Gas Monkey Mannequin Challenge

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the Mannequin Challenge, and you’re probably wondering why we haven’t posted one already. Well, here at Gas Monkey, we don’t half ass anything.

The Gas Monkey Garage crew and Gas Monkey Energy crew joined forces to make one badass Mannequin Challenge video. We weren’t going to do the challenge unless we were going to do it up BIG!

Well, here goes nothing!

Also featured: a bunch of excited GMG fans, Don Yount of Yount Motorsports, NHRA Pro Stock driver Alex Laughlin, BMX Biker Morgan Wade, The Film Crew from Pilgrim Films, Jason Cook and Sam Bryce from Texas Motorworx, two of Dallas’ Bravest in the Mercedes-Benz SLS, Sean Pettiford, Dewaine Phipps, Steve Goniwiecha, Andrew + Angela Duncan and other great friends.


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