Meet the Gas Monkeys at SEMA in Vegas – 2015

If you’re going to be in Vegas this week for SEMA/AAPEX, come see the Gas Monkey trucks or stop by one of the booths below for a chance to meet one or a few of the monkeys. KC’s ’68 F-100 (Frankenstein Ford) will be at the Roush booth and the C-10 we finish building on tonight’s episode of Fast N’ Loud will be at the AccuAir Car Corral all week.

  • Tuesday, 11/4/2015
    • 11am-12pm SATA Booth #10609 at SEMA meet KC
    • 2pm-3pm Ingersoll Rand Booth #10149 at SEMA meet Aaron
    • 3pm-5pm Big Ass Solutions Booth #10132 at SEMA meet Richard
  • Wednesday, 11/5/2015
    • 8:00am-9am Ingersoll Rand Booth #10149 at SEMA meet Richard and/or Aaron
    • 10am-11am Ingersoll Rand Booth #10149 at SEMA meet Aaron
    • 10am-12:30pm – Chevron Booth #2633 at AAPEX meet Richard
    • 11am-12pm – Valspar Automotive Booth #23513 at SEMA meet KC
    • 1pm-2pm – SATA Booth #10609 at SEMA meet KC
    • 2-3 Ingersoll Booth #10149 at SEMA meet Aaron
  • Thursday, 11/6/2015
    • 10am-12pm Ingersoll Rand Booth #10149 at SEMA meet Richard and/or Aaron
    • 2pm-4pm Ingersoll Rand Booth #10149 at SEMA meet Aaron
    • 2:30pm-3:30pm Valspar Automotive Booth #23513 at SEMA meet Richard and KC


  1. I really like all the group of gas monky garage but I wonder if it’s true or showy , I can’t meet any one because I’m from Egypt but I watching you throw osn hope to be more well all of you
    Sorry for my weak english.

  2. Hi
    Great show at tv, nice building, but please start to paint the cars on real colors, the rust covered by clear coat are really lame. Cars should have colors. Those Firebirds were fine painted.

  3. Disable Veteran Operated nonprofit organization

    Working with military,veterans, wounded warriors, and their families
    Employment and educational training for transitioning military service members.

    We are doing 66 mustang military tribute car and will be in Vegas for sema and would like to talk with you more about it. please contact me for more info I think it would benefit both of us.
    Respectfully USMEAL

  4. Richard and Aaron you guys have a great time at S E M A. Take a lot of pictures and I am a experience beer tender if Richard needs someone. 🙂

  5. I just found out my job is sending me to Vegas Wed thru Fri for a seminar… Do you think Aaron could sneak me into SEMA in his beard? If not, maybe Richards wallet? Have a blast monkeys! Maybe I’ll see you in Sin City!!!

  6. Will you be selling any shirts at the sema show? My # 1 employee cant come to sema with us (wife…no balls) and wants me to get him a shirt and would like to get it signed. We are flying in tomorrow from Sarasota florida. Gunna be fun ! Beer assistant !

  7. Howdy Richard;Aaron&The Monkeys:I totally love the show, watch every week.Can’t enough of Aaron and the monster Falcon.I have done some hillclimbs out here in California and have to say Aaron has some big kahunas to compete on Pikes Peake.Your show is the bomb.Hope to see Aaron in next years Pike with more horsepower.Thanks Loren8>)

  8. cool finally we gonna meet u after my brother and I been watching your show and learn a thing or two hopefully I can get some tips lol will see u their

  9. We are exhibiting at SEMA this year, missed you guys at APEX last year. Huge fan! Hopefully I can get away from booth long enough to go say hi and take a picture with you guys.

  10. I wish I could afford to come out there or even to Dallas to meet and see all of u guys in person. U guys are so funny. I am from Washington DC and hope sometime next year to be able to come to Dallas to tour the city. I am a big Cowboys fan as well. It would be so awesome. How can I find out before hand if the crew will be around when I am able to make the trip? I want to take pics of the entire crew. I am a huge Gas Monkey Garage fan.

  11. Bid Fans of the show- My 16 year old daughter and I watch and rewatch your show- We are local and if we can get in (Looking for badges) she will be the one in the “STP” t- shirt and a bowler hat trying to get Aaron or Richards autograph

  12. You guys are the best, I have been a fan since day 1, My oldest son and me used to sit and watch you guys religiously, and laugh our a%# ‘s off. We had just been re-doing his mustang at the house. My son was inspired by you guys, and even came up with a name for his garage, he was gonna call it “Fat Cat” garage.
    I lost my son on October 11th., 2014 in an auto accident, he had just turned 19 years old, I haven’t stopped missing him and I guess I never will. I know he is still watching “Fast & Loud” somewhere out there. Thanks for the good times Monkeys…..
    Greg S.

