Gas Monkey Garage Monster Jam Truck!

It was only a matter of time before Gas Monkey Garage had a Monster Truck, right? We’re excited to announce that the Gas Monkey Garage Monster truck will debut in Houston on January 9, 2016, with veteran Monster Jam driver BJ Johnson behind the wheel! You can see it for yourself if you go to one of the Monster Jam events listed below. Get all the dirty details HERE.

2016 Gas Monkey Garage Tour Schedule
January 9 – Houston, Texas – NRG Stadium
January 16 – Anaheim, California – Angel Stadium of Anaheim
January 23 – San Diego, California – PETCO Park
January 30 – Glendale, Arizona – University of Phoenix Stadium
February 5-6 – Fargo, North Dakota – Fargo Dome
February 13 – Arlington, Texas – AT&T Stadium
February 20 – Oakland, California – Coliseum
February 27 – Vancouver, British Columbia – BC Place Stadium
March 5-6 – El Paso, Texas – UTEP Sun Bowl



  1. Nice “Truck”. What happened to those Cameros you had? I think it was the “copo”‘s? Anyway I am searching for a 1977 Trans Am, T Top. Where can I find one to trade a 1991/1992 I Roc Z-28? E mail me for the advice?

  2. Thats pretty rad man, I like it,…hope its competitive right outta tha
    Box/trailer for you guys, …love tha show, coming to dallas/fort worth
    This coming spring, really woul d like to swing by checkout your,lol inventory
    Be there sooner than that,…if you by chance you had a 60 bel air,or 59 camino ,tha bel air,was my favorite,…so far,…loved tha green a model ,super bad,super cool, like arrons vision, best of luck to ya!, now & in tha

  3. o kay. so the gmg episode has aired. I understand from the that we will be getting a monster jam super bee. Well that a great thing for all involved but…. What about the vette? will be getting a hot wheels version as promised or what? I am a fan of the whole gmg and also an avid hotwheels collector! I would really like a vette like that. When can we expect one from hotwheels.

  4. Hope there is a show on the building of the Monster truck and I hope to see it at the World Finals.
    Make it happen Richard!

  5. I just knew there would be a time for Monkey Monster Trucks! Im so excited!! I just wish I had stumbled onto this blog sooner. My boyfriend’s “Ol’ Blue” 1978 F-150, built by him from the ground up, would have been PERFECT for this!! Will have to gather photos and info and send to you. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, your show! I even watch the replays =)

  6. My Son is four and is BEGGING me every day to go buy him a Gas Monkey monster jam hot wheel! Lol! He doesn’t understand that there isn’t one yet! We need one ASAP! 🙂 we loved Gas Monkey at Monster Jam Anaheim!

  7. Just got home from monster jam in Vancouver the truck looks sick and by far sounded the best !!!!
    Son was pumped to get GMG flag signed by BJ nice work

  8. We love your show so much! Our five year old son is sooo excited because we get to see the Gas Monkey Truck this weekend @ Monster Jam in El Paso Tx.! Love you guys!

  9. Hey RR, have you or AK actually driven the monster truck yet? If yes how was it, if not you have to drive and experience it! You guys now have the nicest looking monster truck I’ve seen, right under Grave Digger of course lol. Nice body choice, nice color.

  10. In the old days ,they just jacked up the 1975 Ford F-250 and bolted on oversize tires t, Today’s monsters are built around tube-frame chassis and propelled by 1500-hp, alcohol-burning, supercharged V-8s.
    I guess the excitement of seeing them shine in the sun is one the best thing in life.

  11. I’m going to see the Gas Monkey Garage Monster truck @ The Monster Jam at Lebanon Valley Speedway in West Lebanon NY. #GYSOT @RR

  12. Just ran across this post. Has the Hot Wheels toy truck been released? I also saw another post about a deal with Green Light. Any details on that?
    Thanks, love the show!

  13. Will the GMG truck be coming to Australia when Monster Jam tours in October? Or at the very least will the hot wheels toy be released here?

    • Hi Wesley,

      Schedule is still TBD for 2017, but keep checking back here for updates. When BJ and Lindsey let us know we’ll have it up shortly thereafter.


  14. When are coming to south Texas monster jam in Hidalgo texas l see you shows every week it my favorite When can l get the monster truck toy bro I’m search for one

  15. My son would love to have the Gas Monkey Garage Hot Wheel Monster Jam Truck added to his collection. Where should i go to purchase it? I’m a Dallas native and i still reside in Dallas.

  16. My four year old loves the Gas Monkey Garage Monster Truck and trying to get him a Hot Wheels Monster Jam one for Christmas. I saw a previous post from RR that they were coming out in October, however I haven’t been able to find them for sale anywhere. Where can I buy them? Thanks! Love the show!

  17. HELLO!,

    Just wanted to know if you’ll ever have an Gas Monkey r/c monster truck body! That is hands down my favorite truck on Monster Jam!
    If not, what muscle car would you say would come closest to that body style?

  18. Hey guys my hubby and I love your show. .
    Wondering if your truck will be coming to Australia this year for monster jam?
    Also where can I buy the monster truck toy for my son?
    Keep up the great work guys!

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