Meet the Monkeys at NASCAR


It’s hard to keep us away from a car event, especially when it’s this big and so close to home. So we’ll be out and about at NASCAR at Texas Motor Speedway this weekend. If you’re there, we’d love to meet you! We’ll be at the Gas Monkey Garage booth on Saturday and Sunday to shake hands, take pictures and sign autographs. See below to find out who you can meet and when. NOTE: We will have a photographer there to take pictures so you don’t have to fumble with your camera phone.



11-12 and 1-2

Meet Richard, Aaron and Christie



9:30-10:30 and 12:30-1:30

Meet Richard

10-11 and 12-1

Meet KC and Tom


  1. Richard, Christi, Aaron and Crew: ) You guys are ‘Kickin-it’… it’s ‘bad-ass’… !

    Suggestion: Invite my ‘TV Preacher(s) Kenneth Copeland’ to show-us around his Motorcycles and Air Planes… I think it would be very interesting….Copeland, lives there just north of Saginaw/Newark; Founder of Eagle Mountain Church. But just because he is a Tele-Evangelist don’t let that scare you; he loves his flying machines and he Go Fast Wheels.

    Hey, and for good Measure, invite my teacher from Crowley,Texas Jerry Savelle…He has ‘Bad’Ass’ vechicles. I think he still has , his Grandfather’s 1960 Chevrolet Pick-Up in mint condition. These guys love vehicles that ‘Rumble’.

    I live in Lubbock, Texas ; but my kids live: (Son in Denton, My two Daughters in North Dallas, and another Son in Fort Worth). They all enjoy your Cars, your Show and Your ‘bad-as Crew’.

  2. I love your show i watch it every day you make me want to just come and see you , but i cant because i dont have the money and i am only 10 years old but you are my idol i just wish i could have hat or something.

  3. I wish I was going to be in Texas this weekend – it would be an honor to meet the team! My husband and I love your show so much that we watch the repeats that are on during the week. Enjoy your weekend at the tracks!

  4. Anyone who drove a maverick in high shool has to be cool! I had a 76 , put a 302 and c6 trany in it. Man I blew away everyone in most schools around. Lol even a 69 z28! man he was pissed! mostly because I had only 800 bucks invested in it and he had his dad’s car worth 6 grand! Any way Love the show. keep on keepin on! Chad

  5. Gas Monkey/ Richard and Dennis, for the love of money… please do something about the Math Team who beat your Cannonball record with a German car. I mean… get in the F40 and get moving or something!

  6. I really ponder precisely why you branded this specific blog post, “Gas Monkey Garage at NASCAR this Weekend | Gas Monkey Garage”.
    In any case I actually loved the article!
    Thanks for the post-Callie

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