  13. I am in Vegas and I have a 1990 35th aniversary limited addition ford thunderbird sc with a 3.8 supercharger 4 sale call

  14. I got to see, but not meet y’all at the Dodge Rocks Gas Monkey this last weekend. I’m headed back to Dallas today and wanted to stop in the Garage for some merchandise and maybe get Christie to sign somethino since the rest of y’all are in Vegas. Is there a merch area to come into?

  15. Hey Richard I sent a photo of my Model a pickup to you and was wondering why I havent heard anything from you guys yet Does it look like something you guys would want?

  16. Sent GMG an email asking about whether you have any interest in building me a mid-60’s Volvo coupe with an LS1 V8 and a Tremec 6-speed. Have $30K budget. If you guys are interested enough to talk it over, drop me an email.

  17. Love your show man! Wish i lived nearby so i could dropped by and say hello to you all!
    Also busy with an project, a 68′ GT500 Fastback with Eleanor kit, but in complete black matte finish!

    What’s wrong with Aaron not liking Mustangs tho?

  18. WOOHOO…met Richard at the Chevron booth yesterday..was the first in line……soooo excited…very happy Aussie Girl now!

  19. Nice cars, good products, cool team and pretty blond welding woman !
    Your show is great, I like it !
    It’s a good moment when I see you on TV.
    Modifications with the Gas Monkey style are just the choice of the reason, No ?
    I hope, there will be a Sema Show in the future in Switzerland.
    In the meantime, I will drive my Hummer in the GMG style !
    Thanks ! Yannick

  20. Hey there! Big fan of the show, love Rods as well. Would love to have one, but stuck with a soulless 2012 beamer for now (can’t visit my customers with a Rat Rod unfortunately, would be cool though. Or maybe I need different customers. If you ever need a salesguy…)

    Question; I can’t find the “Get you some of that” tees in the online shop anymore. Are they out?

    Keep flippin’!

  21. Hello Richard,siete fantastici e simpatici, seguo il vostro programma e il mio desiderio e farmi una hot road da voi……. Mica fate un tour in Italia? Grazie ciao.

  22. Showing some love from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Looking forward to tonight’s episode and the blood, sweat, and beers consumed in the process. Keep up the great work and entertainment!

  23. Would really like to see the monkeys build a 4wd truck. Bet they’d do an awesome job just like all the vehicles they do. Keep up the great work /shows monkeys!! Woooo

  24. vous êtes les meilleurs! je veux un garage comme ça en France!! vous faites un super travail les gars! bonne continuation. j’adore votre émission.

  25. Did zach get my letter about my model a truck it is a 1930 ford model a pickup I sent picture of it to your shop I got address from internet

  26. Thanks for the reply Richard, can’t find them though. That’s ok, “My Monkey made me do it” is cool too, I’ll order that one.

    On the Electric Voltwagen Bug question above… no. Please don’t. We have too much of that electric crap here in Europe, and don’t like ’em one bit. If it doesn’t make noise, and doesn’t run on gas… it’s not a car. Now I know it’s the way of the future, bla bla… it’s not mine. If I ever get run over by a car, it better be a big V8, not batteries. Imagine explaining that in the bar with a broken leg and crutches. Just my two cents 🙂

  27. Hey Richard I’m an avid watcher and I have a question. could u tell me of some auctions to keep my eye on coming up preferably an auction you will be apart of or muscle car auctions in general.I would appreciate the what yall do and always enjoy the show..thanks again

  28. -RR I’m a big fan you’re a hell of a buisness man, I’m a buisness marketing student at night and work at a bodyshop in the day but want more how’d you first start your first buisness how did you get it off the ground and thriving

  29. Me and my son are really big fan of yours…. i really like your hair & beards… and that goatee too… unfortunately, cant go to Vegas to meet you guys :(.. will look forward in future..

  30. Great show and love what comes from gas monkey garage! Do you guys ever work on MXT International? I got one and I need some ideas for it. Any suggestions?

