GMG Father’s Day Gift Guide

Is your Dad and/or Grandpa a Gas Monkey fan, and you’re still looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift? Maybe he already owns a few Gas Monkey shirts, but let us recommend a few options you might not have thought of:

Fast and Loud hc[27]

Limited Edition Autographed Copy of Fast N’ Loud: Blood Sweat and Beers by Richard Rawlings

$50 – A portion of the proceeds benefit the Gas Monkey Foundation
Order HERE

A Case of Gas Monkey Energy Drinks

$48 – Gas Monkey Energy comes in Regular and Light
Ships to US only
Order HERE


Gas Monkey Cinnamon Tequila

$39.99 – Infused with Natural Cinnamon
Ships to US only (Does not ship to every state)
Order HERE

Pair of Blank Red Concert Performance Tickets Isolated on White Background.

Tickets to an upcoming concert at Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill or Gas Monkey Live!

Prices range
Click HERE to view schedule and to order


Ticket to upcoming NHRA race to see the Gas Monkey Pro Stock car
Prices Range – Get pit tickets and meet Alex Laughlin, our Pro Stock driver
Order HERE


Cruise with Richard Rawlings

Prices Range – “Cruisin’ with the Monkey” departs out of Fort Lauderdale in March 2017
Click HERE to view schedule and to order


Gas Monkey New Era Coveralls Fitted Hat
$39.95 – Available Sizes: S/M M/L and L/XL
Order HERE


Gas Monkey Garage Texas Lottery Scratch Tickets
$2 – Win up to $25,000 and enter to win a Dodge Hellcat
Available anywhere you purchase Texas Lottery tickets
Available in TEXAS ONLY. Details HERE.


  1. So is this it? Will I get to see anymore shows on TV, or is it over? Move to Alaska and they’ll make a show for you.

  2. How can I get an autographed shirt? My father was one of your high school teachers. Mr Rogers, he taught shop at Eastern Hills. I would love to bring him when he could see you or at least get him a shirt for Father’s Day. I am in Dallas and will be visiting your restaurant tomorrow. Thanks!

    • Ha! I actually wrote about your dad in my book. I’m out of town this week, but I have some autographed copies of my book at Gas Monkey Garage. I’ll tell the girls up front to set one aside for you. Swing on by and pick it up any time this week. Then when I’m back in town we can find a time for you to bring your dad by the garage.

  3. We picked up the book today and found the part where you wrote about him. I am sure he will be honored and tickled when I show him. We bought a shirt to bring with us when we come back. Thanks again and I will be in touch soon.

  4. gas monkey bar and grill father day was the best the 1st time there and enjoyed everything
    about it .took my friends there they didn’t know what it was all about,but after your staff helps
    out especially Chris they let that place gas monkey fans. my drive back to el paso texas home to me was a happy one.will be backthree weeks i will try to make the round to the gas monkey mecca . show kick ass and bar and grill no words happy to wait 2 hr worth every mintue.

  5. Went up to Dallas from Denver last week to check out the shop and to show the kiddos where they filmed the show. Got a bunch of your Merch, then went up to the Bar and Grill for some tasty grub. It was a long shot to meet you and or the guys, (had to try anyway) Just wondering if you had any plans for the Denver area in the near future?

    • Thanks for coming by! Hope y’all had a good time! Can’t think of anything planned in denver anytime soon. SOrry. Tell the kiddos we said what’s up

  6. Gas monkey garage is innovative.entertaining.motivating and never get tired of watching your shows down here in new zealand…I wana rock a huge gas monkey logo on the back of my sacked out ford econovan to rep my support for yull monkey business

  7. Brilliant show / entertainment here in the U.K. . Good mix of work and fun unlike those sacked ones at other garage . Misfits .

  8. Hey. We are coming to Texas to see you guys in June 2017 all the way from Brisbane Australia. Hope to say hi to you. Love the show.

  9. Ei cara você e muito foda. =)
    infelismete essa mensagem e o mais próximo que posso estar, então e por aqui que vou te falar que não só eu mais também meu filho de apenas 4 anos admiramos muito seu trabalho.
    parabéns pelo sucesso seu e de toda sua equipe .

  10. Richard:
    BIG fan of the show (even though the wife “tolerates” my watching it…LOL). Do you ever offer any of the style of shirts for sale that I see the guys wear on the show for sale? Also, whassup with Aaron going “out on his own!” The altitude get to him on the mountain race?? My Mother always comments that he needs to get rid of the beard. I told her if he worked on any car I bought, he could have TWO beards if he wanted ….GREAT mechanic !!! LOVE the show…keep it up !!! I’m a retired cop and hoping to own my own classic ride soon !!!!

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