Gas Monkey Hits TRIM Party

Trigger 5
Trigger 5

Back in March 2010 Aaron and I hit a party at the TRIM warehouse in St. Louis (love their clothes) and hung out with a few hundred people for a night of live music from alt-country rockers Trigger 5 and Miles of Wire.

Roller Girls, Rolling Rock, Bacardi and a transvestite hooker helped make it a super swell evening.

Making friends
Making friends
Making new friends
Making more friends
Trigger 5
Trigger 5
See America Fast shirt from TRIM
See America Fast shirt from TRIM
Hello there!
Hello there!
Roller derby in the house!
Roller derby in the house!
Aaron gets fiesty with a roller derby girl
Aaron gets fiesty with a roller derby girl
And then gets punched
And then gets punched
Aaron and Richard with Jon Maurice and Charlie Smith of TRIM
Aaron and Richard with Jon Maurice and Charlie Smith of TRIM


  1. Great show and do a bit of restoring myself. Small potatoes compare to you all.
    So where are the cars for sale? I live in Houston and be great purchase one of your cars. Love the 1953 . Is it for sale? I’ll keep checking.
    Big fan
    Tim Green

  2. Love the show guys. I have a 67 Ford galaxy custom 500. I restoring my self. I would love to have y’all do some work on it. Or bring it by the shop. Big fan from Tyler, TX.

    • at first i must say the art form you guys are so down to earth in its simplicity but then you have yto add money which really ruins it but as artist your fantastic and the experince that formed you both is one in a lifetime yea it was good that you broke the record but then what was next how could you top that and finally you did with monkey you seemed to slow down and really reached back to your root or shall i say love. i love watching you thanks

  3. Love the cars, like the show, nice not to see all the crome and money throughing at a project, I got to where I hate California’s with perfect hair! Thank God for Texas Rust is cool. keep doing it I’ll keep watchin!

  4. My wife and I would have bought the 53 Chevy so quick. If you still have it my we would lay out the 3000 so fast, we live in Mesquite. We Love you show call if you still have it is great.

  5. Do you have a list of cars that are for sale? In a few years if I had a small budget of around $5000.00 can you build a Ford 5 window or a Tudor for me for around that price?

    • We’ll have our inventory on the website very soon, Martel. And we can do projects for $5000 – it just depends on a lot of variables. We’d have to talk…but not until after September 1, when we finish filming this season.

  6. I have some cars you might be interested in! And I’m always finding them in tree lines on farms and from people that just know me. I have been cleaning up a 29acre salvage called Bonnie & Clyde’s in Kechi Ks for three years at the same time a warehouse I stored and rebuilt cars in had to be purchased or i had to move and so i moved everything out to this place i was cleaning, now im being forced to move again and I have no place to store my early ford collection as well as all these other great cars that where at the salvage that I have been cleaning!there are two 64 Lincoln convertibles & two 63 hard tops all 4 suicide & they are all last tagged Arizona 1974. Well if you want an interesting story I have one about the land these cars are on the town ship that wants this place gone and the story of a family who used to live on the land when the house they were living in blew up from a gas leak and leveled the house with Clyde in the basement ! And the city of Ketchi forcing them out of business then like 700 plus cars sat on this property for 15 years being stolen looted and damaged by vandals until I started cleaning it up to change the image and give it new breath but like I said now kochi is running me off! My name is Jaime lambert and I’m a car collector and fabricator that wants to sale it all off now! 316-806-5160

  7. hello i see i got the right place,if you dudes are lookin for old rides come check out
    the Hiatt boys Carrol Sr. & Jr. in North Platte,Nebraska they have many old school rides, shop # 308-532-7901 or Jr.# at home 308-534-2203.. just thinkin
    dig your show and there are a few more spots in town also so if you’d like more info shoot me an email and i’ll see what i can do……….later hermit

  8. Finally a show that is fun to watch, the cars kick ass, and the guys are real! Better be a season 2!!! Keep up the great work Gas Monkey Crew.

  9. I have a 1954 international harvester panel truck , all original with the silver diamond inline six last licenced in 1995 and a 1947 chrysler winsor suicide doors all original interior has the spit fire flat head six with new brakes and exhaust runs ok if interested when looking for a ride to redo send me a e-mail thanks Randy

  10. Great show, no drama just bad ass cars, wrenchin ,
    and road trips. i am a little disappointed with the shirt design, what happend to the screamin in your face gas monkey like you have on the show? keep up the good work. im working on a 57 chevy truck and a 64 gto clone. shows like this keep people motivated to finish their projects.THANKS!

    • Dennis, we really appreciate the feedback. We’re just getting started on merch – more is on the way, we promise!

      Send pics of your project when you’re finished!

  11. Love the show! Love the cars! Can’t wait til you have some of the awesome Monkey Business Logo shirts with the screaming monkey on them. Too Cool! Do some in bright colors for the ladies! You know we love the hot rods too!

  12. I saw your show about a week ago and loved it. I am in Atlanta and wanted to know when your show airs out here. It was great! Oh yeah, Aaron is Hot, so is the other guy 🙂

  13. love the show guys!! its about time there is a show about people that love cars and trucks, and not about whos fighting. we watch every episode and ususally the re-runs too.

