Richard’s “Sixteen Candles” Porsche 944 Made famous in the '80s this iconic 944 has only 1,600 miles.

In honor of Valentine’s Day we’re featuring a car made famous by a truly classic romantic comedy, Sixteen Candles. If you were a teenager in the mid-80s you were undoubtedly exposed to the work of writer/director John Hughes: The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Weird Science and of course Sixteen Candles. And if you grew up loving cars chances are high you instantly wanted the red Porsche 944 like Jake Ryan’s the second you left the movie theater. However, unlike Jake you probably didn’t have the resources for a 944 as a teenager, but now as an adult you just may have the discretionary funds to make your teenage dreams come true.


The movie follows Samantha (Molly Ringwald), whose entire family forgot about her 16th birthday as it was overshadowed by her sister’s upcoming wedding. Not only invisible to her family, she was seemingly invisible to her school’s popular crowd including her dream guy, Jake Ryan (Michael Schoeffling). The one person she wasn’t invisible to was the self-proclaimed “King of the Geeks,” Farmer Ted, played by a young Anthony Michael Hall. Although Farmer Ted has a crush on Samantha he plays an integral role in helping Samantha get closer to Jake. The movie comes to a climax with the iconic scene of Jake picking up Samantha posed against his Porsche 944.


It’s safe to say that the 944 making an appearance in Sixteen Candles certainly helped Porsche’s sales. In 1983, 14,633 Porsche 944s were produced. In 1984, the year the movie came out, that number skyrocketed to 26,539, the highest production year. The following year that number stayed sky high, with 23,720 944s produced. Both ’84 and ’85 were the highest production years for the Porsche 944 and a large part of that is thanks to Sixteen Candles.


Richard is looking to make someone who always wanted a red Porsche 944 come true with the 1987 Porsche 944 he has for sale. Ironically, the number 16 factors into this car as well as it’s a one owner car with only 1,600 miles.

Porsche 944 Facts

  • The 1986 Porsche 944 was the first car sold in the USA with a passenger airbag as standard equipment
  • The 944 has its gearbox in the back to balance out the weight distribution
  • Some 944 models have the radio antenna curled inside the windshield
  • The 944 was completely galvanized to prevent rust in all weather conditions
  • 944 sales almost doubled after it made an appearance in Sixteen Candles


  1. It is not the car from 16 candles.
    The 944 in the movie is a type I model.
    What you are selling is an type II model.
    The type II has a more streamlined bonnet to windshield cover.
    It has different bumpers an different dash and center console.
    Also the wheelbase from side tot side is different, but porschemade it look the same by changing the hart off the rims.
    And last but not least, the fenders are different

    I know this because i own a 944 type I

    Still not a bad car, and with the mileage on yours, you practilly get a new Porsche 944.

  2. This is a 944 Turbo. I’ve never seen a 1986 944 with airbags. This must be a 1987 or later. Also, the offset of the wheels must mean it’s a 1987+ car.

  3. Really guys? Peter- the movie came out in 1984, per the article, the car he is selling is an 87. Did you even read the article? Mike- The article STATES it is a 1987. Did you even read the article?

  4. Totally different car. Not just the wrong body, but the car in the film is a non-abs offset suspension, hence the different wheels. It’s not just the movie car with a turbo nose etc., nobody swaps the entire suspension.

  5. If Jake had this car he would have made the wedding early, It’s an 87 951 aka 944 turbo and with that mileage worth over 50k easy. Too bad they don’t do a feature on that car with 400 hp, that would give them a challenge far harder than modding those Detroit muscle cars. Do some imports like this one guys.

  6. I own a 1987 highly modified 944S (twin cam). It has won Porsche Club of America road races, but is licensed for the street in SC. It is a fun sreet/race car!

  7. Hello Richard is your Jake Ryan Porsche 944 still available and what are you asking for it? . Let me know and thank you Richard, Vince from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

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