Huge Weekend for Gas Monkey Racing!

You’ve probably heard by now that we’ve jumped head first into racing this year, and this weekend all three of our racing teams are competing in different events across the country.


Our Gas Monkey Monster Truck, driven by BJ Johnson, will be competing in the Monster Jam World Finals XVII this weekend at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas. Tickets and details here.

The Gas Monkey Energy Pro Stock Camaro, driven by Alex Laughlin, will be racing in the 47th Annual Amalie Motor Oil NHRA GatorNationals at Gainesville Raceway in Gainesville, Florida. Qualifying races will be Friday and Saturday with finals on Sunday. Tickets and details here. Watch the qualifying races on Fox Sports 1 Friday from 9-10pm, Saturday from 6:30-7:30pm and watch the eliminations LIVE on Sunday from 1-4pm.

And last but not least, our Viper will be racing in the 64th Annual Mobile 1 12 Hours of Sebring race at Sebring Raceway in Sebring, Florida, this Saturday. The race starts at 10:40am, and lasts, you guessed it, 12 hours. Tickets and details here. Watch it live on FS1 or the Fox Sports Go App. Streaming will also be available at


  1. The temptation to drive from florida to Dallas in july for a glimpse of any gm people now just to tell the wife and kids we are having a road trip ??

  2. yeah I would like to winsome tickets to one of your car shows or even to the Monkey Garage to meet you in person Richard

  3. I used to follow you at every show you had ! No you guys have got me priced right out of every show you have I can maybe go to one of your show a year Maybee two ! But I can honestly say I can not afford you gas monkeys any more ! You play a rich mans game ! See you on the downside mayber

  4. Sadly enough i live in Holland and i’m not able to participate to anything…. the only thing icando and say is: GO Gas Monkey GO!!!

  5. Will the Gas Monkey Pro stock Camaro be at US 66 Speedway for NHRA Nationals in JULY ? Do you guys still sponsor the AA fuel dragster? Richard coming to Chicago for NHRA ? let all the little monkeys know!

  6. Glad to see the Monkey’s in the road racing deal.
    I wish Road Kill would STOP trying to sell me a subscription to there mag.
    Funny when the Big “A” kick there arse at there own game in the motor city.

  7. Did I read you’re going to be running NHRA at Route 66 Joliet, IL in JULY?!?! You coming along for the ride to Chi this summer? ‘Bout time you visited here!

  8. Would really love to see the old gas monkey tho where you built the cars rather than all this other stuff that Discovery loves to show I appreciate its a buisness but just hoping you guys don’t end up like occ , love seeing you guys do stuff others say you can’t do just wish there were garages like you here in Scotland UK

  9. Good luck to all the assorted Monkeys this weekend.
    We will be trying to watch as much of it as we can, with our limited coverage up here in Canada.
    Get you some of that!

  10. Thank you for racing at Sebring. We enjoyed watching the viper race and we picked up some cool Gas Monkey gear from the tent.

  11. Sucked to see laughlin shake hard and go out first round. Good showing by you guys top half of the ladder here in Vegas. Keep Up the Good Work. Still in the Top 10 for Points..

  12. I met Alex Laughlin here in Baytown this weekend(April 29th-March 1St)for the Mello Yello NHRA Spring Nationals. Richard chose a very respectable man to represent G.M. and the beating heart of the NHRA. Thank you Richard. I spoke with Alex about my ill wife as he waited near the line for his next run and for that moment he was no longer at his car waiting to race,but with me and my distress. The positive energy he passed to me latter sparked a fire in my wife’s eyes as I passed on the words he gave to me. I salute you Richard.

    • He’s a great guy, isn’t he? He and his whole family/team are very respectful, great people. Glad you got to meet him! Hope your wife is doing OK!

  13. Good morning Gas monkey crew, my son and I were in Epping on Monday and we got to meet Alex, my son Race was checking out the car and was looking around for Alex, he saw him packing his shoots and was waiting for him to finish when Alex called him to the back of the car to meet him, my son was really jacked up to go back to meet him and get a auto and pic. great representative for your company and the sport. Race’s question was ” Do you know Richard ” Alex got a kick out of that one and told him that he was with you a couple weeks ago. My son’s response to that was COOL!!!!!!! .
    We went back after he raced Anderson to let him know what a great job he did, I think if the tree didn’t get him he would of had something for him. anyway sorry for the book just wanted to let you know what a great guy we thought he was. even after being eliminated he still had a great attitude and smile on his face. Cant wait to see you guys in the winners circle.

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