Meet The Monkeys | Charles Cimino [Video]

We asked our fans on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram what questions they have for Charles Cimino. He picked his favorites and sat down in the hot seat. Check it out:


  1. Hi, love watching youll shows try to watch all the episodes I can. just wondering if youll every tought about building a mud truck.can see many videos at Louisiana mud feast in colfax, la we have blast there.thanks tell gmg crew keep up the awsome work.

  2. I love your show and the cars I grow up in the 80s I can relate Richard my dad had a comet too. me im a 1970 Camaro girl. keep on doing what u do guys of gas monkey garage.

      • Whoaaaaa!!!! I was not expecting a reply so fast but I like it!!! Can’t do any traveling right 🙁 now but if Charles is ever in Sacramento he has an open invitation to my house. How does he feel about older women? Who is Jonathan???? 🙂

        • OK game over whoever Jonathan is you can grow up and stop playing games!!!

          Charles if by some remote chance you see this I know you must have tons of women after you and I just think you are a nice guy and your smile melts my heart. I watch Fast N Loud to see you and the great work all you guys do on the cars and trucks.

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