Meet the Monkeys and see GMG Rides at SEMA/AAPEX in Vegas!

If you’re going to be at SEMA or AAPEX in Vegas Nov 3-6, not only will you get to see some of our favorite builds, but you’ll also get more than a few chances to meet some of the monkeys. Make sure you wear a Gas Monkey shirt so we can spot you in the crowd. If you want to meet me (Richard Rawlings), Aaron Kaufman, or KC Mathieu, check out the schedule below. You might also see some of the other monkeys and former monkeys like Mike Coy, Dustin Deleon, Jonathan Mansour and Chris “Mater” Montavon out and about at the show. Feel free to say hi to them, too. They don’t bite too hard.



If you want to see one of our rides, stop by the DiabloSport Booth to see our Shart Cat (the Dart we built to race the Roadkill guys), our beautiful black 2005 GT from the season finale of Fast N’ Loud will be parked at the Accuair booth and the ’71 Dodge Challenger that Havoline just gave away to a lucky winner will be on display at the Chevron/Havoline booth at AAPEX, which is also where I’ll be awarding the car to the winner on Wednesday.


Monday Nov 2

2-3:30 Meet Richard at the Liquor Library in McCarren Airport


Tuesday Nov 3

10-12 Meet Richard at Valspar Booth #23513

11-12 Meet KC at the SATA booth #10609

12-1 Meet Richard at the Big Ass Fans Booth #10170


Wednesday Nov 4

10-11am Meet KC at the SLP/Loudmouth Booth #20379

10:30-1:30 Meet Richard at AAPEX at the Chevron/Havoline Booth #2833

11-12pm Meet Aaron at the DiabloSport Booth #22657

1-2pm Meet KC at the 3M Booth #61027

2-3pm Meet KC at the Kaeser Booth #10421


Thursday Nov 5

10-11am Meet KC at the 3M Booth #61027

1-2pm Meet KC at the SATA booth #10609

3-4pm Meet Aaron Kaufman at the DiabloSport Booth #22657

3-4 pm Meet KC at the SLP/Loudmouth Booth #20379


Friday Nov 6

3-3:30pm Meet KC at the Aeromotive Booth #23229


  1. Are you guys going to be at the NHRA races this weekend… I would like to meet you in the pits… please let me know. and hey I take donations of hats (to wear as free advertising for you)… LOL

  2. Love the show enjoy the Hot Rods and the Monkeys.Have a 58 Chevy Panel winter project looking for advice on what parts to use to beef up and up grade drive train.Came with a 6 cylinder looking to go w/454-5spd vs. small block 4spd automatic. Decisions decisions what’s a gear head too do?

  3. I’m coming over from the UK. It’s my first time to the U.S. I’m going to the drag racing. But not sure how the SEMA works. Got Intouch with the company and they said you need to be a company selling or a company buying to get in. Is that the case.
    I hope not wouldn’t mind grabbing a few t-shirts to take home.

  4. You got a busy week – The Richard Rawlings Roadshow in OKC and then on to Vegas baby!! Let’er Rip TaterChip!! Have a blast at what you do best!!

  5. Just got back from Austin for Formula One. Didn’t have time to go to Dallas but I’ll go to Vegas to meet Aaron, the world’s best mechanic !!!

  6. Was wondering if you would be around you Garage in Dallas on the 2nd of December as I have arrange to take My Partner to Dallas for a Xmas box We are from England and it would be great if you are there but as we know you are really busy.

    We are doing a 1935 Bentley up at the moment our selve here in England

  7. SEMA here we come! My bf and I were you and Aaron last year on Halloween, guess we set a trend. Just wasnt sure how to share it with ya’ll on fb. Huge fans since day one. MOPAR Girl all the way. <3

  8. Hey Richard, I saw you earlier today doing an interview at SEMA around 1:00ish, but we didn’t get a chance to meet you. I know you are going to be at the AAPEX tomorrow early afternoon, but by any chance are you going to be doing any more SEMA appearances or maybe going to be at Velocity Live at Westgate Hotel tomorrow evening? The wife and I are big fans and would love to meet you.

  9. Bought your book at the garage today and was wondering if there is anyway to get it signed (mail it to you or …) I only get up to Dallas a couple of times a year but if I have to Iwill try the next time I am in.

  10. Ate Lunch at Gas Monkey Bar and Grill Loved the food and Isabell was a great server. Live entertainmenton the deck was great an overall great experience .

  11. Hi we are coming over from New Zealand around the 25th October and would love to meet you and have you all sign one of our toy shop shirts to hang up in our shop thetoyshed check it out as I sure that you will like what you you see?

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