Gas Monkey Weekly Episode 2 – 1949 Chevy 3100 Pick-up and Q&A with Tony Taylor

Our host, Christie Brimberry

In the 2nd episode of the ‘Gas Monkey Weekly’ web series, our host Christie Brimberry announces the winner of the 1st t-shirt giveaway.  Congrats to David A. Ortega of West Corvina, CA – thank you for sharing episode 1 via social media.

Christie talks with Jason Aker regarding details behind the 1949 Chevy 3100 pick-up build between parts 1 and 2 of the Fast N’ Loud episodes.

Also, Christie and Tony Taylor answer a frequently asked question about the cars we built that found their way back to the garage.  Richard and Dennis also make a surprise cameo.

Be on the lookout for more ‘Gas Monkey Weekly’ episodes for your change to win a free Gas Monkey Garage t-shirt.


  1. You guys should start letting people know about all the parts and products you use in a build I am building a 1952 gmc pickup but lack the expertise in knowing where to shop for this stuff so you end up being limited to buy junk. The 49 chev truck is basically exactly the picture in my head only I am putting a 6 litre out of a 2006 gmc 2500 unfortunately I don’t have the money or help to make it like yours…. maybe one day. Love the show you guys build the coolest cars out there in my opinion.

  2. Was wondering what frame and air bag system was used on this truck. Would like to swap mine over and do a dropped bag setup. Thank you

  3. Howdy! I wanted to find out upholstery shop south of Austin you used for the 49 Chevy truck. Looked like real nice job.

    I’m building a 51 Ford F1 and have got just about everything down but upholstery.

    You guys have given me great ideas on my build and I look forward to your next episode.

    Have s good one and happy motoring!

  4. Warm Hello to all, I work in New Braunfels and was wondering what Upholstery Shop was used in the ’49 Chevy Truck build, If that is at all possible. I enjoy the show and as a fellow Mechanic/Technician, However you’d like to Church It Up, Feel the highs and lows of your job. Obviously Y’all have more PRESSSURE!!

    Thank You for Your Time,
    Narciso Gomez

    • Narciso – Thanks for you comment – the upholstery shop is called Sculpt Garage down in San Marcos, TX. The owners name is Brent and him and his team do excellent work.

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