid of my left nut for a GMG car….im not usin it much these days!

  20. Good job on the smokey and bandit car. Also good price later for your sleeper helcat.Keep up the good work fun to watch show!! good.CHEERS !! Barret Jackson

  21. You guys were pretty funny till you built the Hellcat Dart. First time I saw it was when it sold on Wednesday , then I researched it ,watched the Youtubes ~ you guys are now the coolest in all the land.

  22. What new toys have you bought this time? I can tell from the pix you are having a great time! Did you meet Burt Reynolds again? I saw pix of him at BJ. Very cool! “THE BANDIT”

  23. Thank you Richard for the picture with us!!! My mom and I are big fans of your show and the awesome work you and your shop does! Hope our screaming for your attention across ‘The Midas Monkey’ wasn’t too annoying! You made our whole trip!

  24. Awesome build of hot wheels of corvette! My kid n I loved it! I have a favor to ask. Will you guys restore my 66 gto? I have all the metal it will require. And also I can cut all the rot out. Help me please? I love how u guys build cars.

  25. So, I was at the auction for 2 days praying to get a chance to meet Richard. The first day I was there was Thursday and after getting up before dawn, a long flight and standing at the auction for 9hrs with no glimpse of Richard we decided to call it a day. Back Saturday! WOW what an event!! this too was a very long day but all good as it was one of the best things we have ever attended. Then early evening – there! there – was Richard!!! muah, on stage! was just thrilled to see him in person even though it was far away….. but it worked. Hour later on the other side of the stage where they roll off the block, here HE COMES!!! I was so excited at the chance to meet him – I said his name, he turned, I put my hand out – he shook my hand! – but GONE! – said “no time for that” – he couldn’t give me a picture 🙁
    Now, I have been stuck watching car programs on Discovery & Velocity for years now, and when Gas Monkey came on – well, I was thrilled. They are really cool, folks – Aaron too! Just no time for us average peps I guess. Oh, well, maybe next time.

  26. Nice to see the Road Kill Duo getting a little jazz.
    What I really look forward to from GasMonkey are the builds.
    Really makes my week.
    All the best to you, Aaron and the crew.

  27. Big fan of the show! I was hoping to see you at Barrett as well. Did you see my email about my 63 Lincoln Continental sedan for sale yet? It’s clean, no rust, runs and drives, straight body, suicide doors. Just needs paint and interior!

    Just saw the re-run of the green 66 Continental two-door you bought for $4k then sold it to K.C. for $4k and a case of beer lol

    Let me know your thoughts

    Thank you

  28. I really enjoy your show… i love to see what you guys come up with… i was super excited about ur hot wheels car u guys got coming out i have been checking the stores for it but no luck yet.. my search continues for the midas monkey.. were r also huge hot wheels fan…keep up the good work.. may God bless you all…

  29. Hey guys. Great show. A little disappointed the season finale is monday on discovery. When will your next season air? I hate gas monkey withdrawal! Great show as always and hope to visit your shop one day.

  30. I can’t wait! Also taped Barret Jackson auction of you selling the hot wheels corvette u guys built. I felt that car should have brought at least 200k. That was an awesome build. Congrats on you for getting that match box produced. I will definitely be buying some!

  31. Hi my name is William Pitts and I am a hot wheels collector and I was wondering how I can get the actual hot wheel toy car that you guys did for hot wheels the gold corvet 1968 I watch you guys all the time and me and my dad also work on car we finished a 1963 Datsun sport pickup .So I was just wandering how to get the the toy gold vet that you guy’s did . I hope you might be able to help me in this some way please thanks for listening

  32. Hi guys great show.
    i like the cars you guys build.
    i wish i can some day get a 67 charger hahaha.
    ill apreciate if i can receive an autograph even on a pic of the logo of gas monkey of all the team via email that would be awesome.
    im colombian writing from this beautyful island called Aruba in the caribbea.

  33. Anyone interested in a 1969 Buick Riviera? Body in good condition as it has some small rust and rock chips spots. Interior is spotless. All original parts. Body is root beer color and has black roof.

  34. Business Idea – Expand the GMG Empire!!


    I am a fan of Gas Monkey via Fast and Loud, I live in England. I love the cars you create and respect the work that must go into creating them. It seems as though you are always looking for the next big thing for the Gas Monkey brand, expanding the empire and ultimately, MAKING MONEY!!.

    I was wondering if you have ever thought of starting an annual car rally, similar to the Gumball/Bullrun etc? The Annual GMG “Monkey Run”!! Wherever the event starts, it could finish at Gas Monkey Live every year where you could then have the annual “Monkey Fest”.

    Mon-Fri – GMG Monkey Run (…in association with/sponsored by ENTER BIG BUCKS SPONSOR HERE)
    Saturday – Sun – GMG Monkey Fest (Live music festival, new music/artists, headline acts etc spread over the entire weekend)

    In my opinion it could be a goldmine! Take the merchandise van to every stop on the rally, sell, sell, sell. Have one of the stops/parties at Gas Monkey Bar & Grill Key West (Beer/Food Sales boost). Get as much sponsorship as possible for the rally, charge accordingly (Bullrun is $20k I believe, Gumball is $For Millionaires Only!!). Every stop is a car show and party ending with a small awards ceremony and then GMG Monkey Fest, a weekend of profit boosting, beer drinking, live music madness!!

    At the end of the day, it’s only a dream but maybe it could be something huge for Gas Monkey.

    Think about it. Dare to dream!


    Mike T

    P.s. If you decide that you want to get this off the ground, I’d love a job as part of the team to do this!

  35. Hey Richard, I just watched your Ford GMGT Supercar sell at Barrett-Jackson Mohegan Sun today on Super Saturday for only 230k? Seriously dude, I thought that beast would’ve easily broke 350-400k. Soft sell huh? Sorry good sir. You looked a bit disappointed when the hammer fell at 230k. Just curious, what was the reserve set at? Should’ve kept it tricky Ricky! I would’ve paid 300k..Get you some of that ! 😉

  36. Tres beau garage sait toujour un grand plaisir de regarder vos emission . Vous travailler vraiment tres bien. Renaud de belgique

  37. Hey can you build me a car for my dads birthday next year if you get this he wants the black dodge off of fast and furious thank you ???????? That one is for u Richard because the budget is all on you my friend see you later by

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