Happy New Year! Start Off 2017 Right With Some Gas Monkey Night Pics

Happy New Year from your friends at Gas Monkey Garage.  Thank you for a great 2016 and we look forward to new beginnings in 2017.

Enjoy some night pictures from the Garage.









  1. Mr Rawlings I’ve tweeted to you several several times …I live in KY n I want to come n work for you…..I’ve offered u a deal to just give me a chance …..I’ll work the first week for free n buy u a case of beer hell I’ll be your beer assistant too….N if u don’t like how hard I work u don’t have to hire me at the end of that week.. I’ll stay over until the job is done…Just give me a chance….My number is 606-312-7406…..I won’t quit tweeting n messaging you until u give me a chance…..Hope to hear from you.

  2. Going to miss your show Aaron Kauffman leaving the garage is a BIG thing to me! Sorry to hear this!!! Gosh why can’t things go easy least?? Your show will be missed!! What will Aaron be doing when this happen’s,??????

  3. Hi Richard

    Happy new year from Glasgow Scotland are you going to be showing the Grey Cobra widow maker build on your show saw the car at the auction it looks awsom

    Many thanks
    Jamie Taylor

  4. Josh here from Australia, Sad to see the news about AK but as Mr Rawlings said, the monkey crew are a team and I know it will be still a great show if a new season is made. I have watched nearly every season and bar from the tossers that are at the OTHER garage, You guys have a great bond and a fantastic team and work ethic. I wish GMG a very prosperous 2017 with all your adventures may all the cars be the color green. Love to meet all you guys in person one day with my 2 sons who are also massive fans of GMG and to see the workshop. Have a great New Year.
    Lots of Love your Biggest Australian Fan Josh…..

  5. Hey guys, I have this neighbor who has a “69” AMX that his dad bought before he died. My friend and next door neighbor Gabe, doesn’t have time to restore it cause he is really busy working as an EMT, and wants to restore it back to its original glory. It really has hardly any rust and is in good shape. He is a really great person and needs help. He is going to school to medical school, He doesn’t know that I am trying to do this but it would mean so much to him it’s the last thing that him and his dad was going to do but his dad died instead of getting to work on that car together! So it is with great pride that I am asking you if there is anyway that you can help, trust me it would mean the world to him and he would even cry his ass off, heck I am even tearing up right now just thinking about how he will react when he sees it all done. It is all in the name family, faith, love and friends, that I am asking you for help. It would mean so much to be able to give back to someone who gives so much to everyone else…..

    Your Truly
    Mark Overocker

    • Mark – Thank you for your comment and we truly appreciate your idea. Unfortunately due to our filming schedule, we’re unable to take on any customer projects.

  6. Hi gas monkey dudes Kelvin from New Zealand here.Lisa and I watch your series on DVD cause we haven’t got sky and we basically got every DVD of yours and we think you guys are awesome. I have a v8 2003 xr8 ford falcon with a lot of good fast bits on it done by ford and it is a numbered 99 of 180 in this model. After watching your series I will be definitely keeping it.Sad to see Aaron go he is a top mechanic good luck for your future endeavors Aaron. Have a good new year gas monkey dudes from Kelvin and Lisa.

  7. Hi Richard R. My name is Richard also huge fan of the show since the beginning also love and have had mussels cars can not believe If it’s true why Arone is leaving. My favorite seane from the show for me with out a doubt is drop a gear disappear those two guys sitting in those seats and then dropping That line OUT STANDING!!!!!!!!

  8. Hi Richard and all at Gas Monkey Garage,
    Really love the show the best on tv. Really liked the bandit trans am. I wish you all the best for 2017 and success for all your ventures from the UK. Andrew

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