Meet the Monkeys: KEENAN HONS [ VIDEO ]

Being that some of us get a little more air time than others, we thought we’d start a weekly video series that gives you a chance to meet the other monkeys running around the shop. We’re kicking the series off with a video introduction to Keenan Hons. Keenan joined us last year, and he started making appearances on Fast N’ Loud near the end of Season 1. He came on as KC’s apprentice and somehow we didn’t scare him off yet. We reached out to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram fans for questions for Keenan. And here you have it, our first Meet the Monkeys video


  1. My husband has a1989 Cadillac eldorado bairritz and wants it refurbished and he luvs watching your show and he is watching u put a Ferrari. He wants to talk to u and can u kindly call him at 973 9140719

  2. how much would you give for a 1986 gmc jimmy pickup? if you say “gas monkey aint no dealer”. Well im just goin bananas for this truck to sell, and the reason is because my pad is like a dealer…just too many cars!!. help out if you can…thanks I enjoy watching your show, plus im a mechanic myself and love wrenching on cars.

  3. Greetings from down under yeah yeah it’s true we do have televisions in Australia—like the show boys keep it happening, ya show gives me something to look forward to watching

  4. To GMG staff: howza bout doin’ a Vega wagon? —- tubbed; big blown V-8; chute; pro-streetable type build–except no cage (would take up to much precious cabin space); really sweet paint; full frame/hot suspension & brakes ; modern electronic everything; daily driveable; done-up-right interior w/ custom everything & nice Recaro’s- Vega’s btw IMO very underated insofar as custom build-ups- would def re-sell for lot$

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