  14. I got a earley 70’s comet that is dark green v8 been sitting awhile I also know a way to unstick those motors u guys are replacing I been doing this along time my dad owned a junkyard sense before I was born if you want to know just give me a call 843 387 6933 I also have a realyyyyyyyyy rare old millitary truck it’s a 53 m37 but that’s not why it’s rare it was refurbased by the millitary to go to vietnam in 67 they put in a hemi I was told by sevral collectors it’s worth 30,000 but I’ll take less love the show you guys keep up the good work

  15. Hay whats up guys ?, hows is going?. Like your show , cool. i’v been restoring cars since about 1974. I now own ABC AUTO & HOT ROD HEAVEN in Houston. HAVE A FEW CARS FOR SALE AND KNOW OF OTHERS, IF YOUR EVER IN TOWN GIVE ME A CALL. IM A VIP AT THE RITZ TITTY BAR. LETS HAVE A DRINK : )

  16. Hay Arron is like me self taght I am professional auto detailer and light bodywork repair and mechanic I can fix anything and also a Fire Fighter/EMT love your work Arron love it

  17. We have a project for you guys if you would like to help a Navy F18 Command out by restoring a 1969 Ford Fairlane GT which we call it 402 . Numbers are how we identify Aircraft. The car is a morale booster for the command personal. The car is in pretty bad shape. We sent it to a shop two years ago to have some work done. They left it outside. I just Got back to the Command and would like to see it back to a drivable state again. Please contact me at (817)681-0327
    AM1 (AW) Kenneth Read

  18. Have a 1972 chevy short wide forsale 90-95 percent complete. Has hoop up 350 700r4 runs and drive good needs block sanding paint interior finished up real nice truck had for 8 yrs did all work myself . It is on craigslist in Dallas it’s on there for 7500 72 c-10 shortwide and there is several pics on there. I drive it all the time if interested can drive it to your shop. Thnks 972-816-4480

  19. I love this show. You guys are the PUNK ROCK of Discovery Channel. I have my Dad’s 1980 MGB in the garage (I know- Junk bucket)…Someday, I’d like to bring it to y’all. Congrats on the show…I’m glad you guys are putting Big D on the map.

  20. whats up gas monkeys?? i found a place 2 leave a sign!!!

    no walrus tusk allowed!!its against the law to have a walrus tusk!! paul tuttle has one on his face!!!paul jr.number one donut eater and coffee drinker!!!jessee james way to hood to be hollywood!!!gas monkey garage the ultimate in bike building!!there is a monkey bike and all others are fake!!!no want 2 be bike builders here!!! you have an interesting tread going on!!go ck it out one day!!!they love your pics!!keepin it fast-n-loud!!!

  21. I love your show, you guys are down to earth real car lovers. I have a 86 monte ss i just about had finished and it got stolen, however I did get the car back, and it was just damaged everywhere, then my health took a shit and I was stuck on oxygen level 4 for four years, until this past christmas I had a tumour removed with my pituitary gland, and bingo I dont need oxygen anymore so Im going to start the restore over again, my dream (bucket list) is to run the hot rod power tour one time from one end to the other. so wish me luck and you gus keep up the reality of honest bare bones car guys,, love you dudes Dennis Radloff Laporte, In

  22. Like the show very much. The cars are cool. My dad and I and my son are gearheads.My dad has a 66 Mustang for sale. Very good condition. Call 214-673-6478

  23. Love the show, try to catch it everytime. I have rebuilt my grandson a 69 oldsmobile, but he wants to be a cowboy, so I got him a 85 chev swb, kind of rough but since he is only 13, I have time, wife told me to talk to you about seeing if we could do some business, not looking for a hand out, but a bit of help. Take care

  24. Hey!! im a huge fan ,,, you guys need to do a CJ7 jeep project! im a huge jeep guy and have two as of now. A 84 cj7 with a chevy small block lifted on 33’s and a 76 cj7 with a chevy small block bored to a 355 auto, lifted 7″ on 33’s!!! i love to build… do you guys ever make it out to the East Coast??

  25. That one pic of beardless Aaron that says hes getting feisty, looks more like he just had a quickie with the girl on the far right. Way to go Aaron. BTW, dude where’s your beard?

  26. Good show to promote interest in car building. Need to promote safety in shop. Need to wear
    (safety Glasses) when cutting with a chop saw. Safety Glasses are not very stylish but a trip to the emerg to remove steel chip from your eye sux. You guys set an example for the younger generation be it good or bad.

    William Palmer East Troy Honey.

  27. I’m interested in the silver 57 Chevy you have had in the back ground of your shows. Is it for sale? If it is for sale, what condition is it in & price? We had an orginal silver 57 when I was growing up. Love the show, presently working on a 57 Dodge Short bed all orginal v8 pickup. Would love to have you guys complete it, but can’t go that route right now. Keep up the good work.

  28. Whats up with the trim industries web site richard plugged? I placed a order with my credit card info.. never shipped.. the phone number listed on the web site goes to someone who has no clue about trim industries at all.. the contact link doesnt work either. Nervous because they have all my credit info. Whats up?

  29. Hi Monkeys!
    Love the show,inspiring my little petrol head sons (19&22) to build and create their own cars and bikes. Why not do a few more bikes? Give us a mail if your’re ever down in St Tropez,South of France and we’ll show you around the petrol scene going on down here!
    Keep up the good work!

  30. I have been a fan of your show since the beginning . Really like the concept and the personalities keep up the work.
    On another note I have a 57 chevy gasser saturday night cruiser. This car was custom built and profesionaly built. If money wasn not the issue and you wanted the ultimate cruiser in the 60’s this would be the car. complete ground up build with 392 hemi and fender well headers. What could be better than a Hemi in a 57 chevy. I have put less than 500 miles on it and interested in saleing are trading.

  31. Call 512-203-5497 or come see it at 103 falcon st.kyle,tx.78640 1966 chevy c10 swb step side.Lots of work already done.check out on austin craigslist

  32. Richard. What is the status. Of the show you on velocity or not ???? Also how’s the grill doing?? How’s the ringbros Chev powered pantera running any burn outs yet? Also do you have any more super builds like sonic camaro or Chev p upp super stuff . from a super duper fan as you say. Get you some of that .

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