Gas Monkey Gets Social and OTHER BIG NEWS

It’s true. We jumped on that social media bandwagon, took the wheel, and we’re driving it fast and loud. Burnouts and everything. You know, true Gas Monkey style. This social media thing is a lot to grasp, from Facebook posts and Instagram pictures to those irritatingly restrictive 140-character tweets, but we’re having a hell of a good time getting to know our fans. They’re something else. The guys are all crazy car junkies like us, and the ladies love Aaron’s beard so much it might end up with its own Twitter handle. Imagine what that thing would tweet.

We’ve given away Gas Monkey Garage T-shirts to our fans and followers, answered questions live on Twitter during Fast N’ Loud episodes, and we even invited some of our Facebook fans to crash one of our Fast N’ Loud watch parties. (Which may or may not have resulted in someone getting Aaron’s face tattooed on his ass.) And we’re just getting started. Look forward to more contests, more pictures of our favorite builds, and videos of us monkeying around in the garage.

Hell, let’s go all out with this. How about we sell one of our fully-finished builds to a lucky Facebook fan THIS WEEKEND? We’re not going to give you all the dirty details just yet, but you know how Richard says it “shines like a diamond in a goat’s ass”? Well, you’re just going to have to see this one to believe it. (The car, not the ass diamond.) Go “Like” our Facebook page and tomorrow we’ll give you the low down.

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  1. Bitchin.. Can’t wait to see the build and the plans.
    Just followed you on instagram. You followin @Chitowntiny on twitter, you can see my ride on Chitowntiny Instagram too.
    You guys rock!

  2. This one wicked ass show y’all have!!! I have watched from the beginning and can’t hardly wait for the new season to start!!!! You guys are f#%$ing awesome!!!! I love the show so keep on being Fast & loud!!!!

  3. Hey, Richard and Aaron-can’t wait to see what this new build looks like! I don’t ever remember any one else being as receptive to fans of a show as you all have been to us. It’s great-the show is awesome and the cars are unbeatable!! Keepin’ it #FastNLoud!!!

  4. From facebook to twitter i follow and keep up with my monkeys! I swear to god and jesus that i will make the cross town journey but i really hate bothering y’all.


    One of y’alls biggest fans!

    • hell yeah! If our fans weren’t so bad ass, we might not like them as much. Good thing we don’t have to worry about that.

  5. Selling a car to your Facebook fans, now that’s dedication to fans 😉 you guys are awesome. I live in the Netherlands and try to keep up with the show as best as I can via internet, love it; it’s like the Brittish wheeler dealers on steroids! Keep it up fellas, thanks from overseas!

  6. I can’t wait until you guys do all the things you do and more.Anyway the facebook and twitter is cool that you guys do to catch up with your fans.sweet you guys have the merch still coming out witch is great to have for fans of any sort of thing. Do you guys have a magezine that you guys wanted to do yet.Maybe even keep it in thought.Anyway the gas monkeys are freaken bad ass not to metchin they enjoy what they done and creat new and intresting things along the way as far as cars go.Keep up on all the bad ass and sweet cars to makes and re-build them too.

    • Thanks Christine. The magazine’s not a bad idea, although we got our hands full with cranking out these rides. Something to think about though.

  7. Ya’ll really are some awesome dudes and truly love your fans, me being one for sure! I’m from the Waco area but live in Missouri. So the next time I go to visit the family I’ll swing by with a couple of cases of beer just to show some love and appreciation 🙂 Keep it fast and loud boys! Much love See ya soon!

  8. How can I get in touch with Lee Coy? I’d like to buy the ’57 Plymouth Savoy you saw at his place in the “Olds” Episode.
    I’m looking for a ‘Plymouth Savoy, 2 dr. sedan for my father.
    Sure would be grateful for your help.

  9. hello, love the work you guys do. you are awesome. what i am contacting you about is, im trying to find a good front clip & doors for a 1950 chevy 2 door fast back. my father-in-law has been trying to build this hot rod for many years. now that he has finnaly retired. i have been watchen every fam, barn. & field trying to find these parts he needs. ive found many 4 doors but only a few 2 doors. as a truck driver working in the oilfields of north dakota i see many classics sitting around, but dont always have time to check on them. any help, or leads you can give me would be much appreciated.

  10. Love the shows. I have them DVR’d to watch them over til the new season starts. You guys have this stuff down, and if I didnt live in Ohio, I would love to swing by the shop and give some elbow grease to help. You build some sick cars, and that is just how it is. Anyone else with a differing opnion is wrong. Now when you guys going to build a sick Foxbody Mustang?


  11. Keep on rocking the rides. Lots of fans up here in Utah. Look forward to more.

    Question for ya, I am interested in finding more info on the front end you used in the 68 Frankensteined Ford truck. Every time I catch the rerun I miss the details on it. I am curios to see if it will fit in my truck. I am building a 61 Ford shortbed Unibody that is screaming to be slammed down low. Any info would be great..

    Thanks guys…

  12. Hay guys as a soldier in the army we have to follow alot of rules you all brake them for us and love this about your show now where can i get a t-shirt at and support you all the way up here in Ohio
    thanks SGT Stephens

  13. I have a 1950 chevy deluxe styline dat u may b interested in. note its all origianl. Give me a call an will shoot pics via txt. Gracias.. 409 256 0238. Im lo in texas city,tx

  14. 110 % total Car guy. Used to Love to build and work on anything. Unfotunately sidelined due to illness. I have seen many Car / Build shows but because of such an Awesome show as yours??… Fast and Loud with the Gas Monkey Garage is now allowing me to live my dream again thru TV.
    Richard and his crew are the best and the wonderful stressfree “Family Friendly” personalities are a refreshing change instead of the “staged” crap that the other shows include in their programming.
    Keep up the Great Fast and Loud Pace!! You guys Rock!!
    Thank you from Houghton Lake, Mi.

  15. Great Wheeler Dealer, in Richard Rawlings and excellent mechnical-engineer-mechenic in Aaron….Auh!Some Cars and Great Show !

    Wondering ….why does Aaron dislike the ” orange engine color ” on the Chevrolet Engines of the 50’s&60’s ? Painting the engine black on the 1964 Chevy (although it turned-out good) seemed to be a little tackey. I guess that weirdness about Aaron is why he’s a genius-mechenic. I like how he always pays-very-close attention to even the smallest detail, just to do the Job-Right.

    Keep it rolling…”The road goes on Forever and The Party Never Ends”

  16. I’ve watched the show since the first one, and y’all just get funnier, getting,more money, getting more women, and drinking more beer…….need a cheap beer assistant???

  17. Richard, love the show. The trans am is awesome. Keep up the fun you guys are having. And tell Aaron don’t be a mustang hater. Look forward to a bad ass mustang build.

  18. Hey Rich, Smoking Hot Show Man! High 5 to you and your staff for keeping us hooked. When are you going to show us the Monkeys bloopers show.

  19. I have a 1986 mustang lx and I would like to see someone make a project out of one so I would love to see gas monkey put there take in to one. I love the show and everything I have seen you guys do I like so maybe look in to doing an 86 fox build. I could really use the help and see what someone with the resources you have would do with one.


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