  31. Richard and the other boys …. you are the best car related show in US …. I live in Miami but I come from Cuba, I saw you in La Havana … also have many fans there… my dream car is a 68 Cadillac Eldorado with a touch of Gas Monkey Garage …I hope to have it soon…

  32. hello
    I’m from Belgium and I’m a big fan of you!
    you are awesome
    not change.
    if I have the opportunity to go near you!
    can we meet you carefree? and drink a beer together!
    I would bring Belgian beers …;-)
    FYI: I drive a ford mustang califonia 2012 and 1977 porsche 911 3LiT
    perhaps soon
    dechapmps fabian

  33. Salut à toute l équipe j adore votre émission et vous faite de super restauration . J ai surtout adoré la forme mustang noir dommage qu un abouti la dénoncer car ces la voiture de mes rêves. J aurait bien aimer avoir un maillot garage monkey . Continué comme sa et bonne bière.

  34. Wow, peeps!!! Just check out this feed! Ya’ll have one of the coolest, most genuine & for real people in the motor head world actually taking time out of his successful, busy life to drop you some coms. Wow. Just wow. I hope you peeps appreciate that.

    Love the show, bro. Lived in Austin… still have fam and biz there. We could’ve been twins. Wish our paths had crossed at some point in life. Much love and respect, brother! Rock on RR!!!

  35. Hey Richard! I’ve been watching Fast N’ Loud from the first season , i also have a project: 1946 Dodge WC Pickup , i only have one problem… i don’t know what color i should pick 🙂


  36. Aaron I love your work and you richard I like your hair hahaa but why you never see the garage DENIS best friends? His intrigues me “hi mum”

  37. When do you think to come foor tour on Europa or in italy too? I’ll be glad to meet you end to drive one of your cars My nome is Giacomo end I hope to hear you as soon as possible….. Regands bye bye

  38. Love the show my father is a machinist at power plant in florida right on georgia line and we have been building cars and bikes all my life so 30 years we have enjoyed your show i have a 39 ford coupe that i would love to see the gas monkey fire put to it also a78 nova with a 1968 corvette 327 and a 700r4 over drive trans 53 dodge me and my father built 360 out of a road runner and 727 torque flight tran also a 48 ford coupe with stroked big block fordsome times u seeem to have good buissnes since would love to come work for you or sell you some of our rides my father got cancer and i have quit my job to take care of him he is a great man with so much knowledge also we have built a few harleys we have 5 of them LOVE THE SHOw and would love to here from you HUGE monkey Jay rock

  39. hola monos ,soy de argentina miro siempre sus capitulos y me encanta el programa , arreglaron alguna vez un chevrolet 400 ss o en estados unidos no hay ? saludos cordiales .

  40. hello monkeys, I’m from Argentina I always look its chapters and I love the program, fixed ever a chevrolet 400 ss united states or no? best regards.

  41. hi there RR.greetings from Poland..hope that someday we made a deal and i buy some great car from GMG!kiss for Kristy,Christy,Cristy..sorry but i don’t know how too write her name:-))

  42. Hey guys,
    I enjoy the show,great builds,quality work! On one episode in 2014
    You built a1964 or 5 Dodge D-100 pick-up and I would like the specs.on theCrown Vic engine cradle that you installed on thi truck.I m building a 1970 C-10 and are plaanning on using the same cradle,rackand pinion and brakes/strut set up,Please send me the specs or tell me wherto find them.
    Thanks for Your Help

  43. Good job guys great builds and quality work.Could you please send me the Specs. On the Crown Vic. Engine cradle thatbyou used on thr Dodge D-100 pick up buildon lastseasons episode or direct me to that episode so that I can watch it again.

    Ttthanks for Your Help

  44. Hi guys, greetings from Spain. You are freaking awsome, I love the show. Next time I’m in Texas be sure I’ll be visiting the garage. May I come with bananas or beer? ;p
    Congrats for the show and thank you for all the laugther.

  45. Hey u guys I’m jean I live in south africa and I love your show its awesome my dad does custom cars as well he is busy with a trike its a mixture of a 1932 armstrong sidley and a vw bug he has a 2001 camry limo that he build alone in his garage he does golfcarts that looks like real cars like hummers and jeeps we love your show guys will send u guys some picks

  46. Hey u guys love the show my dad aswell I’m from south africa I’m 16… My dad has these awesome cars he has a camry limo and a trike wich is a mixture between a armstrong sidley and a vw bug he has a V8 small block 305 ford cortina 4×4 he build a pink playboy limo aswell as a standard limo his new and latest limo is a custom one it has a jet door and scissordoors it has a disco floor and a disco bar so get u some of that hoping to see u guys at sema

  47. I am about to sell my collection of rebuild able mid 50s fords about 20 of them mostly little birds. If you know any serious buyers please send them my way

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