Hot Wheels Hi-Po Hauler – Behind the Scenes in the Paint Booth

If you tuned into the 2-hour Mega Week episode of Fast N’ Loud on December 8, you know that paint was a major storyline. Not only because Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman had a difference in opinion, to say the least, but also because time ended up being the determining factor on what color the Hi-Po Hauler ended up being painted. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the process Mike Coy and Tony Cano took to complete the job.


First of all, the normal timeline a paint & body team usually gets to paint a car of this caliber, after the paint is stripped and the metal work is done, is 4-6 weeks. Mike and Tony only had 8 days, which meant a lot of late nights and a lot of pressure to get it done right the first time around.



After the metal work was completed, Mike and Tony roughed in the bodywork and then laid on a coat of Evercoat Super Build high build primer. They then blocked and fixed any imperfections and primed it again with Evercoat’s 4:1 Finish Sand. Then, they moved on to wet sanding with 320 and 600 grit sandpaper on long acrylic blocks to help get the surface as flat and as straight as possible.





The final color ended up being a House of Kolor Gamma Gold and MBC Pale Gold. It was a pretty decent sized flake so Mike had to clear it, sand it again and re-clear it yet again.

For both the chassis and interior, they went with a DeBeer Vintage Copper with a House of Kolor Flat Clear on top. Being that time was a factor, Mike and Tony had to color, sand and buff as the car was being re-assembled. They started to sand with 600, cut it, and went up to 5,000 grit sandpaper before they started buffing.


The fact that Hot Wheels approved the Hi-Po Hauler for a Redline Edition car and the car looks amazing, as it sits right now at Gas Monkey Garage, is a testament of the skill level both Mike and Tony have.

More behind-the-scenes on the Hi-Po Hauler is on the way.



  1. What do you use for “finish primer”? I just blocked out 2 coats of build primer on my ’72 Nova. Plan on using HOK KBC11 Kandy Apple Red.

  2. Why do you keep the HiPo Hauler at the garage, taking up space, when on Garage Rehab, you make the owners clear out their garage ?

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