1. Dear Richard ,Aaron the gasmonkeys and Sue

    In a time that I had it very difficult in my live I always watch your show.
    In that time I forget my problems and it give a smile on my face.
    So i wane thank you all for that.
    Hope one day I win the big price of the lottery so that I can come to you to buy a car of you and after that why drink a beer together.
    Keep doing the thinks you love to do the most so why can love them also.

    Rene (Netherlands)

  2. just ordered a tee shirt from you guys. Any chance of getting it autographed by Richard & Arron ? thanks Kim , from down under in Australia.

  3. Richard, Mulvane, Kansas needs a hot rod bar like your bar in Dallas! We got the gear heads here. It’ll donate some time to help you build……remember….all roads lead to Mulvane, Kansas.

  4. Hey Richard,I just watched the episode of KC customline & i thought you could see that old brown hotrod that you sold in series one. Did you get it back?.Bye the way I’m diggin your show.Regards Shane(Gold Coast Australia)

  5. Hi Richard, you’re all doing well as a team and nowadays my favorite thing is watching FnL.
    I’m not giving you a car to buy but I think I can advise it, Shelby GT500 (Eleanor from 60 seconds)
    We love you guys just keep on doing whatever you do.

  6. Me and my wife will be in Texas for the first and probably the last only time I will ever get to be in dalas tx. I was just wandering is it ok to visit garage while we are there or at least come by and wave from street lol.

    • Come on by! The front of the garage (the retail area) is always open to visitors. We can’t let people in the back for tours because our insurance won’t allow it and we’re always filming. But if there’s a filming break, we try to come up and say hi to people in the front!

  7. Love the show, couldn’t watch for a while because I was in an other country with the military. Every time I was able to talk to my wife we would talk about the show, she enjoys watching also.
    I am currently in the Warrior Transition battalion in Ft Knox KY because of an injury I received overseas, I have plenty of time to enjoy the new shows and the ones I missed, I’m a Pontiac fan so I loved the Bandit shows. Thanks

  8. hey bro I live in wva yell just a dumb ass hillbilly but ill bet I can smoke your car finders ass locateing cars you pay way too much on some there is tons of killer deals here wish you guys were closer I could put you on some really great deals love your show wish you would do a 4×4 pick up build well don’t drink too many cold beers thanks for a great show .

  9. My son got me hooked on your show as he knows and shares my love for “CHEVY” hotrods. He just old me that he wanted a t-shirt autographed by Richard and Arron. I saw that they don’t go thru the garage, but I was wondering if I bought a couple of them (1 for him and 1 for me) and sent them to you if Richard and Arron would be kind enough to sign them. I am 63 and my son is 38. Old farts enjoy the show as well maybe more than the younger generation.

  10. love your show fast & loud and watch & record it every week.
    I was born in 1965 and love seeing older cars restored and revved up.
    My problem is that had a major accident more than 20 years ago which has made me physically unable to do much, but watching your show enhances my imagination at least!!
    The antics that are acted out on the show are so funny and make my wife and I laugh a lot.
    Because I love your show I wonder if you are aware of the future. John 3-16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” This life on earth only lasts a little while and then our soul lives forever, whether in heaven or hell. Basically to believe in Christ Jesus and don’t shun him gives you the hope of living forever in happiness. Think on these things while there is a chance!!

  11. Can’t get enough of the Show. I was in Dallas for business a few weeks ago and had to stop on by. Picked up some swag for my 2 little monkeys at home. Hung out with Keisha for a bit and she’s the bomb! She represents the company well! The day before my trip , my boys who are 6 and 8, actually pulled a bike out of the neighbors trash and asked if I could bring it to Dallas and ask the guys to “Gas Monkey” it. Too funny but they were serious. I told them that we’ll give it a shot at home and they were cool with that. Keep up the great work and keep representing Gas Monkey only the way Gas Monkey can!! -DC

  12. AAron, I’m writing this to you being that you have the mind set to create a jewel out of a turd, Well here it is would you think about converting a front wheel drive reatta into a rear wheel drive cruiser with a IRS rear end with a Grand National motor V6 or a Crate Gm small block that you guy’s seem to love, plus a 5 or 6 speed manual? These car’s were built for the old Buick crowd that used them to go to the clinic every week. In late 89 or 90 GM built a prototype 2rear wheel drive Reatta’s 1 was a supercharged V6, probably a GNX and a V8 model that was totaled by a writer for one of those car+ driver kind of guy’s he wrecked it. GM never followed up with it which suck’s ! I have one these car’s and I want to convert it to rear wheel drive, so I was thinking of you guy’s doing a major transformation of an old granpa car into a serious rally car.

  13. I am flying my husband to Austin Texas for his 55th BD from NC he will be so surprised was hoping to meet you guys but after calling around found out that you don’t give tours of you r garage. is there any way I could get something signed buy you guys. hope that I hear from you we will eat at the bar and grill on the 14th

  14. I have a show idea for Richard, a Gas Monkey Garage division that customizes hot rods for our injured vets with hand control’s wheel chair access ect, ect. Maybe they had a car at home before they lefty and now they cant use it or maybe they dreamed of having one someday before they were injured. Im sure we could find enough sponsors to think they deserve it.
    Because they do . Maybe lie the show that foose guy does, Just kidding Overhaulin is a cool show but Fast and Loud is better, Ok now then enough ass kissin, But you can surprise these men and women and really change alot of lives, I dont have alot of experience in tv or charities but I do know old school hot rods and would be happy to help anyway I could w/ locating vehicles or help finding the veterans any aspect I really think this could help alot of people and I would like to help our injured veterans anyway I can,
    Let me know what you think
    Bill Vokas

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