Like Tim Tebow These Five Cars Never Lived Up To Hype

As Tim Tebow continues his tireless pursuit of playing a professional sport, he’s currently at spring training with The Mets, we are taking a moment to reflect on the Tim Tebow of cars. Cars that had expectations set high and then failed to deliver.

Plymouth Prowler
A hot rod inspired design, how could one not be excited about this? Unfortunately, the design was bulky and left a lot to be desired and perception wasn’t helped at all by its performance. A 214hp V6 with a 118mph top speed was a disappointment to say the least. Improvements were made to the Prowlers performance in the years to come, but insignificant and it would never meet expectations.

Maybach 57/62
In the early 2000s word was out that Daimler was wanting to challenge Rolls-Royce and Bentley by revamping the Maybach name. And with a history of high-end luxury on its side the bar was set high for the Maybach’s revival. That bar was subsequently missed by a longshot. In over a decade the car would sell just around 3000 units coming nowhere close to the likes of Rolls-Royce in sales or popularity.

Eleventh-Generation Ford Thunderbird
Really? Really, Ford!? You end a 47-year straight production run of one of the most famous models in automotive history only to return five years later in 2002 with the eleventh-generation abomination. Certainly didn’t help that the platform was being shared across three makes: Jaguar, Lincoln and Ford.

Hummer H2
The excitement for the H2 is probably best described as more wishful thinking than anything. For decades AM General had been making Humvees as a government contractor so when they sold the Hummer brand to General Motors in 1999 there was excitement for the H2 in the early 2000s. However, the excitement was somewhat stifled by the knowledge of a major corporation on the other end now and as a result GM stripped away the ruggedness that was a Hummer and instead delivered a family car.

First-Generation Porsche Boxster
In a sense, it’s hard to fault Porsche for making a car that in the scheme of things helped revitalize the company by introducing a cheaper price point, but at the same time it’s hard to quell the screams of, “it’s not a Porsche!” in your head. Through the years the Boxster has come together nicely, but the first-gen was not the Porsche we were looking for.


  1. I thought Muhammad Ali said he was Sooo pretty,NOT TRUE! I think Richard Rawlings is now the new champion from pretty town

  2. Jonathan, you Shouldnt bring someone down just to get people’s attention to read your article. Tebow has nothing to do with your opinion on cars. The comparison is tastless in my opinion.

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