Goodyear Retires Final Blimp For Semi-Rigid Airship

The “Spirit of Innovation,” the last blimp in Goodyear’s iconic fleet, was deflated Tuesday. The two-minute deflation process closed the book on Goodyear’s blimp fleet just shy of the century mark. It will be replaced in California by the “Wingfoot Two” which to most will appear as just another blimp, though, “technically, it’s a [semi]-rigid airship,” said Captain Lammers, a fictitious Archer rigid airship captain.

The rigidness means that even when deflated the “Wingfoot Two” will maintain its shape and structure which when inflated will allow for vertical takeoffs and landings. Additionally, the new airship will be quieter, larger and faster than its predecessors. Though like them, “the [Wingfoot Two] is filled with non-flammable helium” said Lammers.

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